Confusing translations


So I have been reading this story on this site since late in the good realm (after the tournament) and I remember being surprised that the translations were similar to WW, though with some bumps here and there. It made me really happy some I could not read the MT version. But recently, I feel like the translations have been a little weird. Like there are times where I read a few paragraphs and I have no idea what is going on. There are constant inconsistencies with names, missing dialogue, confusing passages.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this? I tend to read the chapters immediately so do they get better if you wait or is it that once they are uploaded, they don’t change?


Indeed, its been happening for a while and not only on this novel . I personally have stopped reading ATG on babelnovel since the translation already has caught up . Its only 4-5 chapters behind i believe


For me, it’s fine. I just ignore higher level semantics and rove over the chapter. If you are really reading it word to word, you are gonna have a rough time. Wait for WW they are near to mars…hahaha, mars made a joke out of sponsor chapter in Wuxia world.


You can actually download Discord and Join ancient chat group channel. The fan there translated and proofread the chapters. They are very good. Plus there you have access to WW too.


@arish.delon can you please share the link for ATG discord channel. It would be very much appreciated.