Devouring The Heavens - C797


Chapter 797 - Origin!

Her green dress was as gentle as water, and her hair was extremely delicate. Her pair of beautiful eyes were as pure as glass.

“Mm, master, why did they do this to me? I didn’t harm them, and master taught me at that time to protect my conscience and not harm others. I have always kept that in mind, so I still didn’t dare to hurt anyone when they treated me like that.”

At that moment, she was like a child, transparent and pure, like a piece of white paper. She did not understand why the Demon Commander and the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ would have to suffer and struggle against each other the entire time.

“This is not your fault, it is because the people of this world are too sinister. If you meet such people in the future, stay far away from them. If you can’t win, then run away. If you can, then it would be best to kill them all!” Xuanyuan said forcefully.

“Understood, Master.” She stuck by Xuanyuan, and thus relied very heavily on Xuanyuan. She liked the warm feeling of sticking on Xuanyuan’s body, and when Yan Ziyun saw this scene, she only smiled from the bottom of her heart without the slightest hint of jealousy. However, she felt that this woman was truly pleasing, so how could she be jealous of a woman with a childish nature?

As a man, Pang Fei felt like vomiting blood. Was he really so unpopular with women? Those who didn’t know it would think that he was secretly in love with Xuanyuan, and that he couldn’t stand to see other girls!

Seeing the ugly expression on Peng Fei’s face, Xuan Yuan laughed and said:

Heaven is fair, because he is unfair to everyone, so he is fair. It is just like how a friend who has read a lot of books and has read all the ancient and modern classics, but this type of growth is not something that a woman would like. Compared to a friend’s talent, I am a thousand miles inferior, and my birth is despicable.

Yan Ziyun knew that Xuan Yuan had purposely said it to provoke Fang Fei, so she covered her mouth and laughed without a word.

Peng Fei was so angry that he almost vomited blood. His face was about to turn green as he angrily pointed at Xuanyuan.

Don’t be too complacent. When I become a Great Emperor, I will definitely have 3000 beauties in the harem, each one of them will help me manage the tombs of the previous great sage emperors, making my career in the history of the world flourish!

Xuan Yuan burst out laughing. He had a thick face, so he didn’t think much of it.

He said in all seriousness:
“Forget it, I won’t waste any time. Brother Xuanyuan, you said that let us study those two ancient characters together, hurry up and make those two ancient characters appear so that I can carefully study them. You must know that the ancient books I have read are countless, if I can’t decipher those two ancient characters, I’m afraid not many people in the entire world can decipher them!”

When he thought of the two ancient characters, an indescribable excitement and shock filled his heart. He really wanted to analyze the secret within, and he instinctively felt that this was a formidable existence.

“Hur Hur Hur Hur, my friend, why are you in such a hurry?” Xuanyuan remained indifferent. He turned to the woman and asked with a smile, “What are you called?”

“Me?” The woman paused for a long time before shaking her head, “I don’t have a name, so why don’t you give me a name?”

“Tsk tsk, this beauty is like a lotus blooming in water, let’s call her the Hibiscus.” Peng Fei chuckled.

“Hibiscus your sister, Hibiscus …” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes at Peng Fei and after thinking about it carefully for a while, he slowly said:

“I’ll just call you Destiny. There is a great destiny between you and me, and it is all because of fate!”

“Don’t you know that fate has brought you here?” After being looked down upon by Xuan Yuan, Peng Fei was unhappy, and he immediately retaliated.

Xuanyuan did not pay any attention to him. Hearing this, Destiny was very happy. She hugged Xuanyuan, her expression joyful and filled with an indescribable excitement.

“Thank you for the name, Master.”

“Destiny, don’t call me master, just call me Xuanyuan!” Xuanyuan said with a smile as he caressed her long hair.

“As you command.” It was because everything that she knew was given to her by Xuanyuan. When Xuanyuan changed her that day, she was reminded of her teacher’s kindness, but he did not teach her that if she encountered any danger, she had to use any means at all costs to kill her strong enemy. It was just that it was too late now, so this might be a good thing for her!

“Alright, hurry up and bring out those two ancient characters. Let me study them carefully. This is a matter of life and death for the entire world. This concerns the future of the world! I, the Dao Lord, will save the world!” Peng Fei boasted, randomly bragging. He said it in an incomparably exaggerated manner, so how could Xuanyuan possibly listen to his nonsense.

“Don’t worry, we shouldn’t stay here for too long. We’ve caused such a big commotion just now, and it will definitely attract the attention of a lot of rogue cultivators, or even some terrifying devil race experts. If a supreme dao tool comes out, I’m afraid we will all have to leave this place as soon as possible.”

Xuanyuan secretly activated the Water Spirit Pearl within the depths of the sea with the ability of Azure Falling Sky Water, leading everyone into the distance. However, his speed was a bit too slow, or perhaps he wasn’t in a hurry.

Peng Fei immediately wanted to see the information contained within the mysterious ancient character. Immediately, he took out a transmission jade and enveloped Xuanyuan and company. They were teleported eight times in a row, traveling eight million miles in a row.

“Alright, this place should be safe. Let’s find an isolated island and study the two ancient characters.” Peng Fei impatiently asked.

Xuanyuan sighed with emotion:

“Brother, you’re still using that trash transportation jade? You truly make my heart sad. Very well, I’ll give you one of those jade platforms. You should cherish it.”

No matter what, it was too ruthless towards him. Earlier, when he activated the ‘Yin Yang God Mirror,’ he spent an unknown amount of Heavenly Immortal dollars, but who knew, just giving him the Imperial Forbidden Jade Altar for free was nothing much.

“Tsk tsk, this is truly a good thing. Do you really think that everyone in this world is like you, that they possess an Emperor of the Swallowing Emperor that is so proficient in Imperial Forbidden Techniques?” You really don’t know when you’re lucky. This kind of Emperor Forbidden Jade Platform is hard to get at high prices ah. Otherwise, why would ‘Dishi Tian’ want this jade platform after completing the mission you gave him? Just by thinking about it, I know that there’s something that can’t be bought with money. "

In his heart, he actually felt that Xuan Yuan was not bad. He really did not know if he knew that the looter was Xuan Yuan, who knew what kind of expression he would have.

Xuanyuan laughed but did not say anything else. After all, the Great Emperor of the Pigs’ head accounted for a large portion of the looters. If he knew what the Great Emperor of the Pigs had done to him, he would probably curse him badly.

Just a moment ago, the explosive power from the clash between these two Dao artifacts had shocked Xuan Yuan. Now, Xuan Yuan wanted to figure out just how powerful these two Dao artifacts were.

“Greedy old man, how many Lifestyle Coins did you use to block the Dou Qi shockwave just now?” Xuan Yuan asked in his heart.

“Not much, just 80 billion life immortal coins.” The greedy old man laughed and seemed to not care at all.

Xuan Yuan felt a pang of pain in his heart. He didn’t know how many supreme immortal equipment were gone just like that, but it was clear that his loss was not worth mentioning when compared to punching bags or being the commander-in-chief of the ancient devil race. Xuan Yuan only thought of this loss as a waste of money, and consoled himself with this thought.

In another stretch of the sky, the Battle Demon Sky Bell hung in the sky, and it emitted a terrifying aura of a top grade Dao Artifact.

This was a top-grade Dao item. Inside the ‘War Devil Heaven Bell’, the commander-in-chief and the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ were released. The commander-in-chief’s entire body was drenched in blood, and his arms and the lower half of the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ had turned to ash under the terrifying waves of battle qi.

The two of them hurriedly took out immortal pills to save their lives and swallowed them. From the damaged parts of their bodies, the flesh began to wiggle and rapidly reform. A huge amount of life essence filled their surroundings.

At this moment, their complexions were incomparably pale. Even though the Immortal Pill had turned into an endless stream of vital essence, to them, it was still a terrifying consumption. If it wasn’t for the fact that they had all reached the Life Immortal Realm, they would have been able to change their fate and recover their broken bodies.

I didn’t expect that fatty’s savings to be so great that even the two of us combined can’t compare to him. Just who is he? The Demon Commander’s face was as pale as paper. On both his arms, flesh began to squirm, and bones began to grow. Gradually, two new arms grew out.

Compared to humans, he did not understand much about it. The only ones that left him with an impression were Xuan Yuan, Ji Sunset, Dishi Tian, Ji Chen, and the other Heaven Chosen from the Immortal Mansion.

“This person, Peng Fei, has an extremely outstanding technique. He is considered a rodent among the human race, and everyone wants to beat him up, but he has so many methods, ordinary people can’t do anything about him. The last time he was in the Immortal Mountain, he was a member of the same group as Ji Sunset, and must have been robbing tombs for a long time, so he must have accumulated a huge amount of wealth.” "… … …The Holy Son of the Ancient Devil said weakly.

“Forget it. I’ll heal my injuries first and settle the score with Xuan Yuan later!” The Devil commander angrily cursed, and then began to refine the power of the immortal pills in his body.

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