Devouring The Heavens - C838


Chapter 838 - Dao Lord Tianshuang

East Sea. Book

After Xuan Yuan’s group teleported away, many of the powerful Saint Child level characters also activated their teleportation jade platform, fleeing from this place. The Eastern Sea Region was after all, not their territory, and they had evil intents, so they naturally did not dare to stay here any longer, or else they would not even know how they died.
In the Eastern Sea Region, even if it was the 36th Heavenly Demon, 72 pirates, and other powerful forces being pulled out, it did not mean that they were all virtuous people.

She seemed to want to leave with him, but she was also afraid that she would become his burden. Furthermore, there were some things that could only be imagined, and she understood that, if everything was too close, fate had already ended, it was better for them to just watch from afar. Sometimes, they could even feel the warmth he brought, and this might be the best choice.

After all, there were many outstanding women around Xuanyuan, such as Master Yin, Yin Zhen Luo, White Young Mother, Fang Yuheng, Zhi Lun, Mo Chou, etc. These people all had a good relationship with him, but similarly, they were very rarely together with Xuanyuan, let alone herself. Once she thought about this point, the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’ would be at ease. She could only be Luo Zixi in front of Xuanyuan, and in front of others, she could only be the Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden.

“Xuanyuan, I hope you can make a safe journey.” With a flash, she traveled a thousand miles. As matters stood, she also planned to return to the Freezing Sky Immortal Manor. Other than this, she didn’t know where else she could go.

However, at almost the same time, an extremely terrifying aura surged over with monstrous killing intent and great hatred, as if it was a grievance caused by the death of one’s own son, causing one’s heart to palpitate.

“Let’s hope that you’ll be able to make it out safe and sound!” From the clear sky, from above the nine heavens, a purple star descended. This was the star radiance emitted by the Violet Myrtle Emperor, Wu Yang. Behind him, the illusory image of the Violet Myrtle Emperor appeared, standing in the middle of heaven and earth with a domineering aura that flowed freely.

It was obvious that he had been hiding here for a long time, preparing to assassinate the ‘Heavenly Saintess’.

The Freezing Sky Holy Maiden frowned coldly at him. She was not afraid as she looked at Wu Yang with a trace of contempt:

It seems like you have fallen to the level of a despicable man. You have teamed up with the White Tiger to kill Xuan Yuan, who is two or three levels lower than you, and even if you lose, you still have the face to kill me.

Wu Yang’s expression turned cold as he said:

"How despicable? I just want to fight you fairly. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time now, and today I want to see how powerful the Heavenly Saintess is.

“Hehehe …” The Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’s expression was cold as she said, "Is that so? It is obvious that you are afraid of them. Sigh, you kept saying that you are the ‘Prince of Zi Wei’ and that you are the future Emperor, yet it turns out that you are only so magnanimous. With such magnanimity, you will be unable to accomplish anything in your entire life! "

Every word that she uttered was as swift and fierce as a heavenly blade. It broke through the heart of the Dancing Sun Dao and stung the dancing sun.

“‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden,’ you don’t need to break my dao heart. Xuanyuan and your group only relied on the existence of supreme treasures, I won’t kill you today and will capture you alive instead. At that time, let’s see if Xuanyuan will rush over to the Sky Sect to save you. Let’s see just how deep the friendship between you two dogs are!” You said that after you land in my hands, Xuanyuan would risk his life to come to the heart of my ‘Cross Sect’ just for your sake? " Wu Yang’s expression was gloomy as he laughed sinisterly. He originally wanted to catch Xuanyuan off guard and kill him in one blow. If it weren’t for Peng Fei’s sudden appearance and his terrifying peerless treasure, he would have made his move long ago!

For a time, the bright violet starlight exploded out like fireworks, and it was incomparably beautiful. It filled the entire stretch of heaven and earth, and from the seven immortal rings behind his head, an indescribable divinity that emitted an endless aura of faith appeared. Millions of people worshipped him, making him look like a deity.

His body transformed into a bolt of purple lightning at an extremely fast speed. With the ‘Heaven-Revolving Purple Sword’ in his hand, he chopped towards the ‘Heavenly Saintess’.

This was an imperial artifact left behind by the legacy of the ‘Heavenly Freezing Sky Celestial Body’. It was something unique to the Heavenly Freezing Sky Saintess, and its power was extremely terrifying, the moment it appeared, the snowflakes in the surrounding hundred thousand feet area fell, every single one of the snowflakes flickered with a crystal light and emitted a sharp light, causing one’s body to feel like it was about to split. It was as if the muscles and bones in their body were being sliced apart, filling them with endless pain, followed by numbness, this was an invisible force that killed people.

A thick layer of frost had formed on the surface of the sea, with the Frost Goddess at the center. Dao patterns began to gather on the surface, and the sea below them quickly formed into an icy ground.

The hexagonal snowflakes swirled about at high speed, emitting a hissing sound that caused one’s scalp to go numb. The Celestial Frost Dao Sword in the hands of the Frigid Heaven Saintess instantly activated one of the top-tier Daoist magics of the Frigid Heaven Immortal Manor.

“A hundred thousand Heavens Freezing Snow, absolute annihilation of the entire universe!”

A terrifying cold energy spread out in all directions, filling the nine heavens. Even though Wu Yang had a pure Yang body, he still felt that the blood and energy in his body was about to be frozen solid, as if it wasn’t his pure Yang body, which had a certain level of resistance to the Heavenly Frost Immortal body. The situation would become even more miserable for him.

The figure of the Freezing Sky Holy Maiden was like lightning. She held her Skyfrost Dao Sword as she welcomed Wu Yang. The two figures clashed and the clanging sound of their clanging metal swords resonated throughout the sky. As if countless snowflakes had gained their own intelligence, they attacked Wu Yang at the same time.

“Break for me!”

Instantly, as if billions of people were shouting at the same time, the terrifying power of faith surged and the profound sound of the great dao rushed out, transforming into a huge wave that formed into layers upon layers of ripples, causing the snow blades that were charging towards him to shatter, and the Iceland beneath his feet also began to show traces of cracks!

The Heavenly Saintess did not care, a cold light flowed out from her treasure body, penetrating the bone, piercing through one’s soul consciousness, as though with just a look, her soul consciousness would be frozen to death. The sky frost snow was endless, fell endless, extremely beautiful, wherever it landed, all of it became solid ice, freezing and killing everything, countless sea beasts would not have the time to escape, all of them turned into ice sculptures, and the life essence in their bodies was swallowed up by the heavenly frost, becoming the body of the Heavenly Frost Immortal, a method used in battle.

To shackle the other party’s life essence from the extreme cold and then absorb it for one’s own use; this was one of the methods of the ‘Heavenly Frost Immortal Body’.

Even though Wu Yang used the profound sound of the great dao to break apart the layers of Skyfrost Snow Blades that were assaulting him, from above the nine heavens, an unending stream of Skyfrost Snow descended, and let out a terrifying howl. The cold air became increasingly divine, and the water elements in all four directions turned into ice.

Wu Yang’s purple starlight fell down, enveloping his entire body. With the ‘One Heavenly Purple Sword’, he used the Star Dou Qi Killing technique, and without showing any signs of weakness, his murderous aura shot straight into the ninth heaven.

The ice covered a thousand li, the path of death was ten thousand times heavier, they exchanged blows with the purple starlight and fiercely counterattacked Wu Yang’s life killing technique. The ‘Heavenly Saintess’ was not inferior in the slightest, and even faintly held the upper hand.

Wu Yang’s speed became slower and slower, and the Qi and blood in his body became weaker and weaker. In this region, he had no advantage at all, even if he had cultivated seven Immortal ring faiths, he would still be at a disadvantage, and just when Wu Yang was about to be defeated, behind him, the afterimage of the Great Emperor of Zi Wei appeared in the sky, the Skyfrost Blade that was attacking him from all directions shattered, and the majestic and mighty Emperor’s Qi surged.

The killing intent of the Freezing Sky Holy Maiden surged out from her body, the Heavenly Frost Dao Sword in her hand was resplendent, piercing through one’s heart, and with a thought from the Freezing Sky Holy Maiden, a faint image of the Great Dao was formed from the Heavenly Frost Dao Sword. A masked woman, cold as ice, seemed as though the entire world would freeze with a raise of her hand, extremely terrifying.

Wu Yang’s expression changed, and his expression became sinister as he laughed sinisterly.

“Dao Lord Tianshuang, looks like this is your final trump card. So it turns out that the ‘Frigid Heaven Holy Maiden’ is nothing more than this. Today, I’ll show you what a ‘Pure Yang Body’ is, and what a ‘Carefree Dao Immortal’ is. Do you really think that after all these years of training in the outside world, slaying monsters and experiencing life and death, I, Wu Yang, came here for nothing?”

The blood within Wu Yang’s body that was on the decline suddenly became extremely vigorous. His blood essence surged like a blazing sun, emitting a pure Yang energy that resonated with the shadow of the Great Emperor of Zi Wei behind him. Together, they fought against the Heavenly Frost Dao Lord’s illusion!

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