I've Possessed the Demon Sovereign's Body - C1


Chapter 1 - Starting today as the Demon Emperor

There were both men and women in front of him.

They were all kneeling down.

Standing alone, Chen Luoyang was somewhat confused.

It felt like he had transmigrated.

He was transported to a body that was filled with a sense of power, but was dressed in classical attire.

This body seemed to contain an unimaginable power.

But it looked like he was seriously injured.

If he wanted strength …


His entire body was in pain.

Even worse, he couldn’t inherit the original owner’s memories.

He knew nothing about the current situation and past experiences.

Looking at the group of people kneeling in front of him, Chen Luoyang had a strange expression on his face.

However, at this moment, everyone was kneeling on the ground. They did not dare to raise their heads, so they could not see the peculiar expression on his face.

One of the elders said in a low voice, “This old servant disturbed the High Priestess, so she deserves to die a thousand times. I beg the High Priestess for your forgiveness.”

The others also lowered their heads in fear and said, “Please forgive us, Sect Leader.”

Chen Luoyang had a headache.

Three classic questions.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What should he do next?

Chen Luoyang looked down, secretly observing the people in front of him.

There were both men, women, old and young, and they were all dressed in ancient clothing.

Some people had swords at their waists!

However, everyone was extremely respectful and even fearful.

They call me, High Priestess?

She was very respectful to me.

However, if these people knew that their Sect Leader had changed, they might all go on a rampage.

My body is heavily injured right now, I can’t deal with them.

They had to be stabilized first.

Thinking of this, Chen Luoyang composed himself. With an expressionless face and an aloof tone, he asked indifferently, “What are you all gathered here for?”

“Reporting to Sect Leader, while you’re in seclusion, this old servant and the others will be outside protecting you.” The old man became more respectful: “But there was a sudden stench of blood in the room earlier. This old servant and the others really did not dare to disturb the Pope, and their hearts were uneasy…”

He paused for a moment, then immediately continued, “The Sect Leader’s divine ability is unrivalled, able to rule the world. This isn’t something the old servant and others can speculate about. We are all gathered here with short-sighted eyes, disturbing the Sect Leader’s drive. Please forgive us.”

The stench of blood …

Chen Luoyang was slightly dazed.

In his mind, a mysterious black pot appeared.

With a thought, he opened the lid of the pot.

Inside the pot, it was blood-red.

He remembered that he had stumbled upon a black lid on Bluestar.

However, he couldn’t find the pot, so he didn’t think much of it after that.

Now the muddled soul had crossed over to this new world, and the lid of the kettle had followed.

The lid and the pot had become one, a complete pot.

It seemed that the body of the pot wasn’t in Blue Star, but in this world.

It was the lid that brought his soul here.

The body of the pot could have previously been in the hands of the original owner of this body.

And now, this mysterious black pot had become one with him, fusing into his soul.

The way things had turned out should have been the work of this black pot… Chen Luoyang pondered.

He was too busy thinking about the black pot and did not speak immediately.

Silence filled his eyes.

The kneeling crowd grew more and more terrified.

Just when they felt that they were about to suffocate from nervousness, Chen Luoyang’s voice finally came from above.

“Remembering your loyalty, get up.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Elsewhere, they were old devils that ran amok.

However, just now, some people’s clothes had already been drenched in cold sweat.

Chen Luoyang secretly let out a sigh of relief.

But on the surface, he had always carried a dignified air.

“Alright, it’s time to disperse.” Chen Luoyang said with an indifferent tone.

The crowd hurriedly bowed again, “As you command.”

The group respectfully left the room.

A middle-aged woman was last. Before she left, she carefully asked, “Sect Leader, tonight’s dinner …”

The steward of the house, the steward, the steward of the house … Chen Luoyang guessed in his heart.

He stopped in his tracks and spoke calmly.

“Same as always.”

“Yes, Sect Leader.” The other party respectfully left the room and closed the door.

He was the only one left in the room. Chen Luoyang let out a long breath.

He came to the mirror with a strange expression on his face.

There was a young man in the mirror. His facial features were exactly the same as the one in Lan Xing.

However, he was dressed in ancient clothing.

The sleeves of his pure-black robe had golden edges rolling about. The lines at the edges were simple and unadorned, giving his entire being a dignified appearance.

The room he was in was also ancient.

If it was a prank of someone taking advantage of his unconsciousness to change his clothes and bring him into the room, then the unusual feeling of power in his body should be difficult to conceal, right?


In the mirror, his eyes were actually emitting a faint black light.

What kind of Sect Leader am I?

What kind of world was this?

He gathered his thoughts and checked the things in the room.

A letter appeared on the desk.

“I am already aware of what has happened. I will act according to the original plan.”

Judging from the title, it should be an order that his Sect Leader was preparing to give to someone else. However, it had yet to be issued.

Chen Luoyang continued searching until he came to a row of bookshelves.

“Chronicles of the Divine State”?

Chen Luoyang opened the book to read.

This world was habitually known as the Divine Lands.

Martial dao practitioners pushed the mountains and filled the seas, soaring through the skies and dashing towards the earth.

The Divine Lands had once competed for the top 100 countries many years ago.

And right now, there was Grand Xia, the Grand Dominance Empire in the name of the Central Region of the Divine Lands.

It was also known as the Central Kingdom.

Within the Grand Xia Empire, there were many sacred grounds for cultivation. These sacred grounds were all owned by prestigious clans, akin to a kingdom within a nation.

However, on the surface, everyone still regarded Grand Xia as the world’s ruler.

And outside of Grand Xia, there were the Demon Sect of the Southern Wasteland, as well as the foreign invaders.

One north and the other south, they all had the ambition to enter the Middle Land of the Divine Lands and rule the world.

Fortunately, the number one Sacred Ground of the Divine Continent, the Sword Pavilion, was in charge of defending the Central Region. Most of the time, they would advance together with the Grand Xia Empire.

The protagonists of this era were collectively known as the “Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors”.

There were three of them.

Sect Leader of the Devil Sect.

The pavilion master of the Sword Pavilion.

The leader of the alien race.

The three of them called themselves the three emperors — the Demon Emperor, the Sword Emperor, and the Saber Emperor.

Chen Luoyang frowned upon seeing this.

As the ‘Sect Leader’, could it be that…

Was he the legendary Sect Leader of the Devil Sect?

The highest existence in the Divine Lands, one of the Three Emperors, the Demon Emperor?

Everyone wants it and kills it, but everyone fears it.

The number one demon in heaven.

There were two envoys from the left and right, four halls, seven elders, eight protectors, experts as numerous as the clouds, and a myriad of people following the scenery.

The Divine Lands’ official enemy was the human world’s worst nightmare.

Did he possess such a powerful figure?

Isn’t that too exaggerated?

Chen Luoyang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He gathered his thoughts and guessed that it might be some other sect, but it might not necessarily be a cult.

Then he saw these words.

“Demon Sect’s Subduing Art, Heavenly Demonic Blood, has been passed down from generation to generation. Only Sect Leader can practice it. When you practice it successfully, a dark black light will appear in your eyes. You cannot impersonate it.”

Chen Luoyang looked back into the mirror.

In the mirror, he could clearly see a pair of black pupils.

He raised his head and slapped his forehead.

In his impression, most of the time, when an expert encountered an accident, they would be left with a stubborn wisp of their soul.

And then, he would occupy the body of a poor, low-level teenager and rebirth by possession of his body.

Then he went all the way back and started all over again.

Why did it seem to be the other way around?

Chen Luoyang sighed.

According to this, if the Devil Sect discovered that their Sect Leader had changed, they would go on a rampage.

If he wanted to secretly leave the Devil Sect, after he left, there would be many people who wanted to kill him.

At the beginning, both internal and external affairs were extremely tiring.

However, Chen Luoyang felt a bit more excited.

In his previous life, he had roamed the world by himself since childhood.

There have been days of lying down and trying to be brave.

There have been days of exaltation.

There were also days of desperate risk taking.

I’ve tasted everything.

In just a few short years, his nerves had already been tempered to an extremely tenacious state.

“Before I can take complete control of the situation, there are some scenes I have to continue acting out. Life is really like a play, it’s all thanks to acting!” Chen Luoyang sighed with emotion.

Then he laughed again.

On the bright side, he didn’t need to go from the bottom all the way to the top.

However, having said that, how could such an incredible figure fall into such a situation?

He once again thought of that mysterious black pot.

Now that the black pot was no longer corporeal, how was he going to use it?

While thinking, Chen Luoyang closed his eyes.

His consciousness was dark, but it quickly lit up.

In the dim light, the mysterious black pot appeared.

I don’t know much about me, the Demon Emperor, so can I know more about it … … Chen Luoyang thought to himself.

Who knew that just as she thought about it, the lid of the black pot in front of her opened.

The blood-red liquid in the pot instantly decreased by a lot.

Blood-red mist rose from the mouth of the pot.

The mist condensed into a large blood-red character, which appeared in Chen Luoyang’s mind.

Chen Luoyang, twenty years old …

After reading the first line, Chen Luoyang was no longer calm.

Not only did it look the same, the original owner of the body was also given the same name?

That would be interesting.

He continued to read.

This text, condensed from the blood fog, introduced the life of the Sect Leader of the Devil Sect in detail.

Including martial arts overview and biographical information, biographical information is quite detailed.

The areas that attracted the attention of the people were like when they were sixteen. They became the youngest Martial Emperor in the history of the Divine Lands, taking over the position of Sect Leader of the Demon Sect and becoming the Lord of the Southern Wasteland Demon Region.

… ….

At the age of eighteen, he single-handedly broke through the two holy lands of the Martial Dao of the Vajra Temple and the Misty Cloud Palace. Thus, the Vajra Temple and the Misty Cloud Palace became history; Chen Luoyang established his status as the three emperors and was on par with the Sword Emperor and the Saber Emperor who had been famous for many years.

… ….

When he was twenty, three days ago, the Devil Sect’s Sect Leader, Chen Luoyang, and the Sword Pavilion Pavilion Master had a pinnacle showdown, finally ending with a draw.

Both sides were injured in this battle.

While the Pavilion Master of the Sword Pavilion was injured, the Sect Master of the Devil Sect was also heavily injured.

Afterwards, the Sect Leader tried to borrow one of the three great Sect treasures, the Black Pot, to heal his wounds. In the end, he failed.

“As expected, the black pot was originally in this world, and is one of the three biggest treasures of the Devil Sect.”

Chen Luoyang muttered to himself.

When he first saw it, he was puzzled. If the Demon Emperor fought the Sword Emperor head on, wouldn’t the Sword Emperor benefit?

So it was because he was relying on this black pot to do something behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, his estimate was off.

In the end, not only did he fail to treat his injuries, he even met with a huge accident.

That would be equivalent to leaving me with some trouble … Chen Luoyang smiled bitterly.

He looked at the information carefully.

A person’s biographical history from birth until now is basically complete.

According to this resume, I can conclude quite a few things.

But there are shortcomings.

Although this event list is detailed, it is difficult to reflect the relationships and feelings between people.

He also had no way of knowing who the original owner of his body had talked to in the past twenty years.

Did he have any more private names with some people?

The simplest part was that if it wasn’t for the letter that had yet to be released, he would not know if he should address himself as’ I ‘or’ I 'in front of the congregation.

It seemed like a trivial matter, but if he made a mistake, the consequences would be disastrous.

Step by step … Chen Luoyang thought.

From the looks of it, the outside world was still unsure of the fact that he had been severely injured.

He had to hide this from her.

His current identity was the public enemy of the Divine Province.

A great devil whom everyone desires and wants to slay.

If you think about it on your knees, there are a lot of people who want to take advantage of his injury.

And the healing.

Just as he was deep in thought, a jade pendant on his body suddenly rang out with a crisp and long sound.

Chen Luoyang was stupefied.

Which new scene was this?

He picked up the jade and examined it. After the jade made a sound, it stopped moving.

Chen Luoyang probed as he lightly flicked the jade pendant.

The jade pendant once again let out a long and melodious cry.

Why did this thing suddenly make a sound?

Never touched it.

Just as Chen Luoyang was getting curious, he suddenly heard someone push open his door.

He quickly straightened his expression.

The door opened and the middle-aged woman who looked like the head steward of the house appeared.

“Reporting to Sect Leader, according to your orders, the dinner is about to be prepared. This servant will first wait upon you to bathe and change clothes.”

Just like before, the middle-aged woman respectfully bowed her head and said.

Take a bath before eating. What kind of habit is this … Chen Luoyang retorted in his heart.

At this moment, he gradually understood.

That jade pendant was a communication tool to help him communicate with his subordinates.

The first ring was from the butler in front of him after he had prepared the evening bath.

He replied in confusion, and the other side was summoned.

Chen Luoyang placed his hands behind his back and gave a solemn and indifferent “En” sound.

The butler’s face was like a full moon, and he was very friendly. No matter who he was with, he would always be the center of attention.

“Come in.” With a smile on her face, she let out a soft breath and then lightly clapped her hands.

The twelve maids quickly filed in through the door.

Although they were all maidservants, they were all peerless beauties.

The twelve of them walked forward leisurely.

It was as though he was waiting for the Sect Leader to bathe and change his clothes.

Chen Luoyang appeared as if nothing had happened as he calmly stood on the spot.

However, he was screaming in his heart.

Corruption, corruption!

Corruption is not a problem.

But who can tell me if this Sect Leader was originally focused on cultivation, or if he was just a wandering flower?


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