Devouring The Heavens - C795


Chapter 795 - Deadly Strike

Although he really wanted to fight with his life on the line, he thought that if Xuan Yuan did not use his trump card, then why would he do this? He immediately followed Xuan Yuan and the rest and plunged into the ocean, frantically escaping. If it weren’t for Xuan Yuan fighting water, then he would have escaped even faster than Xuan Yuan.

At this moment, Xuanyuan did not hold back any of his strength. The power of the Jadefallen Heavenly Water circulated and enveloped Xuanyuan and his group within the water, preventing them from being affected by the water’s pressure.

In the deep sea, they weren’t affected by the shackles. Moreover, from the moment Xuanyuan brought everyone into the deep sea, every drop of water became incomparably heavy, heavier than ten thousand kilograms.

Just by its weight alone, it was enough to completely crush and kill any ordinary six Immortal experts. The Devil commander and the ‘Ancient Devil’s Saint Son’ had a strong killing intent as they drew the ‘War Devil Sky Bell’ and charged straight into the depths of the ocean.

The heavy water along the way was heavily broken by the power of the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’. Obviously, it wasn’t able to resist the power of the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’, but at least it still created some obstacles for the ‘War Demon Sky Bell’.

Terrifying bell ripples spread out in the deep sea. Many vicious beasts in the sea couldn’t withstand the power of the bell, and their bodies were directly smashed into pieces, turning into a pool of blood and blending into the sea.

Under the tyrannical power of the War Demon Heaven Bell, countless sea creatures fled into the distance, afraid of suffering any unexpected calamity.

The bell of the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’ had awakened, and it activated on its own. Its strength was terrifying, as it chased after Xuanyuan and his group.

Xuan Yuan directly activated the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Transformation. A pitch-black and deep world shrouded the entire area. Within this country, there was an unfathomable mystery hidden. It was as if all the energy in the world could be activated.

The bell vibrations emitted by the War Demon Heaven Bell transformed into the images of billions of demon soldiers and horses. The appearance of the Demon Emperor gave off an incomparably realistic feeling. Wherever this terrifying aura passed by, everything would be crushed into dust.

The bell waves crashed into the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Transformation one after another. The State of Ten Thousand Transformation rippled and circulated the power within the bell waves, blocking the attack.

“Greedy old man, what do you think? With your current strength, how long can you last? If you activate it with your Life Immortal Coin.” Xuanyuan asked.

Hehe, you can still hold on for a long time. If you use up all of your Fate Celestial Coins, then there will still be those 800 trillion heavenly Immortal Coins. As long as you want, you can burn those heavenly Immortal Coins and I can even make you fight against the ‘Devil Battle Demonic Bell’. The greedy old man chuckled.

Xuan Yuan smiled and said:

"There’s no rush, I do not believe that Zhong Ling’s power is that strong. The Demon Commander and the ‘Ancient Devil Saint Child’ both rely on the power of the unique Dao Artifact and think that they are invincible, so we will just continue to waste time with them. Once the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’ has used up all of their power, we will see where they will run to and how deep they will go.

“Brat, you want to repeat the same old trick again?” The greedy old man sighed.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could kill them all with a single move? What use is there in using so many new tricks? It would be great if we could kill them all.” Xuan Yuan laughed.

At this moment, a jade-green light enveloped the group of Xuanyuan and his group. The surface of this jade-green light was covered by the power of the Myriad Manifestation Kingdom as it resisted the continuous attacks of the bell waves.

The power of the bell ripple caused a jade-green light to flash. Although the Myriad Kingdom State was able to withstand the power of the bell ripple, it was unable to stop the killing intent of billions of devil soldiers that filled the deep sea. This killing intent passed through the jade-green light and attacked the will of Xuanyuan and company.

From outside the Myriad Manifestation Country, the devilish commander-in-chief’s wild laughter rang out:

“Xuanyuan, your entire life is fated to be like a dog that has lost its home. You can only run away in fear. If you have the ability, then act like a man and fight a battle with me.”

“If I knew earlier that I shouldn’t have given the Dou Long Immortal Manor any face and directly killed you on the spot, no one would have said anything. Little devilspawn, why haven’t you come back and died? You won’t be able to escape.” That day at the Dou Long Immortal Manor, Xuanyuan was pitifully weak. However, he never expected that one day, Xuanyuan would be strong enough to be on par with them.

“Hahaha, I don’t need to kill you two scum, the sky is high, and the sea is deep. Once we reach the deepest depths, I want to see if you two dare to rely on the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’ to be so arrogant!” Xuanyuan laughed out loud. His words contained a bit of a threat and he did not care about what they said at all.

When Peng Fei heard Xuan Yuan’s words, his face turned green as he said in shock:

“Boy, don’t forget. Once we reach the deep sea, we will encounter those terrifying overlords of the sea, and it will be hard for us to escape from them. You’d better not harm us when that happens.”

“Haha, friend, are you scared?” Xuanyuan mysteriously smiled.

Peng Fei wanted to strangle Xuanyuan to death, but he couldn’t show it. He shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said:

“What’s there to be afraid of? A real man’s death means certain death. At the very least, he will die in a glorious manner. If he were to die in the hands of those old freaks deep in the sea, wouldn’t he feel too stifled?”

How high the sky was and how deep the sea was. Peng Fei was well aware that in the deepest depths of the sea, there were countless terrifying existences. Even someone with a supreme treasure wouldn’t be able to stop them if they didn’t reach the quasi Emperor level of strength.

Hearing the words of Peng Fei, Xuanyuan clapped his hands and said:

“Well said, brother friend, your noble nature is worthy of the respect of Xuanyuan, I ask brother Peng Fei to hurry and kill his way out, bravely fight with the Demon Marshal and the ‘Ancient Devil’s Holy Son’, if you are unlucky and die, I will help brother collect the corpses …”

Peng Fei’s face turned green as he angrily scolded:

"I would like to, but isn’t that something that reality doesn’t allow? I still have to keep my useful body, and for the sake of the common people in this world, I have to verify every bit of history, and let them know every bit of history, and let them know that there is no one else like me in this world, so I can’t die, ah, if it wasn’t for the things on my body being stripped away, even if it was a top-grade Dao item, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything to them, ah, hate, that person who was struck by a thousand blades didn’t die a good death! "

Even though Pang Fei was bragging, he still did not dare to fight against the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’.

If not for the fact that Xuan Yuan had the Jadefallen Heavenly Water and the Water Spirit Pearl that were secretly pushing him and using the power of heavy water to stop him, he would have probably been overtaken by the Devil Battling Clock.

“Devil commander, the berserk beasts in the deep sea are indeed very scary, and with the battle water in his possession, Xuanyuan is his domain.” The Ancient Devil Saint Child reminded.

“Hmph, what’s there to be afraid of, Xuanyuan, today I must make him die an incomparably miserable death, the ‘Devouring Myriad Dao Artifact’ on his body has clearly not recovered yet, killing him now is like killing a pig. If he is allowed to escape this time, who knows how far his strength will evolve the next time he reappears!”

His battle achievements were impressive, he had the courage of three armies, he was invincible in battle, and his attacks were all-conquering. However, on the body of his teacher, he was completely defeated by Xuanyuan, and in the battle at the ‘Azure Dragon School’, he was even more so the humiliation of his life.

Now that Xuanyuan has finally appeared, he definitely did not want to miss this opportunity to get away with it.

The difference between the strength he had now and the strength Xuan Yuan had now was like heaven and earth. If he let Xuanyuan escape this time, then when Xuanyuan appeared again in the future, how terrifying would that be? The ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ did not dare imagine it.

“Alright, since that’s the case, the two of us will use our full strength to activate the ‘Battle Demon Sky Bell’. But, I hope that we can kill them in one hit and eliminate Xuanyuan to avoid any worries for the rest of our lives.”


Inside the rings of the Demon Commander and the ‘Ancient Devil’s Son’, countless battle coins and battle spirits were continuously being absorbed into the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’. As these things continued to burn, the aura emitted by the ‘War Demon Sky Bell’ became more and more terrifying.

The greedy old man sensed this aura and exclaimed,

“Boy, this is bad. They seem to want to kill us with a single strike. Using countless Dou Dans and Dou Yuan as their strength, they are currently gathering their strength!”

Xuan Yuan said:

“Burn away all of your life’s immortal coins, you must block all of them.”

It was clear that Peng Fei’s perception was also incomparably sharp. It was impossible for him to place his life in Xuanyuan’s hands just like that. He screamed out.

“Brother Xuanyuan, they’re going to use all of their top-grade Dao artifacts to deal us a fatal blow. What do we do now? Don’t hold back any more attacks.”

Xuan Yuan frowned and sighed:

“If I had any backup, I would have to run away. If I didn’t have any backup, the many overlords in the deep sea would be my trump card.”

As soon as Xuan Yuan said this, the flesh on Peng Fei’s face trembled. After pausing for a moment, he gritted his teeth and said:

“Forget it, the Dao Lord is willing to throw caution to the wind.”

The moment he finished speaking, vast waves of battle qi surged out from his body. Countless Celestial Immortal Coins once again began to burn.

The corners of Xuan Yuan’s eyes twitched as he cursed in his heart:

“This damn fatty is really cunning. I assume that the loot from the storage ring that day was only a part of his loot and there is still another part hidden within his body. Damn it, what a pity, I can’t take everything off of him.”

If Peng Fei heard this, he would most likely vomit blood. The greedy old man laughed loudly and said:

“Looks like this punk won’t be able to trust you. Fine, since he’s the main attacker, I’ll use the ‘Myriad Manifestation Kingdom’ as defense and see just who is stronger, the incomplete ‘Yin Yang God Mirror’ or the ‘War Demon Sky Bell’.”

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