CW Identity


i thinh that CW might really be an ancient true devil who have survived the ancient era.
and this is the reason:

  1. The evil infant had locked down all god and devil before realising myriad tribulation. that means any ancient divine being either god or devil whose aura where hidden for one reason or another were able to escape( Hong’er, you’er, dragon god daughter are the best example).
  2. the bizarre soul power of CW might be the same kind of soul suppression YC was experiencing when he face the moon slaughter devil souvereign before he summon (the soul power that is the result of true devil soul that has been temered for million or even billion year of experience)
  3. to be able to interfere with a certain type of power, you need to be or have a power at the same level or even hgher level than power, be extremely knowlegeable and have great understanding about that power. and only those those ancient trie god and devil fit the bill. since she was able to do that with the hineritance of soul calamity realm then it is quite possible.
  4. the current living being use the word ‘lord’ when they refer to their respective realm king, never for the ancien divine being even less those creator god and devil emperor. the only who use lord when they refer to the CG and DE are those ancien divine being moreover they have an extreme degre of reverence and respect for them. but CW use lord when she was talking about HSDE and even display pure respect, reverence and trust in HSDE.
  5. the current living being have basic knowledge of the ability of CG, DE and heavenly profound tresor, even the name and ability of the exclusive profound art of the DE and CG are unknown yet CW knew Eternal calamity of darkness and some of his ability and had a full understanting of the SPP.
    so my guess is, she was somewhat sealed just like hong’er, dragon god daughter and was able to escape that calamity. after those million year, she was able to free herself but her strengh thoroughly collapse just like hong’er,so she used her knowledge to cultivate quickly but, with the limitation of the current world that keep devolving and the reduction of the yin qi, she was unable to break past the barrier of DM. her level of plane must also be in no way weaker than the Ice phoenix if she really was able to mess up with MX whose has the ice phoenix true god herself origin soul.
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Refer to HSDE as Lord and
HSDE visit here and only give here one advise about YC

for know i am support your theory.
When YC have it so it will compare to SHIn-shi hhhhhhhhhh