Eternal old dog


Reading the latest chapter got me hyped… Savouring the desperation of eternal old dog. Wish yc could be ruthless till the end of the novel… envisioning the perfect ending would be like { yun che raping xia quingye to death}… Sigh, but we all know it wouldn’t end that way, what a let down…


i know it had low percentage but what if she really destroy blue star ???
i am from the group that thought there is a trick and blue star didn’t destroy but what if …


Does anyone had any reference from Mars public account ?


Bruh, don’t talk about rapes like that. It’s kind of horrible to whoever it happens. Even if XQ is the culprit any other harsh punishment would suffice but we all know that won’t be the case as she will pretty much prove out to be a decent character who would have saved the world for YC