Devouring The Heavens - C840


Chapter 840 - The Road of Emperor

Wu Yang was extremely rampant, using words to humiliate the Heavenly Saintess, and wanted to mess with the Heavenly Saintess. If not, it would not be an easy task to control the Heavenly Saintess for a short period of time!

The Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden raised her brows and shouted:

“You’re courting death!”

The Holy Maiden of Frost was enraged, and the Skyfrost Dao-sword in her hand began to emit an even more terrifying cold light. It swept out in every direction, freezing the space and shattering the Golden Immortal.

The moment the golden battle qi was cut off, it reformed. The speed was so fast that it left everyone dumbfounded. Even so, it delayed the time when the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’ was restrained by the shackles.

She was not angry, but was calm as water. She had always been thinking about how to break these golden threads of battle qi, but this type of battle qi was too strange, no matter how terrifying the skill was, it could not be unleashed. The seven immortal rings behind Wu Yang’s head were bright, and the one she knew, was the seven immortal rings behind Wu Yang’s head.

“Haha, ‘Holy Maiden Han Tian’, I want you to become my slave and have my child. When the time comes, I want to see what kind of expression Xuanyuan has.” The more Wu Yang laughed, the wilder he became. The golden battle qi continued to surge out from his body towards the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’.

“‘Holy Maiden Han Tian’, you don’t have to resist. Sooner or later, I will rule the world, and then you will be my concubine. What else is there for you to be dissatisfied with?”

The golden colored dou qi struck the Heavenly Frost Treasure Armor on the ‘Heavenly Saintess’, but was blocked for a moment. Clearly, it was not an easy matter to shackle the ‘Heavenly Saintess’.

Wu Yang knew that the Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’s heart was higher than the heavens. If he wanted to get rid of the Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden as soon as possible, he would have to first break her Dao heart. Every single word he said contained the profound sound of a great dao, which focused solely on attacking the mind.

In a hundred thousand feet radius, the runes on the Tianshuang prison were resplendent as they shot out rays of icy light that shot towards the Purple Sun True Dragon. In the large cage, the nine Purple Sun True Dragons began to fall under the wind, but in the small cage, the Heavenly Cold Holy Maiden fell. Now, it was up to the two sides to resist it first.

"What is it? Wu Yang, are you scared? “I would like to see whether your nine bugs can last longer or I can. As long as they are destroyed, you will also be crushed into dust in an instant, and no longer exist.” The Heavenly Saintess did not panic in the face of danger and instead used the Voice of the Great Dao to attack Wu Yang’s true heart.

Wu Yang smiled and said:

"Do you really think that this is all I can do, Holy Maiden Han Tian? This is good as well, today I will put you on the right track here, shackle your sacred art, then break your Primordial Yin Body, and let everyone in the Eastern Sea Region know that you, the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’, is already my, Wu Yang’s, woman. "

As soon as he finished speaking, the seven immortal rings behind Wu Yang’s head shot up into the sky as another sun dance materialized.

The expression of the “Heavenly Celestial Saintess” became serious and her heart trembled:

“Dao Body!” This is a Dao body formed from faith energy. It has the same strength as Wu Yang, but without the support of seven Immortal rings, I won’t be able to withstand it! "

The Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden deeply understood what the appearance of this Dao Body meant. Seeing the slight change in the expression of the Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden, Wu Yang laughed loudly and said:

“Holy Daughter Han Tian, what do you think? If you obediently compromise and dual cultivate with me, I guarantee that you will also obtain great benefits. Otherwise, don’t blame me for using the Great Way of the Yin and Yang to plunder your cultivation.”

The Holy Maiden Han Tian’s expression was resolute as he prepared to fight to the death. When he saw the expression in her eyes, Wu Yang’s expression changed as he said,

“Holy Daughter Han Tian, don’t make a mistake. Your identity is extraordinary, and I can release you if you want. As long as you cooperate with me and set up a trap to capture Xuanyuan, I can even give you the treasures on him.”

Moreover, as a result of this, the Unhindered Sect would be at odds with the Freezing Sky Immortal Manor. After all, the Divine Frigid Heaven Goddess possessed the Heavenly Frost Immortal Body. Her status was sensitive, and Wu Yang could still measure the pros and cons of her actions.

'In your wishful thinking, Wu Yang, you will never be Xuanyuan’s match in your entire life. You will only end up like a drowning dog, and Xuanyuan will defeat you once and then twice. With a state of mind like yours, not to mention the Great Emperor, you won’t even be able to step into the sage realm. Every word that she said stung Wu Yang’s heart.

Wu Yang’s expression was extremely cold as he said:

“Do you think that Xuan Yuan is worth your life?”

“Worth it.” The Heavenly Saintess’ sonorous and forceful voice reverberated throughout the land.

“Very well, then I’ll kill you. Let’s see if Xuanyuan dares to come find me for you.” Wu Yang’s expression was fierce. It wasn’t much to him when a young generation of heaven’s pride level experts faced off against each other, killing the Celestial Han daughter, even if he had a grudge with the Frigid Heaven Immortal Manor, there was no way for them to fight each other in the Immortal estate. He had to be careful when he traveled in the future, or at worst, go into seclusion for thousands of years.

At this time, a shadow suddenly entered the frost cage without a sound. She was wearing a white veil on her face, her long hair was like a waterfall, fluttering in the wind, her clothes fluttered in the wind, her figure was agile, like a goddess descending from the heavens, her eyes shining with a divine light.

“What? You can actually destroy my mortal world’s qi …” Wu Yang’s expression turned into one of shock as he looked at the person who arrived. She knew who this person was and who he was. She was the Holy Daughter of the ‘Linglong Immortal Mansion’, Zhilan.

“What I train in is the way of the world. I don’t care about the mortal world, so how can something of the mortal world hold me back?” “If you are able to integrate all seven emotions and six desires of the 3,000 Red Dust, I’m afraid I won’t be able to cut off your Red Dust without mastering the Great Dao …” Zhilan’s words were gentle as he walked through the air. Every step he took created lotuses, and beams of light fell like rain, transforming into millions of golden threads of qi. She looked at Wu Yang and said slowly:

“Son of Heaven, why don’t we just turn hostility into friendship? How about we just let this matter rest?”

“So it’s Holy Maiden Zhi Lun from the Exquisite Immortal Manor. Good, since Holy Maiden Zhi Lun has said it like that, why would I, Wu Yang, not give Holy Maiden Zhi Lun any face, this time, I will let Holy Maiden Han for now, there is a saying that the ‘Exquisite Immortal Manor’ is kind and does not fight with humans, and will instead fight with others. Seeing it today, it is indeed extraordinary, the legacy of the ‘Exquisite Immortal Mansion’ is too ancestral, admiring it.”

Wu Yang no longer had a ferocious appearance, but was instead a refined senior. He bowed with a warm smile, and his method of changing his face was shockingly fast.

In truth, Wu Yang also understood that Zhi Lun had a good relationship with Xuanyuan, so when she came to save the ‘Heavenly Saintess’, he would definitely be unable to resist the methods of the two saints. It would be better for him to just go through with a favor in this way, and he would have a way to win and lose, and he still understood that he would not be able to catch the ‘Heavenly Saintess’ today.

“Many thanks to Saint Wu Yang for the honor. Then, ‘Holy Maiden Han Tian’, just let it go!” Zhi Lun looked at the Heavenly Saintess and smiled slightly.

The “Heavenly Saintess” did not say anything more. The sky full of Frost Dragons had disappeared, and the Frost Cage was also turned into nothingness in an instant. Wu Yang did not say anything further. She bowed once more to Zhi Lun and said:

“Holy Maiden Zhilun must have a deep understanding of cultivation. If there’s a chance in the future, she would definitely personally pay a visit to him. I hope that Holy Maiden Zhilun can enlighten him when the time comes.”

“Anytime.” Zhilan smiled.

“Haha, good, since that’s the case, then I, Wu Yang, will take my leave.” As soon as he finished speaking, Wu Yang left with his Dao Body, vanishing right in front of their eyes. His heart was filled with hatred; this Dao Body was his secret.

“Why should I let him go?” Holy Maiden Han Tian looked at Zhilan and asked, “If the two of us work together, we will definitely be able to kill him. Letting him go is letting the tiger return to the mountain. In the future, it will only be disadvantageous to Xuanyuan.”

“How long has it been since we’ve reported our grievances? Before leaving, Junior Brother Xuanyuan carefully asked me to return. It seems like he even guessed correctly.” Zhi Lun’s jade-like finger shot out a few streams of immortal light, which fused with the body of the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’ to help her heal her internal injuries.

“People like Wu Yang wouldn’t have a heart like yours. He would definitely be unfavorable towards Xuanyuan. Letting him go would be equivalent to giving Xuanyuan an extra formidable opponent.” The Han Heaven Holy Maiden bowed to express her gratitude, but did not understand Zhilun’s actions.

“Junior Brother Xuanyuan’s Road of Emperor was created by himself, not by us opening up a path for him. The only thing we can do is quietly watch him grow and protect the people around him without getting hurt, and also to properly improve his own cultivation. That would be the best help to him.” Zhilan’s words were gentle, like the spring wind and the rain, moistening things without sound. ‘Holy Maiden Han Tian’, upon hearing this, seemed to have an epiphany, and was wholeheartedly convinced.

“I’ve been enlightened…” “I am fortunate to be able to get to know Holy Maiden Zhilan today. Why don’t we travel together and discuss the Dao and discuss our cultivation mores?”

“What I wish for …” The two holy girls flew through the air, leaving behind only Wu Yang, who was spying on them from the shadows. He almost bit his own teeth until they shattered as he viciously said:

“You two scumbags, in the future, I’ll make you submit to me. Xuanyuan, even if you escape to the ends of the earth, If I won’t be able to kill you. I won’t let a single one of your women escape …”

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