Covid- 19


Seems cause of the outbreak Mars found time to get us some chapters! Quarantine an’t so bad after all

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Of course if you consider the number of chapters that have been released or if you consider the number of lives that have been lost.


I can’t find the novel anymore, pls tell me it’s a mistake

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They removed it because mars told them to remove it… damn well we still have this but the translations are really bad anyone got anything better other then wuxiaworld?


It’s back, is it safe is it allright?


Zongheng asked them to remove it, not Mars, he prob doesn’t even know babel exists, besides, babel will still update the novel even if they ‘removed’ it


Elliott will you still translate new chapters in pastebin?


I see no reason why i wouldn’t, it is not like babel will stop updating/uploading the latest chap on babel, wether i can use the proofread tab to get the text is a separate matter.


How can i read the novel now? i tried the console command and it didn’t work unless i did it wrong :confused:


Where you publish the link for pastebin??


Discord, sometimes i/someone else remembers to post them in lnmtl comments too.


Please provide ur discord. Also are there the 1652 and 1651 chapters which are already released?


Yup, they have already been proofread and released on atg discord


whats your discord ? pls


friend Elliot, now that they have removed atg from the library, what would be the way to update, and get quality chapters like that of babel?


here is ATG discord server link if anyone wants to join,
in this server they upload proofread chapters which are better than mtl/babel version


I clicked on the link. Downloaded the app. Registered. But I can’t figure out how to find ATG?