"Her" fate whos is this person (C. 1622)


im pretty sure that situ xuan is the person who the voice is referring to and not best girl little aunt because that situ girl literally got erased from existence by the samsara mirror plus if it was little aunt why would the voice regret saving little aunt from the planet explosion and would also know if she did indeed survive


It’s better to just wait till mars hint more than guessing randomly since there’s not much hint given other than ‘her’. the ‘her’ can be little aunt and it can also be XQ at the same time

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Also who tf is situ xuan lol, we don’t even know if situ xuan is XQ yet


Just because situ xuan replace XQ role doesn’t mean she’s XQ, we need more hint to see if its her


so it’s very hard to decipher anything now, Mars just wanted to play another mystery and make readers more anxious … damn Mars


Qual foi o sacrifício dela?


A new character may be?..
fuck ‘her’ dammit…so longwinded plot…why more mysteries…


Bro its his fiancee from the original timeline his first life before the novel began


really "makes me dizzy, with situ xuan, who exactly is situ xuan?