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Flame of Marital Love

I’m pregnant!

However, my stepsister tells me that I conceive a baby of my husband’s superior, Eddison Zellweger.

What’s going on? I never slept with this guy.

My husband confesses that he sent me to his superior’s bed to get a promotion. Meanwhile, he has already hooked up with my stepsister.


To take revenge on them, I sign a contract with Eddison Zellweger, my baby’s father, the richest guy in this city.

According to the contract, I have to divorce my husband and marry Eddison.

However, we will divorce after I gave birth to his baby. During our marriage, he is not allowed to sleep with me. He agrees.

Unexpectedly, after I marry Eddison, something is out of my control…

Oh, it’s a spoiled love from my baby’s father.

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