Hi guys:There's a problem with marking chapters


Hi guys, we find that some readers were marking chapters with wrong chapter number or novels, which could misguide the other readers. So please notice that we have launched a tool to check your chapters. You will gain bricks after passing the check.

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It’s a good thing to do.


I’m still waiting to pass your check … damm you like to complicate things so much that I can’t even understand what you guys try to do.


I still waiting a tool for mark a translated cap at the web site, because right now we have t
A lot of translation at the forum


What is the approximate time to pass the check?


Well sometimes the source has the chapter number wrong as well. specially when your sourcing from two different sites.

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Sometimes it does not say which chapter it is or shows a different chapter number, but it is the next chapter to the previous one.


Also the chapter names are all messed up after translating with the tool!


This tool is a failure…it has not done anything with over a dozen chapters i marked and the new book i added. why try to do something you are completely and utterly incapable of doing??

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This new tool is just stupid…
Why not just add an option to “edit” the book instead of those tool…we can just edit and correct it ourself.

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They neither have the capability nor the manpower to review all the “marking”. they created a tool which is even more incapable. they added some systems to the site which they don’t know how to work with… unbelievable …it was so simple, just add a monetary option for extra bricks and make the server better, everything would be peachy but they just had to do something so stupid without even consulting the people who are using the site…


I have encountered some novels that have repeating chapter numbers. Wrong chapter numbers seems to happen a lot amongst Chinese authors.
Is there a possibility that you can add a field on the marking tool that specifies a chapter as part 1 or part 2? I think that can be a way to solve some of the repeating chapter numbers authors sometimes make.