Devouring The Heavens - C793


Chapter 793 - Five Elements Reincarnation Fist

The tyrannical battle qi spread out in all directions, crushing everything in its path. Not only that, but many of the Seventh Cycle Demon Immortals and even Life Immortal experts couldn’t withstand the attack of the battle qi and were forced to retreat, some couldn’t even withstand the force of the battle qi and vomited a large mouthful of blood. One could imagine how powerful Yan Ziyun’s current strength was.

“Hmph. Xuanyuan, you are indeed a person who only knows how to hide behind women. Truly ridiculous.” When the Demon Commander met Yan Ziyun, his expression was also a bit serious. Just now, when Yan Ziyun was swinging her sword, he had deeply felt the terrifying power of the Sword of Bitterness.

Xuan Yuan did not pay attention to the marshal as he transmitted his voice to Yan Ziyun.

“Ziyun, this Devil commander has a top-grade Dao Artifact hidden on him. You must be careful and act according to the circumstances. If you don’t retreat now, don’t try to be brave.”

Yan Ziyun nodded her head:

“I understand. Xuanyuan, you have to be careful as well. I will restrain the commander-in-chief. You go save a lady like that.”

After dodging the Devil commander, Xuan Yuan saw the elite warriors of the Demon race rushing towards him. Each of these demon warriors was emitting a huge killing intent; they were all generals who had gone through hundreds of battles, but what they were facing right now was Xuan Yuan!

Without even looking at it, the Devouring Devil Sword in his hand directly shot up, transforming into a terrifying black hole vortex from the void, engulfing more than ten Seven Transformations Warrior Immortals that were rushing over. Without making a sound, one after another, miserable shrieks that would make one’s scalp go numb rang out from the black hole as blood splashed into the sky, the mournful blood dyed the sky red, and a few white bones were thrown out of the black hole and into the deep sea.

When the demon soldiers saw this scene, they felt chills run down their spines. They never thought that Xuanyuan, who was merely a sixth circulation Dou Xian, would be so frightening.

“Five Elements Reincarnation Fist.”

This was the final punch that Xuan Yuan had developed after cultivating the [Five Elements Devouring Great Immortal Art] to its peak.

The terrifying punch caused the entire space to crack, and the air to spurt out countercurrent. The powers of the five elements from all over the world converged together, causing this punch to become even more frightening, as if one had fallen into a world of five elements’ reincarnation.

The three demon Lifestyle Generals who were charging toward him were crushed to dust by Xuan Yuan’s punch. Their souls were shattered into nothingness along with their souls. There was no suspense at all. Their power was truly terrifying.

It had to be known that Xuanyuan was only at the peak of the sixth circulation, yet his fist strike possessed such power. Even the Demon Commander and the ‘Holy Son’ couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw this scene, and quite a few of the elite devils and generals felt their stomachs twitch when they saw this scene.

“Tsk tsk, this is really a trap. The power of the ‘Myriad Transformation’ has already begun to show itself and has devoured a lot of the world’s spirit objects. It really isn’t a cover, if you step into the Life Immortal Realm, then wouldn’t killing the commander-in-chief and the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ be like slaughtering pigs and dogs?”

As expected, the Myriad Manifestation Body was extremely terrifying.
From the moment Xuanyuan unleashed the power of the Five Elements Reincarnation Fist, it was as if he had already seen how terrifying Xuanyuan’s power would be in the future when he mastered it.

Although the Old Demon Saint was shocked, with his current strength, he was not afraid of Xuanyuan. He rushed forward, but Xuanyuan did not clash with the Old Demon Saint Child. Instead, he took a step forward, avoiding the encirclement and killing of the Ancient Demon Saint Son, and shouted at Pang Fei:

“Qin Fei, stop the ‘Ancient Devil’s Son’. I want to save this girl first.”

Hearing this, Peng Fei’s face turned green and he screamed:

“Why is it that I have to let you brat here just because you are such a hero saving a beauty? Fuck, why is it that this Dao Lord is always the one getting hurt?”

"Because it is easier for you to be injured. Take a look at the ‘Devil Flame’ in the array, can you even defend against it? If you think that your fat body can withstand it, it doesn’t matter if I let you save me.

Especially after consuming the Blue Lotus Heart Flame, and after absorbing a strand of the life energy from the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, just the energy emitted by the Dou Fire in Xuanyuan’s body alone was enough to make the Demon Transformation Fire tremble, not to mention the fact that the five types of spirit objects would circulate together, how terrifying would it be?

He had no choice but to watch as a giant Yin Yang dragon of wind and water coiled itself around the ‘Saint Child of the Ancient Devil.’ The destructive power within the dragon made the ‘Saint Child of the Ancient Devil’ not dare to underestimate its opponent; the only thing he could do was to first resist the power of the Yin Yang Dragon of Feng Shui.

Even though the Devil commander had the Emperor Armament and Tiger Talisman, he could only fight Yan Ziyun to a standstill. He could only watch as Xuanyuan unhindered continued to run amok.

The elites of the younger generation of the Devil race had all been trained by the Devil commander, and they were all elite generals who had gone through hundreds of battles to grow up from the mountains of corpses and the seas of blood. It was unknown just how much effort the Devil commander had put in, or how many lives and deaths he had gone through, but he had come to the ‘Eastern Sea Region’ this time without a great army.

Even with all of them working together to set up the ‘Earth Fiend Fiery Formation’, who knew how much effort it had taken the commander-in-chief.

They had all followed the Demon Commander until this day, using the Earth Fiend Demon Flame Array’s fire attack method to kill who knows how many enemy troops, and were one of the main generals under the Demon Commander’s command. However, he had just been ambushed and more than twenty people killed, which had already caused the Demon Commander’s heart to bleed and now, Xuanyuan had slaughtered his way in from outside the array like a fierce tiger stepping out of its sluice.

When Xuanyuan arrived at the center of the ‘Earth Fiend Devil Flame Array’, all of the ‘Devil Flame’ that was rushing towards the woman started to tremble and retreat. Xuanyuan laughed coldly and activated the ‘Jade Descend Heaven Water’ on his body, causing a vast force of fighting water to surge in all directions. The sizzling sound rang out and the dense ‘Devil Transforming Flame’ was quickly extinguished.

The two ancient characters on the girl’s body disappeared after Xuanyuan save her, fusing into her body. She felt the aura coming from Xuanyuan’s body, and instantly threw herself into Xuanyuan’s embrace.

“Master, I’ve finally found you!”

Even Xuan Yuan couldn’t help but feel shocked. Looks like he was right, she was the bluestone that he had transformed that day.

Seeing that Xuanyuan and that woman’s intimate contact seemed to be real, the corners of Peng Fei’s eyes jumped as he shouted,

"Brother Xuanyuan, when did you become the lady’s master? “Oh my god, you made me waste my time. You knew that your servant was trapped, so you purposely used me as a gun. What a waste of time …” Dao Lord, I am done for! "

Xuanyuan rubbed his nose and didn’t say anything more. He asked the woman to step to the side and then used the Five Elements Reincarnation Fist to kill everything with the vast power of the five elements. None of the seventy-two Rank seven Martial Immortals or life immortal generals who had been painstakingly nurtured by the Devil commander could withstand Xuanyuan’s punch.

A demonic spear stabbed out. This was a top-grade immortal equipment, but the Devouring Demon Sword in Xuan Yuan’s hand easily slashed out. The spear broke, and another Five Elements Reincarnation Fist struck out. The top-grade immortal armor shattered inch by inch, shattering all the bones in his body.

The disparity between their strength and that of Xuanyuan was too great. If they could obtain the same five elements spirit object, it would be a very impressive thing and could increase a person’s fighting strength by leaps and bounds. Moreover, Xuanyuan has many different types of spirit objects, so there was no need to talk about the power of the five elements spirit object.

“Brother Peng Fei, there are a lot of things that have to do with this. It’s too complicated, so we have to first kill the commander-in-chief and the ‘Holy Son’ together, then the treasures on them will be divided between the two of us. This is just a small compensation for you, what do you say? I know you want to study those two ancient characters. I also want to find a secret location and study it after we kill them!”

Xuan Yuan had killed many of the Devil Commander-in-Chief’s subordinates and naturally did not forget to draw in all of their rings and essence of life into the Devouring Demon Sword. The reason he agreed so readily was because he knew that Peng Fei was not a simple person and had even walked through the tomb of the Great Emperor. He must have read countless ancient books and had seen many ancient books, so he might be able to decipher the meaning behind these two ancient characters!

“Alright.” Hearing Xuan Yuan’s promise, Peng Fei’s eyes lit up. Without a second word, a mighty Wind and Water Dragon began to revolve around him. The power within a radius of a hundred miles seemed to follow his thoughts and charged towards the ‘Holy Son’.

Peng Fei was also at the seventh circulation. However, the ‘Ancient Devil Holy Son’ found it hard to face off against an Earthly Immortal expert. It was as if he was fighting against the entire world by himself.

In the sky, Xuan Yuan was like a reaper, revolving with the immense power of the five elements. The seventy-two young seven Revolving Immortals that the Demon Marshal had painstakingly cultivated had all perished in the hands of Xuan Yuan, the Lifestyle Generals, completely annihilated.

As for the Demonic Commander, he was entangled by Yan Ziyun’s Dao Sword of Bitterness and could not break free at all. Originally, his side had been filled with people, but now only he and the ‘Holy Son’ were left.

The situation had suddenly reversed.

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