Devouring The Heavens - C802


Chapter 802 - Spirit Channeling in the Celestial domain

Towards Wu Chen’s assassination, Xuan Yuan’s heart was always a little guilty, after all this was all his own matter. He believed that whoever could assassinate Wu Chen would possess unfathomable strength, and there was no need to mention the dangers within. Xuan Yuan was never willing to harm others because of his own matters.

Right now, he could only improve his own strength as soon as possible, and then find Wu Chen and ask him who the person who tried to assassinate him was. Wu Chen was originally the one who was most clear about this, so with Wu Chen’s knowledge, Xuanyuan believed that it wouldn’t be hard for him to guess who assassinated him.

Xuanyuan had also tried to use his avatar to search for the whereabouts of Wu Chen, but Wu Chen’s whereabouts were unpredictable. He could go anywhere he wanted to talk to a book, but he had no fixed abode, or he could travel the world at any time.

He could only make his avatar stay still and do his best to find out what was going on. He shuttled back and forth between the tavern, teahouse, gambling house, and various other places where dragons and snakes were mixed together. Although this avatar of Xuanyuan only had the strength of a first transition Dou Xian, he would not encounter any danger.

If someone were to make a move here, the battle qi within their body would be completely suppressed. They would only have the strength of their physical body, but the disciples of the ‘Little Penglai Island’ would not be affected by it, so the disciples of the ‘Little Penglai Island’ who had the ability to maintain order here were all pure and good people who had gone through rigorous selection.

'Little Penglai Island ‘was also considered to be a reputable sect, so it was fair in terms of business. Therefore, when they went in and out of Little Penglai Island, many rogue cultivators were quite at ease, otherwise, the’ Scarlet Calyx City 'would not be so prosperous.

Days passed. Other than the various powers joining forces to search for the whereabouts of Xuanyuan and Peng Fei, and all sorts of rumors and debates, occasionally a few irrational people would fight each other to the death over whether Xuanyuan was good or evil. Other than the two of them, there was nothing else.

On the mysterious island, Destiny had revealed the two ancient characters, allowing Xuanyuan and Peng Fei to carefully comprehend the wonders of those two ancient characters.

He was immersed in the aura exuded by the two mysterious ancient characters. His spirit, his thoughts, everything about him, were all integrated into this mysterious aura. Through the aura of the two mysterious ancient characters, Xuanyuan seemed to have passed through countless years of time and arrived in the chaotic ancient era.

There was no reason for it to happen. Zi Yun, Peng Fei, all of them were left alone, in a vast expanse of heaven and earth, all of them in a chaotic state, countless whirlpools rolling about as they breathed in and out a terrifying aura. Xuanyuan had a feeling that time and space were in disorder, as if he could descend into another space at any time and enter another unknown world.

Could this be the chaotic ancient era?

However, in this world, he suddenly felt his’ spiritual wisdom ‘trembling lightly. One must know that the’ spiritual wisdom 'was originally used to communicate with nature, allowing cultivators to cast magic to minimize the consumption of their Dou Qi, as well as to increase their affinity with nature and perception, allowing them to multiply the strength of their supernatural powers. Most importantly, they could borrow the power of the Great Dao to fight for themselves.

Golden rays of light sprayed out from Xuanyuan’s’ spiritual consciousness’, merging into the chaotic space in all four directions. In the darkness, Xuanyuan suddenly had a feeling that he had comprehended a whole new world, as if there really was another world that was completely different from the ‘Dou Qi World’. His heart was agitated as an idea was derived and he wanted to enter those spaces.

At this moment, ‘Spirit Intelligence’ violently shook for a moment, and a long golden light shot into the nine heavens. Xuanyuan, at this moment, seemed to have felt that his mind could communicate with the foreign lands!

The greedy old man’s scream instantly came out:

“Oh god, you have actually comprehended such a phenomenon. This is a phenomenon that no one has been able to comprehend since the archaic era. It only appeared in the imagination of the ‘Swallowing Emperor’!”

Xuanyuan was startled:

“What’s going on? I feel like I can escape through the air at any time, jump out of this world, and arrive at a completely different world from the ‘Battle Qi World’. There is also a civilization, cultivators, treasures, and this is a completely different world!”

Boy, don’t act recklessly. The ‘Swallowing Emperor’ once said, this piece of Spirit Divine Jade is not something that belongs to this world, not to mention whether you will be in danger if you enter that space, even if you go to another world and do not know that place, it would be hard to come back. This kind of thing is hard to say, unless you have reached a certain realm and are confident that you can do it.

The greedy old man was extremely nervous. He was afraid that Xuanyuan might have taken a beating. If he was too excited and jumped into another world, then it would truly be a trap.

Xuanyuan steadied his curiosity and from the back of his head, a huge golden door opened. It breathed out the aura of primal chaos and Xuanyuan seemed to feel that it could summon even more terrifying creatures to fight for him.

“…” Xuan Yuan was very excited in his heart, but he knew that in the world he was currently in, it was probably because his spirit had fused with the energy exuded by the two ancient characters that caused him to feel as if he had entered an ancient era.

“I really don’t know what kind of terrifying life forms you can summon to fight for you in the Godly Realm of Spirit Channeling?” Very few people were able to survive. Even if he went to another world, he would never be able to return! "

Hearing this, Xuan Yuan was overjoyed:

“Alright …”

Unfortunately, although you are able to cause these strange phenomena to be incomparably powerful, you are still unable to combine them into one. It must be said that this is an extremely great flaw, and if you can combine these six strange phenomena into one, then I’m afraid that if a newly advanced Earthly Immortal expert does not have a mid-grade Dao tool, they would have to run away if they ran into you. The greedy old man couldn’t help but burst out laughing. The power of Xuan Yuan was his strength!

At the center of the island, a golden chaos gate appeared behind Xuanyuan’s head. It released an extremely terrifying energy that was opposing the flow of space in the universe, as though it could pull a person into the vast universe at any time, causing one’s heart to tremble. The chaotic streets in the sky did not seem to be able to affect Xuanyuan at all.

“Dammit, it’s a dead pervert! A dead pervert! What kind of abnormal sign is this? Why do I feel like it’s so dangerous? F * ck you! I’ve never seen or heard of this kind of abnormal sign before! Using it to kill my enemies, how could I possibly survive if I met you?”

At this moment, there was a deep dread in Penf Fei’s heart. That golden chaotic portal seemed to lead to the outside world, giving people the feeling that it was a dead end. Could it be that this strange phenomenon dragged them into it? If that was the case, it would be too terrifying.

If he knew that he could summon out such a terrifying being from within, his face would probably be even more unsightly, because if that was the case, then the idea of taking the Cosmic Bag from Xuanyuan would be completely destroyed. With his personality, he would definitely not take the risk of entering the reverse flow of space, and at this moment, he was rolling his eyes, thinking about how he could make Xuanyuan willingly hand over the Cosmic Bag.

However, this was a secret of Xuanyuan, a secret of his own tactics. He had struck when he was caught off guard, so he would not let anyone else know about it.

Half a month had passed and both of them had benefited greatly from it. Xuanyuan had comprehended a new phenomenon and the gains from it were extremely bountiful. It was just that Xuanyuan did not notice.

However, the two of them had never been able to understand the true meaning of the characters within. It could be imagined how profound the meaning of the two ancient characters were. In truth, Xuanyuan could ask himself what his reason was for understanding these two ancient characters, and perhaps give himself a deeper understanding.

However, he didn’t think so. In fact, everyone’s understanding was different, and they all had their own paths. What he wanted to know was what these two ancient characters meant!

Xuanyuan opened his eyes and his clear eyes met hers. She giggled and said,

“How is it, did you reap great rewards?!”

“Of course there are rewards, but I still can’t figure out what these two ancient characters mean!” Xuan Yuan didn’t seem to care at all about the strange phenomenon that he had caused. On the contrary, he had a depressed and lost look on his face. This made her want to strangle him to death.

“You must have obtained some sort of secret in order to understand such a terrifying phenomenon. Hurry up and stop hiding it. First, share with me what you have comprehended.” The commotion caused by Xuanyuan was too big, making Peng Fei feel that this brat had already sensed something. However, he was unable to be like Xuanyuan, able to ‘kill his way into reincarnation’ and listen to the thoughts of others.

“There’s no hurry for this. Take a look at this first. It seems like you’ve really run into some bad luck this time …” With a wave of his hand, Xuan Yuan revealed everything that had happened in the outside world. Seeing this, Pang Fei was so angry that his veins were popping out and his face was flushed red, from red to purple, from purple to black.

“What the f * ck, what the f * ck …” Dao Lord, who did I offend … "

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