Devouring The Heavens - C799


Chapter 799 - Longevity?

Around a mysterious island, the sky was dark and the sun couldn’t pierce through the clouds.

Fog filled the sky. Faintly, the roar of an evil dragon could be heard as it rose and fell in all four directions.

A fiendish aura emanated from the depths of the fog. The Grand Dao Laws above this island gave off an extremely chaotic feeling.

This was an extremely unique Feng shui situation, called ‘Evil Dragon Sky Chaotic Art’. It was something that could confuse a person’s mind, and with the Great Way of the Chaotic World, one would not be able to control the great Dao of heaven and earth, and would only have their strength greatly reduced. If one did not understand the Feng shui situation, it would be difficult for one to escape even if one was half a step into it.

Furthermore, in this’ Evil Dragon Sky Cascade ', there was a hidden killing intent. On the island, there was an ancient boulder the shape of a fierce tiger, naturally formed on the island, it looked extremely real, with an extremely dense, fiendish aura. However, with the body of a Cracked Sky Immortal, on the island, every single step was filled with killing intent.

Because of this, Xuan Yuan had also used up a lot of pure immortal sources, drawing all sorts of patterns on the ground, resolving his killing intent, and after going through three dangerous experiences, he finally walked past this’ Fierce Tiger Shattering the Earth '. This was another dangerous place where wind and water were combined with natural strength, and it was extremely dangerous.

However, under normal circumstances, any power would not attack this island for no reason.

After passing through the area of ‘Dragon Rage’s Sky Deal’ and ‘Vicious Tiger Break the Earth’, Xuanyuan and his group arrived at the center of the island, where killing intent was everywhere. However, the viciousness of the island had brought fortune to everyone, leaving a trace behind.

In the center of the island was a pure land that covered an area of five kilometers. Grass covered the ground, and a dense purple mist steamed up and seeped into the human body.

Destiny sat cross-legged in the center of this pure land. Her eyes were pure as she stared at Xuanyuan.

From the moment she had followed Xuanyuan, Destiny had not placed her gaze on anyone else and had even completely ignored the fatty, Peng Fei, causing him to feel extremely hurt and envy Xuanyuan in his heart.

“There’s no justice at all, there’s no justice at all! How can this brat be so popular with women? The Dao Lord is so handsome and beautiful, but why is there no such thing as ….”

Even though Peng Fei was roaring in his heart, he still maintained a calm expression on the surface. With a calm and carefree appearance, he had no desire at all. Xuanyuan looked at Destiny and said:

“Destiny, can you bring out the two ancient characters in your body and let Brother Peng Fei have a look?”

Ya’er nodded her head. Although these two ancient characters were formed from Xuanyuan, based on his own comprehension, as well as the trajectory of their bodies, they transformed Yuan’er, who was a unique stone that had existed since the chaotic ancient era for countless years, and was extraordinary. Naturally, he had his own unique insight into the trajectory of the Heavenly Dao of that era, otherwise, how could he develop these two ancient characters to protect his body and suppress the enemy?

An extremely ancient rhythm flowed through the four directions, and the Great Dao seemed to follow this trajectory. One must know that in this’ Evil Dragon Sky Disruption ', to be able to cause the Great Dao to move along with it, was extremely terrifying, and most likely, even a half-step Saint would not be its opponent.

With the appearance of these two ancient characters, every one of its strokes, every single one of its strokes, as well as the void itself, seemed to contain profound mysteries within.

A pair of Yin Yang Dharma Eyes circulated around Peng Fei. He carefully observed the ancient character with a focused expression. His eyes revealed a kind of fanaticism.

He was carefully reading it.

"The Heavenly Dao is ruthless. Nothing in the world can escape life and death. In the countless years of time, they have turned into dried up bones. Under the wrath of the Great Dao, their souls are scattered.

"Changsheng, could these two ancient characters be related to the legendary ‘Longevity Sect’? “I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m really rich.” Peng Fei was extremely excited, but he maintained a calm expression on his face.

“Eh, these two ancient characters are truly too profound. Although I have read many ancient books and solo books, I have still not seen or heard of them. It seems that I need to study them for a few more days.”

He hated that he did not read many ancient books and acted like he was as lively as a ghost. It was truly lifelike.

If not for the fact that Xuan Yuan was using the power of humanity in his’ Death in Samsara 'to listen to the thoughts of Peng Fei, he would have been fooled by him by now.

“This damn fatty is truly unbelievable. He lies without blushing, but when he acts, it’s the same as real. It’s such a pity not to act the part.” Xuan Yuan sighed in his heart, but on the surface, he still acted as if he didn’t know what had happened and helplessly said:

“Whatever, I never would have thought that Brother Peng Fei would not know about this. In that case, I see that no one in this world will know about this. Destiny, put it away.”

Destiny was very obedient. She immediately put the two ancient characters into her own body. Her face immediately turned green as she exclaimed,

“Why did you accept it? Let me study it for a while longer. The trajectory of these two ancient characters still follows the great Dao of nature in the chaotic ancient times. There are many profound and mysterious techniques hidden within them!”

"Oh? Didn’t you say that you don’t understand? " Xuanyuan had an astonished expression on his face.

“I only said that I am temporarily unable to understand it completely. How can such a mysterious ancient character be comprehended in such a short period of time?” I believe that with Brother Xuanyuan’s attainments in the art of potential, you can also sense the trajectory of the two ancient characters and the logic behind it! " Peng Fei was getting anxious.

“That’s only natural, but I don’t understand what these two ancient characters represent. If I knew, it would make me suddenly understand a lot more. Even after reading so many ancient books, I still can’t recognize these two ancient characters, so it’s only a waste of time. Let’s go, my brother will regret this for a long time …” Xuan Yuan clasped his hands together and just as he was about to leave, Peng Fei’s face was about to turn green. He quickly got up and cried out:

"Brother Xuanyuan, don’t worry. It’s an ancient character from the chaotic ancient era. Even the human race’s’ Hongmeng Heavenly Emperor 'didn’t appear at that time. “Even if there are, how likely is it that I’ll be able to survive up to now? I swear, these two ancient characters are the most profound characters I’ve ever seen in my life. As long as I have some time, I will definitely be able to reap some rewards!”

Seeing his green face, Xuanyuan felt very good. Who told this damn fatty to dare to go against him in public, the reason why Xuanyuan did not want to kill him was because this person was hateful, but he was also considered a kind person. On that day, he had not revealed his identity to the public, otherwise, he would have died a terrible death.

“Mm, that’s true. Even if it’s an ancient character that the ancient emperor couldn’t come up with, we can still use our leadership to understand it, right?” Xuan Yuan laughed and patted Bun Fei’s belly. It was truly a profound meaning.

“Friend, I have such trust in you. I even shared these two mysterious ancient characters with you. Don’t intentionally not say them out after you decipher them yourself!”

When Peng Fei heard this, his heart madly jumped:

“This kid is really sensitive. It seems like I won’t be able to fool him. I think I’ll just tell him a few secrets first. As for the last one, I just need to know.”

“Hmm, of course not. To be honest, when I deciphered the two ancient characters earlier, there was a secret that everyone wanted to know.” Peng Fei said with a mysterious expression.

Xuanyuan pretended to be curious and asked excitedly:

“What is it?”


“Guess your head! Quickly, tell me…”

“…” Peng Fei paused for a moment, squinted his small eyes, and solemnly said:


“What?” Longevity! " Yan Ziyun was shocked. She looked at Chen Fei and asked, “Could it be related to the legendary ‘Longevity Sect’?”

There were too many legends regarding the ‘Longevity Sect’. This was a place that only those who had reached the realm of the Ancient Emperor would be able to reach. As for the specifics, there were many different opinions in the world.

Some people said that the ‘Longevity Sect’ was located in the blissful world of the Western Region’s Extreme Blessed Buddha Temple.

Some people said that the Longevity Sect was communicating with the Ascension Sect’s Ascension Sect.

There were also people who said that the ‘Longevity Sect’ was located in the Central Dragon Courtyard of the Central Region.

Some people even said that the ‘Longevity Sect’ was located within the ‘Eternal Archaeus region’, and even more nonsense said that the ‘Longevity Sect’ was everywhere.

Perhaps the ‘Longevity Sect’ is in your heart, but it’s precisely this kind of bullshit that most people accept. Everyone feels that as long as they reach a certain point in their cultivation, they will be able to sense the location of the ‘Longevity Sect’, and it will lead them to another world, allowing them to step onto the path of gods, to live forever, and to seek eternal life!

However, these were just legends after all. Since ancient times, those who appeared in history, besides the mysterious creatures like the ‘Myriad Manifestation Holy Beast’, or those terrifying existences that were suppressed in the Ancient King Clan’s forbidden grounds, it was precisely because of these legends that further confirmed the possibility that they had an eternal life, even the possibility of eternal life.

That was why countless people were so persistent on the path of cultivation, all for the sake of longevity. However, even emperors as strong as the ancient emperors were unable to escape death in the end. Although many of the emperors had already left in their later years without leaving a trace, when the families of the ancient emperors were destroyed, it was confirmed that these emperors had already fallen.

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