Devouring The Heavens - C798


Chapter 798 - Assassination

The result of the clash between the ‘Yin Yang God Mirror’ and the ‘War Demon Sky Bell’, was that the world itself produced a strange phenomenon, attracting the attention of many terrifying existences.

The Demonic Commander, ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ and Peng Fei were both injured, but because he had the protection of the ‘Myriad Transformations Dao-item’, his injuries were relatively light.

However, the one that died the most was that small island with a radius of a million miles. Those civilian islands had almost sunk down, and who knew how many innocent people had died because of that? They didn’t even have a chance to be injured, not even a chance to survive.

In the face of this sudden disaster, these small sects dared not to be angry, because these sunken civilian islands were under their control and were protected by them and these civilians treated them like gods, worshiping them day and night.

A single strike from their power was enough for them to completely disappear from this world. They would be completely annihilated, and they would not even have the chance to have their souls reincarnated. To them, this was something that was forever out of their reach.

There were too many powerless things in this world. When one did not have enough power to speak, they could only swallow their anger and seek development, obviously, these powerful small sects only had this choice, maybe after countless years, they could rise again, maybe they would sink into the dust of history, and no one would know.

In this world where disputes abounded, the rise and fall of small powers and the rise and fall of large powers were precisely the same.

On the other side.

The three Supreme Celestial Immortals of the Jiang Clan were heavily injured. Jiang Yitian was half dead, and the Demon Suppressing Pagoda had been damaged. This had angered a half-step senior monk of the Jiang Clan. He said that he must capture Yan Ziyun.

Under the calculations of the old man with the ‘Heaven’s Secrets’, he led eighteen supreme Celestial Immortals into the depths of the ocean, invincible and unstoppable. Even if a sea beast with the same realm of power as him was not equipped with a top quality Dao item, it would still be difficult for it to compete with the top quality Dao item in his hands. Unless an ancestral overlord of the sea appeared, otherwise, it would be impossible to defend against it.

On the path to the deep sea, Jiang Fengxian, Jiang Fengtian, and Jiang Fengdi, the three supreme elders, were fighting with incomparable satisfaction. No one knew how many terrifying vicious beasts from the sea were slaughtered by them one by one, their precious bones taken away, their inner cores and many other things that could extend their lifespans, raise their cultivation, or refine magical items.

After the Jiang Clan’s people had happily killed and reaped a great deal of harvest, and many of the sea beasts were so frightened that they did not dare to approach them and scattered in all directions, under the guidance of the calculations of the ‘Heavencraft’ elders, the Jiang Clan’s half-step elder brought a top-grade Dao item and eighteen supreme Celestial Immortals to a place where one could tell at a glance that it was extremely dangerous.

After a moment of consideration, the half-step wise man from the Jiang Clan led the eighteen supreme Celestial Immortals and charged into a dangerous place together. The reason was very simple: by capturing Yan Ziyun and luring out Xuan Yuan, he would obtain countless benefits.

One had to know that Xuanyuan had countless treasures on him. As long as they could catch Xuanyuan and obtain those treasures, the strength of the Jiang Clan would be able to make a substantial leap forward. This was unquestionable.

After they had slaughtered their way into the Fearful Land, the terrifying Wind Water Earth Force had broken through the deep sea and directly pierced through the nine heavens. The high-grade Dao Artifact Demon Suppressing Pagoda had directly turned into ash, and twelve supreme Celestial Immortals had perished here, half a step into the Dao, leaving behind a trail of blood. Even though Jiang Fengxian, Jiang Fengtian, and Jiang Fengdi were all seriously injured, the three Grand Elders had also survived.

As they were escaping from the terrifying killing grounds of Feng Shui, a sigh came from Xuanyuan.

“Letting them go is also letting yourself go. You all will not let yourselves go. Isn’t this courting death?”

These words made the older generation members of the Jiang family, who had barely survived from that terrifying disaster, have the urge to vomit blood at the same time. At this moment, they realized that they had fallen into a trap; they didn’t expect that even the terrifying existence in this’ heaven’s will 'would be cheated.

In the end, they found the terrifying existence within the ‘Heavenly Mystery’. After calculating, they came up with a result that made them both furious and shocked.

Originally, even if she took off this white robe, she would still be unable to avoid the remnant aura of her body. There are not many methods to deceive me and to prevent me from detecting her, so there is a large restriction in the ‘Devouring Myriad Dao Artifact’, called the ‘Myriad Transformations’. It can baptize all remaining auras between oneself and the heaven and earth, isolating them from the Heavenly Mystery. From this, it can be inferred that Xuanyuan is in the Eastern Sea Region! Yan Ziyun must have been saved by Xuanyuan! "

Once again, the Jiang Clan suffered an unspeakable loss. Ever since they started to form ties with Xuanyuan, the pillars of their lineage had been wounded and killed nonstop, and they had even been linked with Xuanyuan to a great extent. Now that they were in the Eastern Sea Region, the death and injury of the ‘Sea Burying Dao Tomb’ had not been light, and now that they had been secretly plotted against by Xuanyuan, it was likely that this trip would have a huge impact on their lineage.

They were all hardliners, the main force of attack, and the other branches were mainly composed of the peace faction, the main force guarding it, and felt that it was not appropriate to settle the scores of their enemies. Even though the great hatred between the ‘Devouring Emperor’ and the Jiang family did not have much to do with Xuan Yuan, the main attack faction did not think so, especially after the appearance of the pig-headed Great Emperor.

The main reason was that the losses were still tolerable, but when the losses reached an unbearable level, it would be difficult for Jiang Yi Xian to maintain his position as the head of the sect, and the main attack faction would also lose its power and influence.

Now that things had progressed to this point, it was certain that Xuan Yuan had come to the Eastern Sea Region. In order to prevent the main attack faction from being taken over by the Jiang family, the Jiang family’s people had decided that no matter what, they would kill Xuan Yuan and take everything on his body. This way, the benefits they would receive would be enough to make up for the losses they would suffer.

Just as the Jiang Clan was frantically searching for the location of Xuanyuan’s whereabouts in the ‘East Sea Region’, they suddenly received a message that a great battle had occurred in a sea area that had affected many people. The terrifying existence in ‘Destiny’ seemed to sense that there was a trace of Xuanyuan’s aura, so the Jiang Clan quickly rushed over, and when they arrived, they were meeting a group of retired generals from the Demon Region, as well as a group of Elders from the ‘Ancient Devil Sect’.

Originally, it should have been a life and death battle, but because they heard that the Devil commander and the ‘Ancient Devil’s Son’ had fought a great battle with Xuan Yuan and joined a Xuan Yuan gang, the Jiang family was even angrier because this Peng Fei had stolen a tomb of a late sage from one of their Jiang family’s ancestral lands. For this reason, the Jiang family had made a heavy mark in the ‘Reincarnation’ and ‘Six Cycles’ rankings for Peng Fei, and these were the people they were looking for.

No matter who it was, to them, there seemed to be a deep hatred that could not be washed away by all the waters of the Yellow River. The Jiang Clan, which had always considered itself a righteous man and regarded the Demon race and the Demon race as its enemy, had suddenly joined the Demon race at this moment. Not long ago, they had experienced a large-scale war, and both sides had suffered great casualties.

However, in order to find Xuanyuan, they chose to work together. They only wanted to find Xuanyuan, because the Eastern Sea Region was huge and boundless. They knew clearly that if they didn’t cooperate, finding Xuanyuan was like fishing for a needle in a haystack.

As for this, Xuanyuan was completely unaware. After sending a friend flying with a Forbidden Teleportation Jade Platform, Xuanyuan once again activated the Teleportation Jade Platform, passing over thirty million miles in the air as if this was the safest way to obtain enough treasures. Seeing this, Peng Fei was dumbstruck, he was amazed that Xuanyuan’s mother did not know of this fortune.

To put it simply, the jade platform was in his hands. He had the entire world!

In the dense fog above the sea, Xuanyuan and Peng Fei had found an isolated island that had a natural Feng Shui situation and a frightening terrain as a cover. Even they had to work hard to enter it!

At this moment, they were completely unaware of what was happening in the outside world. Right now, the most important thing for them was to find out the meaning behind those two ancient characters. Only by finding out the reason would they be able to unravel the bigger of the secrets.

Both Xuan Yuan and Peng Fei’s intuition told them that these two ancient characters were not simple.

Xuan Yuan was already an enemy of the entire world, so he no longer cared about the people chasing him. However, the amount of anger he had towards the major powers was originally not high enough. Now that he was with Xuan Yuan and had his supreme treasure mysteriously damaged, the major powers had charged him with a heinous crime.

“All sorts of things were stolen by him, not a great thief’s grave.” They were thrown onto Peng Fei’s head like a pot of dung. Anyway, what they expressed was that this fatty was unforgivable, desecrating the ancestors of various forces, and his crimes were punishable by death.

In the face of power, if they wanted you dead, they would create all kinds of crimes that deserved to die. If Peng Fei knew about it, he would probably vomit blood from anger.

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