Devouring The Heavens - C801


Chapter 801: People Rumors, Can Kill.

Back then, Xuan Yuan had used his own hair to create a new version of himself, using the methods of Bun Fei’s Feng Shui Technique to distract him. On one hand, it was to make him go away, and on the other hand, if he could turn himself completely black, then his doppelganger would be able to escape, and he would be able to find information for him and kill two birds with one stone.

This avatar of Xuanyuan had the same intelligence and thinking as Xuanyuan. After a period of travelling, this avatar of Xuanyuan had arrived at the main city of ‘Little Penglai Island’, and was named ‘Red Calyx City’.

It was said that the creator of this island was a woman, who was known as the ‘Redcalyx Daofather’. Her power was extraordinary, and she was a character of the Primordial Realm.

On that day, the Supreme Dao Artifact ‘Spirit Breaking Whip’ did not smash the top-grade Dao Artifact refined by the ‘red-calyx Daofather’, but rather, her descendant refined the ‘Red Calyx Daofather’. The ‘Redcalyx Dao Ring’ was connected together with the entire ‘small Penglai Island’ in hopes that it would be able to ascend to the ranks of the ‘supreme Dao Artifacts’.

However, unless there was someone who could completely understand the Dao of the Redcalyx Daofather and whose level of cultivation was above that of the Redcalyx Daofather, it would be impossible to further raise this top-grade Dao-item. Otherwise, at most, it would increase the might of the item by a bit.

After the battle at the Graveyard of the Sea, Penglai Island had repeatedly wanted to deal a ruthless blow to the Jiang Clan, but they couldn’t find a chance to do so. Thus, they could only return to rest and wait for an opportunity to make their move, even though the supreme tool of the Jiang Clan, the Spirit Breaking Whip, had severely injured the little Penglai Island, but it wasn’t to the point of forcing them to fight to the death.

With the [Myriad incarnations Method], Xuanyuan has already transformed into ‘Dishi Tian’ and entered into the ‘Scarlet Calyx City’.

In a short period of time, all sorts of news spread like wildfire. Several big powers of the Central Plains, the Jiang family, the Black Tortoise Immortal Manor, the Han TianImmortal Manor, the Dou Long Immortal Manor, the Demon Empire, and the Ancient Devil Sect all joined together to search for the location of the ‘Infinite Body’ Xuan Yuan.

Xuan Yuan had not expected that these great powers would treat him with such importance.

They had their disciples spread it everywhere, saying that the ‘Eternal Melting Body’ was unforgivable, that it was akin to the seventy-two pirates and the thirty-six baleful spirits of heaven. It was even more so than that, that it wanted to arouse the hatred of the entire Eastern Sea Region for Xuanyuan, making it impossible for Xuanyuan to cower.

During this period of time, they had eliminated 72 pirates as well as 36 baleful spirits. The words they said out were extremely powerful and convincing, and countless people believed them.

However, at this time, the story of ‘Devouring Emperor’ was widely spread. It began to spread throughout the main city of the entire ‘Eastsea Region’. In an instant, it had turned Xuanyuan’s good and evil into a mystery.

The one who told this story was none other than Mr. Wu Chen, who was revered by countless people in the Eastern Sea Region. He was the one who told this story, and was also the one who was respected by countless people in the Eastern Sea Region.

All of a sudden, there were many different opinions on Xuanyuan’s good and evil, and countless people were fighting to the point of blushing.

“This Xuanyuan must be an unforgivable person. The great powers of the Central Plains have eradicated seventy-two pirates and thirty-six heavenly fiends for us to return a peaceful and safe sea. It would be fine if one or two great powers were to say the same, but now there are four or five great powers saying the same thing.”

“Humph, I think all the major powers in the Central Plains are all hypocrites, they killed seventy-two pirates, thirty-six baleful heavenly fiends, plundered their treasure trove, and took everything from them as their own. You should know that all of this was obtained by these evil forces from massacring the cultivators of the Eastern Sea Region, and it was also their advantage, moreover, as Mister Wu Chen had said, I believe that these great powers covet Xuanyuan’s possessions.” “Inheritance, green dragon pellet, and the sacred art left behind by the Devouring Emperor, it is no small matter, Xuanyuan alone, how can they fight against these great powers!”

Just because Xuanyuan is alone and has no parents, lack of education, and has received the inheritance of the Devouring Emperor, he thinks he is invincible and can do whatever he wants. I definitely cannot let this kind of person go, it is too scary, he can devour another’s flesh and blood to become my own sacred art, if he were to continue growing up in the Eastern Ocean Sea Region, I’m afraid that in the future, I would be even more terrifying than those seventy-two islands, thirty-six heavenly fiends.

His words immediately caused countless people to feel uneasy. Indeed, if it were anyone else, they would not be at peace.

Don’t try to tempt the masses with your lies, Mister Wu Chen has told us so many stories for so many years, when has he ever lied to us? All these great powers of the Central Plains are despicable and shameless, they have assaulted and killed the Devouring Emperor, and back then, there were many powerful and senior Rogue Cultivators in the ‘Eastsea Region’ who had deep ties with the Devouring Emperor. They all admired the Great Emperor’s character, and after his death, the Central Plains was like a bloody storm for 500 years.

The voices of those who supported Xuanyuan and those who opposed Xuanyuan were very high, forming two camps of people. In fact, they would even argue endlessly over it and fight. For a moment, it was unknown just how many people had sacrificed their lives.

At the same time, Xuanyuan also received a message.

“There is also a person called Peng Fei who is an accomplice of Xuan Yuan. He did all sorts of evil and stole tombs from various forces. Now that he has come to the ‘East Sea’, he probably wants the Immortal Mountain cave left behind by the sages …”

The moment he said this, it was as if he had poked a hornet’s nest. All the cultivators in the Eastern Sea Region had a common enemy and wanted to find this friend first, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep well. There wouldn’t be many immortal mountain caves left behind by the sages in the Eastern Sea Region.

The East Sea had the secrets of longevity. Rumors like this had been circulating around the East Sea since the ancient times, drawing countless sages from the ancient times to live and search for them, but they were still unable to find the treasure until they perished in the East Sea and left a legacy treasure in the Immortal Mountain cave they lived in, waiting for the fated to uncover it.

So far, there had been many people who had obtained the inheritances left behind by the sages. Some had soared into the heavens and formed great forces, while others had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Therefore, the Immortal Mountain and Ancient Cave in the ‘East Sea’ was the hope of all the cultivators in the ‘East Sea’. It was the treasure of the ‘East Sea’.

“This Peng Fei can actually steal the tombs of the ancestors of the most powerful people in the Central Plains, it can be seen how unfathomable his methods are. Presumably, the ‘Sea Burial Dao Tomb’ from before attracted him, we absolutely cannot let this person exist in the ‘Eastern Ocean Sea Region’, otherwise the treasure trove of our ‘Eastern Sea Region’ will be excavated by him, when that time comes, all our hopes will be gone!”

“That’s right, we must capture that bastard who dug out our ancestors’ graves and hack him into pieces. Let his soul scatter and never reincarnate …”

All of a sudden, the crowd became excited. Peng Fei had instantly surpassed Xuan Yuan and became an existence that angered both humans and gods. If this damn fatty knew about this, his face would have surely turned green.

Xuan Yuan had his doppelgänger look for information in this’ Scarlet Calyx City '. Three days later, a piece of shocking news came out of nowhere.

That was, Mister Wu Chen had been assassinated by a mysterious person. Countless people were furious and wanted to find the location of that mysterious person. At this time, Wu Chen sent out a message:

I was not willing, so they attacked me, and even used a top-grade Dao tool. At this moment, everyone should know who is in the right and who is in the wrong, because if Xuan Yuan is truly evil, then why did they have to attack me? There are rumors in the world, and people can kill, but I hope that when everyone speaks in the future, you will know what is wrong and you can talk about it, or else you will only cause the innocent to die in vain!

Those who wanted to assassinate Wu Chen must have great powers. They didn’t dare to use their supreme treasures because it was too obvious and unique. Wu Chen’s power was unfathomable and he had a huge reputation in the Eastern Sea Region.

If he wanted Wu Chen to slander him, he would have to kill him to keep his mouth shut. As long as Wu Chen was killed, his reputation would become worse and worse and he would become a loser in the Eastern Sea Region. When the time comes, he would be like a mouse crossing the streets, and everyone would want to beat him up.

However, a few days after Wu Chen was assassinated, a piece of news came out. It was said that Wu Chen had received the favor of the Devouring Emperor and was a relative of the Devouring Emperor.

Even so, a large majority of the people still supported Wu Chen. One must know that the behavior of Wu Chen in the ‘East Sea’ was something that had been on everyone’s minds for a long time, whether it was in the hearts of the older generation or the hearts of the strongest experts of the younger generation, everyone respected Wu Chen.

Apparently, Wu Chen’s sincerity had the upper hand in this assassination attempt. Truth was often heavier than falsehood.

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