Crazy theory, flame in check


And if when Mo E won from GOD HEREGE, with negligible methods,
They decided to separate his daughter in the good and the bad part, and if in that fight Mo E had exhausted the power of the number 1 treasure sword, and decided to give a gift to the heretic god, and this sword that honger becomes is a treasure of the number one treasure?
Yes, I remember the Empress Demon’s explanation, but then why does Hong`er eat swords?

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Dragon soul said to yun che his daughter soul is sealed in the sword

This sword had power that make man as God no need for the user power “” jasmine told something like that before “”

No need for more but based on that what you said is not acceptable

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it was said that MO E, won with a negligible method, and if he exhausted all the essence of the sword, treasure number one was an empty sword, where even the sealed shen xi could not survive?
With that MO E must have suggested to the evil god to seal half of his daughter light on the sword.
as for shen xi, about to be exterminated together with the sword, MO E or the evil God sealed it in sansara, saving it but still sealed.
This explains why hong’er as a sword, and shen xi, which should not exist in that kingdom, is also in sansara. Since all her words about number one in the divine realm, just a junior. and she does not belong to that kingdom and would need YC to return, with the power of a salesman God.

Now it is better? or is it still a stupid theory?

google translator

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Google translate… first of all, the Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword never ran out of energy, it was Mo E that ran out of life span so he couldn’t use the HPAS.
Mo E told Evil God that he is to split his daughters soul into darkness and light and then kill the darkness soul, but he hid the darkness soul instead while light part was given to the sword clan. Hong’er and You’er can transform into swords because their mother, Jie Yuan, can do that as well.
Shen Xi was sealed by the Azure Dragon God in the HPAS before he tossed the sword into the well of samsara trapping her in a formation of sorts.

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Man it’s still theory and based on your side of view for the NOVEL until MARS said it.
Now it’s more better i am accepting shin-xi is Dragon daughter’s sealed in sword

if we re-phrase your words
We could say that Shin-xi sealed in the sword and YC will save here , then let Honger eat the sword.
Also may here mother from clan that convert to sword, may be eating sword related to here clan - no agree or reject for this in novel- Also may be this side effect for f*** outside here clan

Thanks for this it open a new window for me on the novel …


All theories are good brothers.

But say, will it not be awesome if Yun Che got the Heaven Smiting Devil Slayer in his Harem too. Mars could make Yun Che as reincarnated soul of Evil God or something.

One of the mysteries of this novel is also this-- Why Yun Clan was able to remove darkness energy and go to the planet of Evil God? It is quite possible that they received a oracle or shit. But there seems to be one person guiding all these actions. I can be pretty wrong here but still, a single person.


em alguma parte do romance, foi dito quem esta guiando o destino de xq era o ser dentro da pequena tia (lingxi), e um comentário de marte, foi dito que quem esta dentro da pequena tia era ela mesma (Com isso então ela seria uma reencarnação de algum Deus verdadeiro ou a Deusa ancestral). O destina dela (xq) era imutável, porem o destino de yc ainda ele poderia criar com sua própria força.
Agora o por que, ainda ninguém sabe.