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I have seen a lot of people on this site complaining about the lack of updates to the story and how annoying it is to constantly be checking the site multiple times a day. I felt the same way but I found a discord server for ATG and they do immediate updates once a chapter is updated (either on WuxiaWorld or Babel). In addition, they post links to some of Mars’ wechat discussion (the main reason I found this place). It’s nice because I never have to worry about checking the site for an update and instead wait until I see the discord notification. I recommend joining them and then muting all the channels but the chapter update ones. Below is the link for those who aren’t already on it.


I think you’re misreading the comments. The main concern is that Mars isn’t releasing at the regular intervals that he usually do. It’s frustrating to not be updated by Mars on when he’ll get back to it. Every night we’re just hoping he finally releases another chapter. It has almost nothing to do with notifications . . .


Thanks for sharing the link🙏


This discord is full of XQ haters and BB lovers. Very toxic people who just want sex scenes in atg. Very triggering discord channel and I left it after abit


Well, compared to many other novels, this one is full of sex and multiple partners. That’s what got me reading it in the first place because many other novels are monogamous. And the polls showed that many people are in favor of MX and BB as the top 2 favs. If the ice phoneix never got involved with MX’s will, she prob wouldve never fell in love with YC to begin with. She naturally has a cold personality. And BB had a fcked up father which formed a bad moral compass for her although her heart is actually good. She was just raised horribly wrong. And tbh, I’m sure majority of men would put up with a bitchy personality to date the most beautiful woman in the world as opposed to dating a butt ugly manly looking female with a good personality. For some reason, it doesn’t seem like you’ve been reading the same novel as other readers. ATG is notorious for polygamy and sex scenes. . .


discord is a nice place lot of XQ bitch hater there you should join

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The fuck did I just read? She got a good heart? She is very beautiful yes but she does not have a good heart
Please explain where the story gives us any indication that BB is not evil? I’ll wait. And your logic is that because someone is raised shitty they have an excuse to be evil. My God you must be a fan of Pain from naruto. Just because your childhood was shitty everyone must experience your pain lol.
Dude I would date an extremely beautiful woman if her character was slightly off. But if she tried to kill me, if she tortured me for months on end, if she caused the deaths of my brother in law and two mother in laws. Then what the fuck is wrong with my head if I am still in love with her.
Huh? That is the Bb your talking about. She is evil and no excuse for that. Next your going to say Xuanyuan wentian was evil because his mom sucked. This woman is the female version of Xuanyuan wentian she will do anything for power. Anything…
also you barely read any novels of this genre. 95% of them are harem. Idk where you have got this monogamous novels from, perhaps Japanese novels.
Lastly you said that Bb is liked the most? Dude you need to understand that Bb is liked ONLY because she hates XQ. And many readers right now cannot stand XQ. Even though I love her character. I really can’t stand BB. Bb is in the harem only because Chinese readers made it known to Mars that they wanted her in the harem. People don’t want a good novel they just want a novel that is a pseudo sexual novel. But sadly no one knew that the scenes would be censored hence not much people like Bb anymore.

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A group to discuss irrelevant things? Step … ATG is an amazing work, full of theories, and the guys come together to discuss who is the best girl? laughs.


BB came from a realm that was solely focused on the profound road. It is a way of life in that realm. She was taught to give up everything for power. She was also taught to give up all emotions. But she still couldn’t give up her love for her father and did the thing that no profound practitioner would ever do, become a soul slave. She had nothing to do with the wood spirit race being eradicated, and her mom’s death, which she had nothing to do with, was used against her. She wasn’t born heartless but the circumstances of her realm and her upbringing made her the way she is. We know she has a heart and room for growth because she shed a tear for yc’s daughter, because she became a soul slave for her father, and that she had nothing to do with the wood spirit race to begin with.

Fyi I’m not a fan of pain, why assume that. Also why would I say “Xuanyuan wentian was evil because his mom sucked”? He’s a prime example of having an evil heart. Every single thing he did was just all greed and evil, it had nothing to do with the way he was raised or the environment he was in or the realm he’s from. And I’m kinda sure not once did Mars talked about his mom?

And the way you replied, it really shows that you don’t respect people’s opinions. I doubt people on discord were toxic and triggering and that it was 100% you causing it all. I am really sure that you are not pleasant to be around irl. Like, to have a whole discord channel be toxic to you, you must’ve been the one to trigger them. No wonder the proof reader on this website called you the Karen of ATG! I’m basing on this on my own interaction with you. I was never rude to you, i was just only giving my opinions on things yet you’re trying to put words in my mouth. The world isnt black and white bro, and there isn’t truly a right and wrong. Please learn to be decent human being and realize that we are all entitled to our own opinions. And on top of it all, respect people’s opinion no matter how different it is from yours, and don’t belittle them. Also, do some self reflection and think about why a whole bunch of strangers on the internet would be so toxic towards an anon in the first place . .

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I wasn’t misreading the comments. This message isn’t to them but to the people who are more annoyed that they are constantly refreshing bc they never know when it’s going to update. Now, by joining the discord, they can go on with the lives and only check the site when they get the discord notification


Yea I don’t go on any of the channels. I ONLY use it for the chapter update notification


First I never said they were toxic to me. You just wrote a speech on how I was putting words in your mouth lol. They are toxic to everyone who doesn’t share the same opinion as them. I even made a friend from it. They say kys when you disagree they say some weird stuff and overall it is a toxic server. Anyhow I apologise if I came off as rude however the only rudeness I see is that I swore which is wrong and I apologise. I respect your opinion but your being a hypocrite here and kinda forgetful. First your claiming QY is a good person.
Now let’s say we were sitting on a jury and we were dictating whether she is guilty or innocent. Your claim is that she was raised like that?
My rebuttal would be is that she is far too old to be affected by the way she was raised. She has her own mind and goals that she herself made. Yes she was influenced by her surroundings but not to the extent where she causes wars between two realms just because she felt threatened.
Perhaps you forget all her sins and only felt that hear beauty must mean she has a good heart also. No, it’s not the case. That must also imply ugly people have ugly hearts which also isn’t true. Now you said Xuanyuan Wentian wasn’t evil because he did everything for greed and power? Well he was also raised in the sword land so of course he was raised in heavy competition but nothing compared to Brahma.
And QY did everything for power and greed isn’t that the same. But she is a beauty so I get it. She also caused the war between star realm and moon realm due to wanting to be in absolute power.
Lastly where other than my swear word did it show disrespect. Your going on about how I’m a bad person and not good to hang with in real life just because of a swear word. They have arguments about the smallest things and anyone who doesn’t agree “kys” is the reply. Idk bout u but that’s toxic. It happened to me once but it happens to others a lot so lol. Reflect on why they were bad to an anon? Umm maybe because a few people there who have some weight are toxic af?
Dude your saying I should do some reflection? When you yourself claimed: I would be bad to hang with in irl, I don’t respect others opinions, I have to learn how to be a decent human being, I triggered toxic people, I lied about people being toxic to me(which you doubted). All these claims came from you based on your small interaction with me. What a judgmental person you are. One swear word and assumption caused you to make a lot of claims on my personality. I really wonder who needs to do the reflection. Also you said that there is truly no right or wrong? That’s absolutely false, right and wrong have clear distinctions. If I killed a life or if I saved a life, we are all clear on which is right and which is wrong. You are entitled to your own opinion and I my own. I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy I read. Lastly Xuanyuan wentian caused YC far less damage than QY did yet the only reason she is not dead is because of her beauty. That is all, not because she had a bad father not because she is desperate for powers despite being one of the strongest alive. None of that. She is evil in the essence the novel has shown and just because she shed a tear for YC daughter doesn’t mean she has a good heart. Excusing someone’s actions because of their parents is a blatant joke. I should go an torture people and blame it on my father bringing me up as an asshole. But I won’t get pity from some people, because I am not a beautiful woman… thank you for your time reading this. I respect your opinion but wanted to point out the fallacies of your logic in terms of QY being evil or not. If you don’t call her evil then no one deserves to be called evil in this novel. You can also make a case for her father since he was raised up by a bigger asshole and had a bad moral compass lol


Apology accepted. I apologize to you too for whatever. Let’s just agree to disagree.


Hmm Hmm I have gained enlightenment and comprehend the World Heaven Defying Manual and reached beyond Ancestor Realm muwhaha muwhaha


Don’t bother joining that server. It discriminates new members and curses you for no reason, admins turn a blind eye to it. Some of them are highly uncouth. Idk why they even bother to open up an invite link when we are clearly unwelcomed there. You can use it for chapter notifications but stay away from discussions. It’s mostly spam anyway.


You shouldn’t waste your time with captainusopp117 bruh, just a quick glance on his comment let me know that he’s born narrowed brain.

He always use logic IRL on ATG everytime he’s arguing ,which is kind of stupid.

ATG is wuxiaworld not real life my dude, what’s the fun in reading if you always followed logic irl? so what if BB is evil? nothing is impossible when it comes to wuxiaworld , and here you are using logic irl on atg, what a blockhead @captainusopp117 .

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Me replying back to him kinda showed that I’m also a dummy :slight_smile:


Yesir-eee. Will add it only for notifications but is there no way to get notifications from this website instead? I don’t wanna install discord just for that.


WoW guys and gals, dis DisScorD iz actually nut t0xic! People actually discuss recent chapters and is very active! The coole5t thinG bout dis discorD is the cultivation function where the more you participate in the chat the more U can ascend to a higher realm and even become god rank! WOW!


Don’t give an arbitrary number about like that thinking it helps your argument. “95% of this genre is harem” my guy harem is a genre of its own. Just because the cultivation novels you read is harem doesn’t make all of it harem. There’s plenty of monogamous novels. Man I still find it baffling you said something like that