Devouring The Heavens - C839


Chapter 839 - Degrees of Polar Opposites!

This was an extremely terrifying existence, equivalent to the Great Emperor of the Ancient Realm of the Heavens. At the beginning of the establishment of this place, it was an extremely terrifying existence which could challenge the Great Emperor of the Heavens of the Ancient Realm, establishing the solid foundation of this place in the Northern Region. As a result, the Frost Skies Immortal Manor was constantly in flux with the passing of time, and its historical heritage had always had a great relationship with the Great Dao Lord of the Frost!

And the origin of the ‘Emperor of Zi Wei’ was mysterious. Although he wasn’t a master of the dynasty, he was carefree and unfettered throughout the world. No matter where he went, he was like a master of the dynasty, revered by everyone.

Right now, two figures of the level of the Ancient Emperor were crushing each other as majestic Emperor Qi roiled in the air. The impact was deafening, like the thunder of the ninth heaven, causing people’s courage to crack, attacking in all directions. The solid ice beneath their feet was shattering inch by inch, the void was collapsing, and many overseas rogue cultivators could only watch from afar, afraid that they would be sucked in.

The Emperor’s might was too terrifying. The two sides were at a stalemate, evenly matched.

Wu Yang’s sword-like eyebrows raised, and his handsome appearance revealed a trace of malevolent laughter:

“‘Holy Maiden of the Frigid Heaven’, you must not resist today. Obediently return to the ‘Cross Sect’ with me will make you suffer less.”

“Cut the crap.” Each of her words was like a sword, a saber. With a resounding sound, a chilling aura began to interweave together.

Wu Yang laughed coldly. Pure Yang energy surged from his body, golden light shot out in all directions, like a blazing sun, releasing an endless amount of heat, scattering out tens of thousands of threads of radiance, shooting towards the lands of the nine heavens. The instant that the sky’s frost and golden light collided, the two poles clashed, and the originally cold and fiery air suddenly warmed up, and the extreme cold and the extreme heat violently clashed.

“You were the one who found the ‘Divine Frigid Maiden.’ You can’t blame me for this. Today, I will suppress you to the point where you will never be able to rise again. Even if the ‘Frigid Heaven Immortal Manor’ finds out, there’s nothing left to say.”

At this moment, Wu Yang finally revealed his strength without restraint. Before this, he had only been testing the waters.

Behind him, the seven Celestial Rings glowed with a resplendent light as the power of faith surged skyward. It was as if behind Wu Yang, there were billions of lives begging for blessings as they stood together with him. It was a terrifying scene to behold.

Billions of people cursed the life and death of one person, not to mention other people, the power of emotion was unbearable to ordinary people, all of them prayed for the blessing of the sun, and in the next moment, their psychokinesis turned into a mysterious power that was used by the sun to help it kill its enemies.

Wu Yang’s eyes sparkled as he roared:


Boom … Behind him, there seemed to be millions of people shouting the word “kill”, shaking the entire nine heavens and ten earth. With him at the center, all of the sky frost and snow within a thirty thousand meter radius had blended together, and the frozen ground beneath his feet crumbled, disintegrating. It was as though the saint technique of the Freezing Sky Holy Maiden was unable to control him anymore.

Wu Yang’s strength was unquestionable, especially the seven immortal rings behind his head. Each immortal ring contained an unfathomable amount of mysterious power, extremely powerful, not to mention the enormous amount of faith power that filled them, ordinary people were no match for him.

The reason why Wu Yang had displayed his dejection just now was because he wanted to test out the trump card of the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden.’ To many heaven’s pride level experts, if the other party had shown their dejection, it would be because of their trump card’s explosive power.

It had always been Wu Yang’s way of dealing with people from behind the scenes. First, he made the enemy underestimate him, and then he found the enemy’s weakness. Afterwards, he would instantly strike and hit the target.

A majestic and mighty power of faith surged, condensing around Wu Yang, making his body not bad, the frost and snow hard to damage, the Great Dao hard to damage, his speed was as fast as lightning, the shadow of the Great Emperor of Zi Wei floated, and behind him was a golden blazing sun, filled with boundless light and heat.

At this moment, Wu Yang’s strength exploded out without any concealment, and the ‘Heavenly Sage’ remained fearless. The ‘Heavenly Frost Dao Sword’ shone with a cold light that seemed to be able to freeze and kill everything, and the aura of the ‘Heavenly Frost Dao Lord’ behind him was as vast as the sea. It suppressed the Emperor’s Qi that emanated from the shadow of the ‘Great Emperor of Zi Wei’ behind Wu Yang.

One fire, one ice, one cold, one hot. The surrounding space was frozen, then melted, and finally exploded into an explosion, causing the spectators to be terrified. Even an ordinary Earthly Immortal would perish if he were to interfere.

Wu Yang’s’ Pure Yang Body ‘was completely fearless against the’ Heavenly Frost Immortal Body ‘. In addition, Wu Yang was also able to draw upon the power of the Violet Emperor Star, and more importantly, the seven immortal rings, the power was too terrifying, the power of faith, this was a type of impact to the human soul, as if they were facing a god. It was as if they were facing off against a myriad of living creatures, and the powerlessness of the heart could not help but cause the’ Heavenly Saintess’ to be forced back.

From her immortal body, layers upon layers of frost appeared, each one was extremely exquisite, beautiful, and shimmering with a crystal luster. The drops of frost rapidly condensed into a protective armor, and the cold Qi that it released was enough to kill any normal Seven Transformations Battle Immortal, and right now the Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden had activated the protective armor in order to counter against Wu Yang’s faith power. Furthermore, the dancing sun was a pure Yang body, so the Frost Immortal Body was hard to harm, but at least she could not let herself fall under the wind.

She raised her sword and pointed it at the sky, using her immortal body to stir up the great Dao. Battle qi surged through her entire body, and her expression was somber, her eyes sharp, cold as ice, like a god of death that ruled over the world, causing one’s heart to crack.

“Sky Frost Snow’s Soul, Wind Back Dance, Sky Crystal, Piercing Muscle, Nine Dragons Soaring in the Sky, Cage Confinement …”

From the surface of the ice condensed from the power of the Heavenly Frostbite Celestial Body, a series of obscure runes appeared, flowing with layers upon layers of light that shot up into the sky. Cold light spread out in all directions, and a pillar of water shot up into the sky, freezing the surrounding space as it formed a gigantic cage, trapping Wu Yang within it. Countless runes appeared.

The condensed ice surface seemed to have gained intelligence as it began to form terrifying ice dragons. The ice crystal body and the cold frost in the sky, with a cold light shining in their eyes, penetrated the human bones, stabbed into the Sea of Consciousness, covered in sinister scales, with sharp claws and sharp fangs. If they were to be entangled and killed, even an Earthly Immortal would die, but there were nine of these terrifying ice dragons that directly appeared, rolling in the air.

The golden threads intertwined and evolved, forming nine pure Yang dragons, crisscrossing and intersecting each other, causing the entire area to become extremely hot. At the same time, the ‘Purple Star Light’ that he activated, started to descend down, fusing into the bodies of the nine pure Yang dragons, the golden and purple lights intersected, and the purple Emperor’s Qi flowed in all directions. Each of these dragons was like a pure sun qi dragon, mighty and did not have the slightest bit of fear towards the heavenly ice dragon.

The Emperor’s shadow behind the two of them rose into the air and controlled the nine dragons to attack each other. The dragon roars shook the sky as terrifying sounds of bombardment rang out one after another, and the Dou Qi fluctuations transformed into numerous ripples that spread out in all directions. Sometimes, the water beneath them would condense into frost, and sometimes, the heat would surge like a sea of fire.

Wu Yang’s face was brimming with confidence, victory was in his hands, he had used the ‘One Heavenly Purple Sword’ to kill the ‘Frigid Heavenly Saintess’, and the Dou Qi around his body had turned into a golden net of Dou Qi. The ‘Frigid Heavenly Saintess’ wanted to kill Wu Yang with the big cage, but Wu Yang wanted to capture the ‘Frigid Heavenly Saintess’ alive from the small cage.

The ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’ raised her ‘Skyfrost Dao Sword’ and hacked down repeatedly, her piercing and fierce battle qi slashing in all directions, but in the end, she was unable to break free from the golden battle qi. The golden battle qi net, which Wu Yang had unleashed, closed in around the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’, and after hundreds of exchanges between the two, the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’ became more and more vulnerable.

The Holy Maiden Han Tian’s entire body was enveloped by golden, criss-crossing Dou Qi. There were runes flickering on her body and the will of billions of living beings, making the Holy Maiden Han Tian unable to make a move.

“What is this?” The Holy Maiden Han Tian’s expression turned cold. The Frost Dragon she rode was entangled by the pure purple sun so she couldn’t split up to kill Wu Yang. However, the golden threads of battle qi that Wu Yang used were extremely strange. She didn’t have a single trump card.

“I don’t mind telling you, this is the battle spirit that I infused with the desires of millions of living beings, asking what is the most difficult to sever in the world, naturally it would be three thousand red dust, seven emotions and six desires. As long as you can’t let go of three thousand red dust, as long as you can’t let Xuanyuan remain in your heart, you won’t be able to sever it, unless you are able to condense the Intellectual Sword to slay the red dust like the ‘Heavenly Emperor Hongmeng’ …” Wu Yang was laughing nonstop. It was only a matter of time before he captured the ‘Heavenly Saintess’ alive.

“You really know how to apply gold onto your own face. Does that mean that other than the ‘Grandmist Heavenly Emperor’, no one will be able to slash through your golden battle spirit?” The Han Tian Holy Maiden’s heart became heavy, wanting to stall for time. However, Wu Yang was not duped and continued to attack, laughing maniacally as he shot into the sky.

“Where did all this nonsense come from, ‘Holy Maiden Han Tian,’ it’s useless for you to delay any longer, Xuanyuan and the rest have already left, he can’t save you, you should just obediently surrender, tsk tsk, I did not expect you to still have a yin constitution, after a while it will break out of your yin body and nourish me with a pure Yang body, and with the combination of yin and yang, I will definitely ascend to the next level, hahaha …” Wu Yang’s expression was savage as his eyes revealed a burning passion. Staring at the Heavenly Celestial Saintess, he wanted to subdue her!

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