Devouring The Heavens - C796


Chapter 796 - Both Wounds

Under the cover of the jade-green light, at this moment, the rich and vast Dou Qi surged around Peng Fei’s body. The white vertical eye in his forehead flowed with an ancient aura.

The white light that came from the vertical eye was like the most primal aura in the world, making people feel as if this was their source. The woman’s face was full of surprise, her eyes shining, as if she had felt the aura coming from between Qin Fei’s eyebrows.

The Demon Marshal and the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ actually dared to force him onto a path of death. They were afraid that this time, they would not be able to obtain much benefit, the dog would jump over the wall in a hurry, and the rabbit would even bite if they were anxious. Furthermore, this was a large fatty, he was someone who had inherited the legacy of the Ancient Wind Water Divine Art, and even Xuanyuan himself feared, how could he be underestimated?

The reason was simple. Xuan Yuan believed that even if the two of them sold their underwear, they wouldn’t be able to afford it. After all, he had looted friends before, so he felt that 800 trillion Heaven Immortal dollars was more than enough to kill a lot of people.

Two extremely terrifying powers continuously penetrated through the nine heavens. The deep sea water was turned into nothingness by this terrifying power. However, the sea was too deep, so after being vaporized, there would be endless sea water surging over!

The ‘Ancient Devil’ frowned. He seemed to have sensed that Peng Fei was about to counterattack, so he slowly said:

“The opponent seems to be using that damaged Supreme Dao weapon as well. He wants to turn the tables on us, why don’t we avoid him for now?” “After all, this is a supreme Dao item. The ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’ is just a supreme Dao item. A supreme Dao item, even if it’s incomplete, still cannot be underestimated.”

The Demon Commander sneered and said:

"You already know that it is an incomplete supreme Dao item, but the ‘Heaven Battling Demonic Bell’ is completely intact. Adding on the two of us, as long as we use our full strength, do you think that we won’t be able to destroy them? At this point, how can we retreat? At this point, we have to see who is more ruthless than whom. If we retreat first, then we lose! "

In an instant, the countless immortal equipment that was prepared to reward the three armies began to burn, turning into an unending flow of Dou Qi and fusing into the ‘Devil Sky Bell’.

The son of the ancient demon had no better option. He could only give it a try now.

“Battle Demon Sky Clock, boom!”

The commander-in-chief and the ‘Ancient Devil’s Saint Son’ had countless battle coins, battle spirits, and even immortal equipment. They were burning brightly and erupting with an incomparably dense sea of battle qi, surging violently and raging like stormy waves. Above the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’, the Demon Emperor’s battle engravings were incomparably resplendent, erupting with billions of rays of light that enveloped the four seas.


The heaven shaking battle cry shot up into the sky. The originally restless sea suddenly surged up into the nine heavens. It was hundreds of thousands of zhang high, directly smashing into the heavens. “Ahh!” “Aooo …” "

The scene of the hundreds of millions of demons conquering the world appeared. This time, it was as if millions of demons were really coming down, and the shadow of the Demon Emperor also gradually began to materialize. His aura was apocalyptic, causing all living beings within a circumference of a hundred thousand miles to tremble.

The Demon Emperor had his hands behind his back, overlooking the deep sea. From his eyes, a 10,000 mile long bloody light shot out, illuminating the surrounding thousands of miles in the deep sea. A terrifying infernal energy spread out in all directions.

In an instant, the shadows of the multitudinous demon armies pressed towards the deep sea, turning everything into nothingness wherever they passed.

At the same time, from the depths of the ocean, a group of white lights shot up. The white light was surrounded by an aura of primal chaos, as if an ancient aura had already appeared in this place before the world even formed.

This beam of white light swept through everything in its path. Everywhere it passed, the demon army of billions formed by the ‘War Devil Heaven Bell’ was instantly split into pieces. The white beam of light shot straight towards the figure of the Demon Emperor, who had both hands behind his back, at ease.

The Demon Emperor was neither hurried nor slow. He raised his hand and pointed out with his finger, sending out a 10,000 foot thick demonic light that fiercely collided with the white light.

In that instant, when the white light collided with the center point, a terrifying battle qi swept out in all directions. The deep sea was instantly covered in a 10,000 mile radius of the vacuum, and for a moment, no other sea water was able to fill it.

The hundreds of millions of soldiers and horses of the demon army continued to crush downwards, and from the center of Penf Fei’s eyebrows walked out a white-robed old man. His aura was ancient and unadorned, and his expression was calm.

With a wave of his long sleeve, the white clad old man sent out a white beam of light, meeting the hundreds of millions of soldiers and horses of the demon army.

Another terrifying wave of Dou Qi swept across the entire world. The sea area with a radius of six thousand Li was turned into a vacuum, and all the deep sea beasts in this area were turned into ashes!

The might of the collision between the incomplete Supreme Dao Artifact and the complete Supreme Dao Artifact was terrifying to such a degree. If the complete Supreme Dao Artifact attacked each other, how terrifying would the power be?

A destructive wave of Dou Qi swept across. The space between Pang Fei’s eyebrows split open and a stream of blood shot out. He howled miserably and spat out a large mouthful of blood as he collapsed towards the sky.

“Motherf * cker, this commander-in-chief and the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ have really put in a lot of effort. Hurry up and block this battle qi. Otherwise, we’ll all die!”

Fatty Peng Fei’s entire body was twitching. Although his body had fallen down, his mouth never stopped moving as he muttered greetings to all the beautiful females of the eighteen generations of the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’.

Xuanyuan did not dare to be negligent in the slightest as he activated the ‘Eternal Transformation Kingdom’ through the ‘greedy old man’.

This time, it was directly activated by burning the life immortal gold coin. It was countless times stronger than before. How could the power of a ‘Myriad Devouring Dao Artifact’ be ignored?

A series of tiny ripples of battle-qi that were powerful enough to wipe out even supreme Celestial Immortals emerged from the Allheaven Kingdom, but they were all blocked by the Allheaven Kingdom.

Under the heavy protection of the Three Realms, if the Demon Commander and the Holy Son of the Ancient Devil were to encounter any situation, they would be in an even more miserable state.

The two of them were sent flying by the terrifying wave of Dou Qi. The power of the Emperor’s object on their bodies was pushed to the limit to protect them. However, they were still unable to resist the destructive power of the Dou Qi.

The protective barrier automatically activated by the commander-in-chief and the ‘Ancient Devil’s Saint Child’ instantly shattered into nothingness, and even their bodies began to be destroyed. The elites of the two demon race spat out blood at the same time, and the clashing of the ‘War Devil Heaven Bell’ with the white beam of light caused a loud explosion which resounded throughout the world.

The ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’ retreated on its own, enveloping the commander-in-chief and the ‘Ancient Devil Saint Child’ before fleeing far away. It was obvious that the ‘War Demon Sky Bell’ wanted to protect the lives of the two of them, and did not want to clash with the ‘Yin Yang God Mirror’ head on.

On the other side, the ‘Myriad Kingdom’, which had been struck by the battle-qi, was constantly in motion. After blocking for a few minutes, it began to disperse.

Fortunately, everything was in danger. Although the ‘Devouring Myriad Dao Artifact’ was incomplete, it was once a supreme Dao Artifact. The might it possessed was still incomparable to an ordinary Dao Artifact.

Pang Fei, who was lying on top of the jade halo, quickly fed himself a Life Immortal Pill and started to refine it. He laughed loudly and said:

“We’ve finally survived this calamity. Brother Xuanyuan, I need to find an ancient tomb of Emperor Xian and have a good celebration!”

Xuan Yuan rolled his eyes. He knew that this was a dangerous moment for him. However, he said this in order to tempt him. Xuan Yuan did not give him any face as he sneered:

“Brother, don’t worry, if it’s detrimental to you, you would have already died a horrible death a hundred and eight thousand years ago, so why would you say such words, forget about the fact that the tomb of Emperor Xian is hard to find, even if it is with me, the temptation is still not that great, if I want you to die, the temptation is too small, your treasures are the best of Emperor Xian’s treasures!”

Peng Fei’s chubby face turned red, and he felt very humiliated. He stubbornly said:

“Brother Xuanyuan, you really don’t know the good intentions. I, Peng Fei, have always spoken the truth. How can I have the temptation to protect myself …”

Xuanyuan smiled and did not speak further. Looking at Yan Ziyun, he gently said:

“Zi Yun, how is it? Are you alright?”

“Hehe, I’m fine, but with this killing intent training, my mood has improved by a lot. This demon’s’ Battle Demon Heaven Bell ‘is truly terrifying, it is worthy of being called the top grade Dao Artifact that the’ Devil Battling Heavens Demon Emperor 'used before he became the unrivalled Great Emperor!”

Yan Ziyun’s heart was warm. In her opinion, no matter how great the danger she would encounter being together with Xuanyuan, it was enough for her to have a word of concern from Xuanyuan. She did not have any more requests.

“Master.” The girl at the side was a little scared. She stuck close to Xuanyuan and didn’t dare to act rashly.

Xuanyuan nodded his head and lightly stroked the woman’s smooth and long hair as he asked with a smile:

“Are you the bluestone from that day?”

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