Devouring The Heavens - C800


Chapter 800 - So what if he lived the same life as the Ancient Emperor?

No one would allow their own dao to be eaten away by others, no one would allow their own descendants to be annihilated by everyone, no one would allow the spiritual symbol of their ancestors to be destroyed, no one would allow the supreme divine ability created by their ancestors to fall into the hands of another.

Take the Mo family for example, how powerful was the number of points. It was unfathomably profound. The chapter on Xuanyuan was incredibly useful, and fate was the best proof.

And the spirit of loving the whole world that was passed down in the Mo family’s sacred art was even more benevolent and noble. This was an extremely unique symbol of the Mo family.

If the ancient emperor of the Mo family was still alive, could he just watch the Mo family fall into the river of history?

It was obviously impossible, so the only explanation for all this was that the ancient emperor of the Mo family had already fallen.

Even so, the people of the world continued on their path towards longevity, like carp crossing a river. They were innumerable, they were incomparably persistent but they had forgotten what the foundation was and in the course of time, in order to strengthen their own bodies, their own berserk cultivation, their pursuit of longevity, the people of the world began to slowly forget about their own inherited spirit, symbolizing everything. Instead, they felt that longevity was the dao they pursued, as if the ‘divine gate of longevity’ was their lifelong pursuit.

Yan Ziyun’s words caused that fatty Peng Fei to be shocked:

This woman’s mind is truly not an ordinary one, to think that she would suddenly associate the ‘Longevity Sect’ with it. Indeed, there is a high chance that these two ancient characters are related to the ‘Longevity Sect’, but I definitely can’t let them know, ‘Longevity Sect’ ah, I thought that I would never be able to contact it in my entire life. Today is a golden opportunity, if I can comprehend the profoundness behind these two ancient characters, I’m afraid that I’ll be able to know where the ‘Longevity Sect’ is.

"Hahaha, Lady Yan, ‘Longevity Sect’ is only a kind of legend, a ridiculous saying. People say every day that the ‘Longevity Sect’ pursues longevity, but can you see how many people are truly able to live longevity? “Even the ancient emperors were drowned in the river of time, unable to escape from death. Don’t be too naive, this is just a fairy tale deceiving a child. I didn’t think that such a smart girl like Miss Yan would be deceived by such words …”

In fact, in his heart, more than anyone else, he was looking forward to the location of the ‘Gods of Life Sect’.

Xuan Yuan sneered in his heart:

“This damn fatty really knows how to act.”

“Haha, I told you already. You can’t pity someone like him. You, in the end, are still too soft-hearted.” The greedy old man laughed and said:

Such a treacherous person like him, cunning Three Hole, perhaps you are just looting his belongings, it is only a tenth of his wealth. If you lose, you really lose, even if you hack this damn fatty into two and take out the thing that suppressed his seven spirits, it is still possible.

Xuanyuan said:

“Forget it, there are a lot of things that get out of hand. Although this man, Chen Fei, is a bit greedy for money and sex, a despicable and shameless, his nature is not bad. I’m still waiting for him to help me figure out the true meaning of these two ancient characters.”

Could it be that the gate that he saw in the depths of the ocean that day was the legendary ‘Longevity Sect’?

Xuanyuan said in his heart:

"It shouldn’t be possible. If it’s the ‘Longevity Sect’, how can it exude such a terrifying aura? Or could it be that he had to go through a lot of dangers in order to attain longevity? This is not impossible, forget it, wait until this damn fatty unlocks the secret of these two ancient characters, I want to see where the deep sea is. "

"Brat, are you courting death? I still advise you not to have any ideas about that door. Unless you reach the quasi Emperor realm and my strength regains to the level of a supreme Dao item, otherwise, if you were to open that door, you will definitely die! " The greedy old man’s words carried a deep sense of dread as he warned Xuanyuan. He and the Devouring Emperor had experienced countless life and death encounters and they would all be able to sense some extremely dangerous existences. He understood the dangers that lay within that door.

The cold water that had been poured over Xuanyuann’s head by the greedy old man had sobered him up quite a bit. He calmed his heart and said with a smile to Chu Yu,

“Duan Ling Tian, how strong can your current strength be against someone with such strength?”

After all, Fate was going to travel with him in the future, and he had to figure out these problems. Otherwise, it would be bad if he didn’t take care of Fate when the time came.

It should be a Celestial Immortal, right? If I have these two ancient characters to help me, unless they have a top-grade Dao tool, they won’t be able to kill me. Furthermore, the Immortal Defiance Technique that Master taught me will immediately heal my wounds, so I’m not afraid of it. She knew that the divine arts that Xuanyuan had imparted to her were all extremely extraordinary.

Hearing this, Peng Fei’s eyes turned green as he licked his face and smiled.

“Brother Xuanyuan, I know that ‘Sin City’ and ‘Devouring Emperor’ have a deep relationship. Right now, quasi Emperor Ouyang is living under someone else’s roof. This is all thanks to ‘Sin City’. Presumably, this is the reason why he passed down the ‘Immortal Defiance Technique’ to you, right?”

“Hehe, you can’t say that, the quasi Emperor Ouyang’s strength is rarely matched, and ‘Sin City’ is very happy to have a half-step into the life span of a quasi Emperor Ancestor. For the quasi Emperor Ouyang, right now, all I need is a long life span, I have naturally contributed a lot of immortal treasures, as well as my own green dragon blood essence, to refine the Unparalleled Immortal Pill, and thus finally obtained the ‘Immortal Defiance Technique’ with great difficulty!” Xuanyuan chuckled.

Hearing this, Peng Fei’s eyes rolled around:

It seems that I have to return to the Central Plains Continent to visit the quasi Emperor Ouyang and see if I can get the ‘Immortal Deity Technique’. Although it’s only half of it, if I can get it then it’ll be endless seconds for me, and at that time, who in the world can kill me?

Xuanyuan heard Peng Fei’s thoughts and smiled.

“Brother Peng Fei, do you want to know what kind of immortal treasure I gave to help you obtain this Immortal Defiance Technique?”

"Oh? There’s almost nothing I don’t know about the Dao Lord’s treasures. Brother Xuanyuan’s gifts must be very precious, right? “It would be good if you could make the Dao Lord drool.” This way, he would be able to present the quasi Emperor Ouyang with a gift. This would give him the confidence to measure his chances.

“Ginseng immortal fruit.” The four words that Xuan Yuan had casually said had made him look as if he had eaten a dead child, and his expression had turned ugly.

"Ginseng Immortal Fruit? Isn’t this something that only exists in legends? You can actually obtain it? “Oh my god!” Peng Fei sat down on the ground and glared at Xuanyuan furiously.

Xuanyuan shrugged his shoulders, looked indifferent, and said:

“What’s wrong? Isn’t it just a ginseng immortal fruit?” What’s the big deal? Brother, you have seen countless treasures, so this little thing is nothing to you! "

Peng Fei almost vomited blood because of anger. “Ginseng immortal fruit is a small thing?”

"Oh my god, you are such a waste of heaven’s gift, although this’ Ginseng Immortal Fruit 'can only extend one’s life by 600 years, but this kind of thing that can only be found by chance and not sought after is difficult to be compared with top quality Dao Artifacts! The limitless profound art contained within, as well as the fragment of longevity, are all planted by the Taoist Master Zhen Yuan who has lived for 9,900 years, blossoming for 3,000 years, resulting in 3,000 years.

It was no wonder that quasi Emperor Ouyang had passed on the < Immortal Deity Technique > to Xuanyuan, for quasi Emperor Ouyang, this transaction was too worth it. Originally, Peng Fei had wanted to use some of his life extension treasures to exchange for the < Immortal Defiance Technique >, but from the looks of it now, no matter what he took out, compared to Xuanyuan’s’ ginseng immortal fruit ', it wouldn’t be worth it.

“Now do you understand why the Emperor had to speak to you like that back then? I’m afraid it’s too late for you to regret now.” The greedy old man laughed.

"It doesn’t matter, why should I regret it? I just need to find the ‘Longevity Sect’. This isn’t an illusion, it should be real, and even if I refine the ‘Ginseng Immortal Fruit’, a person can live for thirty thousand years, so what if he can live the same life as the Ancient Emperor? Zhen Luo, Master, Yue Chan, Zi Yun, and the young mother all want to leave me first. Instead, it would be better to destroy the ‘Longevity Sect’ and let them live with me. That is the right way. " Xuanyuan shrugged his shoulders, his expression as calm as ever.

Senior ‘Nightmare Ghost Immortal’ is a living example. I don’t want to follow in his footsteps, even if I can’t find the ‘Longevity Sect’, at that time, if I were to perish together with them, it would be something that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to envy! "

Seeing that Xuan Yuan still maintained his indifferent expression even after hearing his own explanation made him feel extremely depressed. That’s right, people with Azure Dragon blood essence had an extremely long lifespan, so they naturally wouldn’t care about the so-called ‘ginseng immortal fruit’.

However, just as Xuanyuan and the greedy old man were chatting, news that caused Xuanyuan’s expression to turn grave came from the other side.

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