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Please translate Dragon-Marked War God

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OK,until then, please be patient.

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My account is getting constantly logged out, any idea why this is happening?

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Just correct the name of characters sometimes is so hard to read most is mga and atg

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can you make a pinned thread/topic for help? I found a novel’s page (Stop Bothering Me Emperor) has gone missing this morning and it’s tough to find where to report that

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A menudo, cuando actualizan nuevos capĂ­tulos, se saltean algunos. Hoy se saltearon los capitulos 4021, 4026 y 4027 de Martial God Asura. Mi sugerencia es que traten de arreglar ese problema

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I’m sorry, but i can’t read the novel everytime i click the title, is it just me or somebody else can’t too?

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Who can update new chapters in the novel section?
I’ve been using the translator to add new chapter of Devouring The Heavens here in the forum so far…
Also I can’t use “Mark it” funktion 'cause it doesn’t allow me to mark the translated chapters!

A “New topic-” button always available everywhere in the forum would be super!
@swmy @ekko

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Terima kasih untuk terjemahan Devouring the heaven’s
Di tunggu terus update nya

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Please create a next and previous chapter option. That will help us read faster

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Adakah yang bisa meunjukkan urutan realm cultivation devouring of heavens?

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Please dont limit brick, because I love how this translation mechine work! Good Job bro!

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Don’t know how it’s done! do you know? Please tell me!

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You need web designing HTML knowledge. Googling will help cause this is kinda common.

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We haven’t received any similar feedback yet. Your question will be recorded here. Please wait patiently.

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your question has been recorded,please wait patiently

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Sorry for the your experience, Can you specify which page is missing?

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What’s wrong with the translator/site? keep getting the following error:

  • Request for novel’s html timeout. Please try again later
    @ekko any idea?
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