Devouring The Heavens - C794


Chapter 794 - Guardian of the Zhong Ling

The expression on the Ancient Devil’s Holy Son’s face turned solemn. He was constantly calculating in his mind. Although Xuanyuan and Peng Fei were only at the sixth and seventh cycles, these two people couldn’t be measured by common sense.

There was no need to even mention the fact that he could control the Feng Shui powers between heaven and earth and turn them into his own powers to suppress his enemies.
It was impossible to tell how many terrifying abilities Xuan Yuan had cultivated after devouring the five elements.

The Ancient Devil thought hard in his heart, but he couldn’t find any way to deal with them. He had already thought of a way to retreat a long time ago.

Wherever he went, space would be crushed. The Five Element Reincarnation Fist ruthlessly struck down on the face of the Devil commander, the destructive force was vast, causing one to suffocate. As long as it struck, even with the strength of the devil commander’s body, his entire head would flower and turn into a rotten watermelon.

Now, Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun actually had to work together to attack him together. He had the urge to spit out blood and this kind of feeling was like a monkey suddenly climbing onto a tiger’s body. He angrily roared:

“Xuanyuan, I want all of you to die today without a burial ground!”

In the face of this kind of crisis, in the face of life and death, the Demon Commander had no choice but to reveal his trump card. From the Emperor’s Tiger Tally above his head, he summoned hundreds of millions of demon horses, filled with killing intent and roaring battle intent that reached the ninth heaven. The shadow of the Demon Emperor appeared, looking unreal but filled with energy.

As for Yan Ziyun, she had already received the notification from Xuanyuan sound transmission earlier, so she knew that the Devil commander had a top-grade Dao Artifact on him and had been prepared since long ago. The moment the Devil Commander let out a furious roar, she no longer bothered with him and directly escaped into the air, fleeing into the distance. Her goal had already been achieved, and her mission had been accomplished as well, so it was natural that she retreated as soon as she heard the voice of the Devil Commander.

Seeing how fast Xuanyuan and Yan Ziyun were fleeing, the Demon Commander immediately set his sights on Peng Fei.

“Let’s first get rid of this bastard, then we’ll go back and search for Xuan Yuan’s whereabouts. When the time comes, we’ll definitely make sure that little bastard dies a horrible death. We’ll kill this damn fatty right now.”

The Fighting Demon Heaven Bell was accompanied by the Fighting Demon Heaven Bell that continuously merged the dou qi into the body of the Fiend god like a river, and the aura it gave off was even more terrifying. The bell trembled slightly, and the strength of a top-grade Dao weapon was unleashed.

Even though there were nine dragons protecting his body, they were still unable to resist the demonic commander’s all-out attack. One after another, the great dragons of feng shui were shattered as the strong power caused him to be blown away. Nineteen bones in his body were broken, and his internal organs were all severely shaken, causing him to spit out a large mouthful of blood.

Without knowing when, Xuanyuan, Yan Ziyun and that woman had appeared behind him. Xuanyuan had generously absorbed a few drops of Azure Dragon blood essence into his body, causing the blood in his body to churn and burn. His battle intent had not decreased at all, and not even the slightest hint of fear could be seen.

“Motherf * cker, I thought you guys would just leave the Dao Lord alone. It seems like you have more loyalty than that ‘Dishi Tian’!”

“Devil commander, do you really think you’re the only one with a top quality Dao item? Today, I, the Dao Lord, will properly fight with you. I want to see if your magic treasure is stronger than mine!”

Recently, he had been feeling very depressed, everything in his body had been stripped clean, and he did not even bother to pick his underwear, most importantly, he did not know who had done it. Now, he only knew that the other party was a golden dragon and was asking everywhere for information, but he did not know who this grandson was.

"What a joke, punk? You damn fatty, do you really think you are something? "

“If the tiger doesn’t show off its might, then you think I’m a sick cat? Fuck you! Today, the Dao Lord will let all of you die here. Leave the supreme Dao Artifact for me! The Dao Lord will never brag, but I will do what I say! When I obtain your supreme Dao Artifact, then I will see what you have to say!”

From between Qin Fei’s eyebrows, a white vertical eye appeared, and majestic yin and yang energy circulated around it, as lines after lines of Yin Yang great dragons protected their real bodies, emitting the unique aura of the ‘Yin Yang God Mirror’. This was the aura of a supreme tool, and Xuanyuan was very greedy for it, the pig-headed emperor was even drooling his eyes on the ‘Yin Yang God Mirror’, although it was still incomplete, but its power did not need to be explained further.

He knew that this was not a complete supreme dao tool, and a part of it was incomplete. But the feeling this incomplete supreme dao tool gave him was very ancient, as if it was from the same age as that woman, and after going through a long time, the top-grade dao tools in his hands might not be able to withstand it.

A white light shot out from the vertical eye in his forehead, piercing through the void as if passing through the ages of ancient times. This power caused countless people to tremble in fear, even if it was someone of the Xian realm, without any protection, he would still be shot to death.

The commander-in-chief and the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ turned blue, and the two of them started to channel their battle qi frantically, activating the ‘Battle Demon Sky Bell’. The ‘Battle Demon Sky Bell’ trembled once more, and released an earth-shaking bell sound.

That white light broke through the layers of the clock, finally hitting the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’.

The destructive power from the Battle Demon Heaven Clock pierced into the bodies of the commander-in-chiefs and the children of the ancient devils.

Dazzling light burst out from the two guards’ emperors’ bodies as a massive power covered their entire bodies. Even so, that terrifying power had still sent the ‘Ancient Devil’s Holy Son’ flying.

After all the bones in their bodies had been broken, blood continued to gush out from their wounds. Their expressions were ashen as they paled after being struck by this attack. Evidently, this attack had consumed a great deal of energy.

However, in order to obtain the ‘Battle Demon Sky Clock’, he was willing to give it his all. Since the things on his body had been stripped clean, he had to collect some interest from others.

From between Peng Fei’s eyebrows, the white eye in his forehead once again shot out a shocking beam of light, which struck towards the Demon Commander and the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil.’ Even with the protection of the Emperor’s body, they were unable to continuously block such a terrifying attack from Pend Fei. However, at this point, they could only fight with their lives on the line.

From the top of the commander-in-chief’s head, the imp Tiger Tally transformed into billions of demon soldiers and horses. All kinds of demon beasts flew around, all kinds of magic treasures flew around, and all kinds of ancient demon cities appeared magnificent, just like a real battlefield.

This’ War Demon Heaven Bell ‘and the’ Tiger Tally of the Emperor ‘were inseparable from each other. The’ Holy Son of the Ancient Devil 'also consumed an Immortal pill and activated his imperial treasure, preparing to block this terrifying attack.

Just at this moment, the ‘War Devil Sky Bell’ activated itself and intersected with the tiger symbol. A demonic light shot up to the sky, the bell’s body trembled, and the Zhong Spirit Protector saw the phantoms of the billions of demon soldiers and horses gradually materialize, as if billions of demon soldiers had truly descended from the sky, looking incomparably real.

Just the aura of the hundreds of millions of devil soldiers alone was enough to suffocate the entire group of people, making them unable to resist at all. This kind of demon army was unstoppable wherever it went.

Above the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’, a shadow of the Demon Emperor appeared. With just a casual wave of the Demon Emperor’s hand, the white light was able to cancel out the terrifying light. This was the power of the War Demon Heaven Bell’s spirit and the power of a top grade Dao Artifact could be seen from this.

“Hahaha, Xuan Yuan, you two are dead for sure. Let’s see where you can run to this time.” The Demon Commander consumed an immortal pill to repair his wounds. The same was true for the ‘Ancient Devil Saint Child’. The expression on his face was ferocious, and his blood-red eyes shone with a bloodthirsty light, causing one’s heart to tremble.

The Demon Commander’s eyes were burning with passion, if he was able to kill that fatty, then he would be able to obtain his broken Supreme Dao Equipment, and at that time, he would be able to make up for his losses. With the protection of the clock spirit of the War Demon Heaven Bell, how could he activate its power, ordinary people would not be able to fight against it.

Xuan Yuan directly grabbed Peng Fei and ran off. Peng Fei’s face was pale, and he knew that he couldn’t be a match for them.

“This is such a huge trap. Damn it, in the end, there was even a Zhong Ling who came out to protect the master. The Dao Lord’s top-grade Dao Artifact is gone again.” Peng Fei cursed with a heartbroken heart.

“Your top-grade Dao Artifact has been chasing us all this time. If you want it, then hurry and collect it.” The bell spirit of the ‘War Devil Heaven Bell’ had awoken, protecting the commander-in-chief and the ‘Ancient Devil’s Saint Son’ within it. The billions of devil soldiers and horses it had created rushed towards Xuanyuan and his men.

In the face of such a huge force, Xuanyuan naturally wouldn’t dare to resist it even if he were slightly fatter.

As the terrifying power invaded, Xuanyuan grit his teeth and brought the entire group down to the bottom of the sea. Only by entering the sea would they have the chance to escape from the ‘War Demon Heaven Bell’, otherwise, they would really lose their lives.

“Go, quickly go! If we don’t go soon, everyone’s going to die!”

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