Clear your mind


He tried to clear up his thoughts.
The following is too long and contains more than 2,300 words. Back then, the Dragon God said that his daughter was sealed in a sword.
Why was it sealed within the sword? First of all, let me tell you in detail.
Reason: Evil God and Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor are in a relationship, they even show each other their love every day. Mo E, the bachelor dog, had no partner, so he ate dog food the whole time. He just wanted to obstruct Evil God’s love.
The child of the Evil God was about to be born. Mo E could no longer tolerate the dog food between the Evil God and himself, so he wanted to fight with the Evil God.
In the end, when the fight started, Evil God found out that Mo E had actually activated the Profound Sky Ancestral Sword. He could not do it, luckily he had the World Needles on him. If he couldn’t win, he would slip away to the Demon realm, and in the Demon realm, even Mo E would be suppressed by the attributes.
Since the Evil God had escaped, Mo E could not waste the Profound Sky Ancestral Sword this time and vent his anger on the Demon realm. After catching up to the Demon realm, he vented his anger and wanted to find the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.
But his sister-in-law took care of him when he was pregnant. Seeing the pregnant Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor in front of his eyes, Mo E was completely enraged. Even if he had to die, he had to get rid of this forbidden product.
Mo E who was using the Profound Sky Ancestral Sword with all his might had successfully injured Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. He even expelled Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s sister from the Great Void universe with someone’s help. However, had used his maximum HP of 25% every time he used it, in addition to the previous time when he used it, he had exhausted his lifespan.
[The reason above may be true, but the more important reason is the opposites between the attributes of the Gods and Demons.]
Evil God’s Daughter, Wan Hur, was still born. However, it was because of Mo E that he did such a bad thing. Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor died in childbirth. When Wan Zhou was born, his soul was damaged [It’s easy to split with a low IQ].
Mo E had also conveniently expelled Evil God’s sister-in-law [Abyss Demon Emperor]. Luckily, the Abyss Demon Emperor was able to return after having his World Needles with him. Why his sister had asked his sister-in-law for the World Needles s in the Evil God, he couldn’t understand.
3.1 At the end of Era of the Gods, in order to fight for the ownerless Profound Sky Ancestral Sword, demons and gods are at stake. After the Myriad Lifeless Tribulations of the Ying Lun and Sky Poison Pearl activated, almost all of their innate divine beings were poisoned to death.
3.2 At that time, the strongest Evil God had the ability to escape this calamity, but only left behind his origin power and a drop of Evil God origin blood. Why?

  1. Your wife is dead and you don’t want to live anymore
  2. If you don’t stop the Myriad Lifeless Tribulations, not only will the Gods die, all living beings in the world will die.
  3. The strong fatherly love, the small cotton-padded jacket Wan Hu natural spirit damage. He definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand it. In order to protect your daughter, you have to go all out.]
    3.3 What did Evil God do
    In order to prevent his daughter from being poisoned to death by the Myriad Lifeless Tribulations, he was prepared to place her in the Sword Spirit Clan’s Coffin of Eternity to avoid this calamity. However, as the daughter of both the Evil God and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, Wan Hu not only had the Evil God’s Five Elements element that everyone knew about, he also had the Darkness Attribute that came from both the Evil God and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. The Darkness Attribute is an object of extreme hatred within the God Realm. If it were to be discovered, it would definitely be burned to death or something like that [I am too kind]. Without the help of Evil God’s father, it would be easy for him to expose the dark profound strength on his body. Therefore, Evil God split his daughter’s damaged soul into two. One became Hong’er, which was sent to the Sword Spirit Clan for asylum, and one was sent to the marriage room of the Evil God with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.
    “Do you know why the Evil God created such a remote lower planet? For the sake of being able to interact with the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor in secret, bam bam bam.” That was why the Blue Polestar and the Azure Cloud Continent linked them to one of the Demon realm s. The Evil God has a nice place to hide]
    3.4 Other powerful divine beings can only leave behind a trace of their divine soul fragments to preserve their heritage [such as the Dragon God, the Phoenix, and the Golden Crows … ].
    There were also some who escaped the net, such as the son of the Moon-Devouring Demon Lord, who had activated the Myriad Lifeless Tribulations. Because the Moon-Devouring Demon Lord was the host of a songwheel, it was able to survive with its last breath. While his son was sealed in his Eternal Night Devil Sword, only then did the sword spirit receive the protection of the songwheel.
    There were also a few normal life forms from remote and aboriginal planets that could not be further away. Not only did they survive, they even ruled the world in the future.
    How did the ice phoenix girl survive? This was getting out of hand.
    Finally speaking of Shen Xi, after the introduction of the situation, actually said so much.
    How did Shen Xi manage to escape the calamity that was the Myriad Lifeless Tribulations?
    Firstly, because Evil God’s daughter, Wan Hu’s, spirit was damaged, Shen Xi, who was serving beside Li Suo had light divine power. It would be beneficial to his soul’s recovery. In order to prevent Li Suo from discovering the dark energy in Wan Hu’s body, Evil God had only asked Shen Xi to come to his house and play with him. Just like that, Wan Hu and Shen Xi became good friends.
    At the end of the Great War of Gods and Demons, the Dragon God, with the help of the Evil God, finally obtained the Heaven Smiting Ancestral Sword. However, due to the war between the gods and demons over the Heaven Smiting Ancestral Sword, the calamity of the demon soul that had caused the deaths of countless living creatures had caused great harm to the world. The purest and most sacred Heavenly Profound Ancestral Sword was also considered a sword of calamity. In order to end the conflict brought about by the Mysterious Heaven Ancestral Sword, he had decided to seal it. However, the Mysterious Heaven Ancestral Sword was the purest and most sacred of Heavenly Profound Treasure s. Ordinary living beings would not be able to control it. Shen Xi, who possessed the light divine power, could barely be acknowledged by the Profound Sky Ancestral Sword. He was then sealed as a medium.
    The question was, who had the ability to seal the Mysterious Heaven Ancestral Sword? Who would let Shen Xi willingly be sealed? Who could force the Dragon God to sacrifice his daughter?
    The answer is, don’t blame me if the ultimate villain [Li Suo], who has already been found by Super Invincible, changes the script of the final boss’s name. Of course, it was Li Suo who also possessed the same holy divine power and identity as a Creation Gods.
    Many years had passed in the Myriad Lifeless Tribulations and the era of the gods had come to an end. Shen Xi who was sealed inside the Profound Sky Ancestral Sword was tired of this long time.
    When he met Yun Che who possessed the Creation Gods’s power, Shen Xi felt that he could borrow Yun Che’s power to leave and end this long seal. Thus, he slapped Yun Che non-stop.
    But it was not because of the Evil God’s power that the seal was released, but because Yun Che also possessed the complete inheritance.
    Shen Xi had already merged with the Profound Sky Ancestral Sword, so of course the seal should be removed after he fused with it.
    The moment they went out, the Heavenly Profound Ancestral Sword would call them Father Yun Che.
    Yun Che reaped a huge profit, and since they were all connected to each other, it was only natural for him to not have anything that deducted his HP.
    [Sensing that Mars will change after seeing it,
    1 The one sealing Shen Xi is the Dragon God. Only divine power beyond the level of the Dragon God would be unlocked.
  4. The one sealing Shen Xi is the Evil God, and only the Evil God’s divine power can be unsealed
    Shen Xi and the Profound Sky Ancestral Sword were sealed on their own free will, because Yun Che’s physique was special in that it could be unsealed.
    Look at what Mars will write in the future.]
    Finally, he explained why the final boss was: Li Suo.
    The reason was because of the Evil God and the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor.
    After the Ancestral God created everything and died, four Creation Gods s and four devil gods appeared in the Primal Chaos.
    Creation Gods: Xi Ke, Li Suo, Mo E, Evil God
    Devil God: Heaven Calamity, Calamity [I made this up], Calamity Abyss, Evil God
    Li Suo actually liked the Evil God, but the Evil God was in cahoots with the Heaven Smiting Devil. Li Suo was not willing to give up, but he had discovered the secret of the Evil God. However, because he liked the Evil God, he did not expose the Evil God. Instead, he felt endless jealousy and hatred for the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. It seems like a certain dragon?
    Until Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor became pregnant, Li Suo could no longer take it anymore, and together with Mo E, they heavily injured Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor. He had chased away the Heaven Smiting Abyss.
    Creation Gods Li Suo who had The Primordial Seal of Life and Death would not die as long as he did not do anything. It is very likely that he is still alive
    In the end, I guess that he must have met Hong’er who had merged with his body. He couldn’t help but jump out to kill Hong’er.
    It felt as if Mars had already forgotten about Creation Gods Xi.
    Otherwise, the soul in Little Aunt’s body would be Xi Ke.
    Maybe Xi Ke also liked the Evil God back then, but she never had the chance to meet him in her previous life.
    Xiao Lingxi and Xi Ke. Mars is usually named for a profound reason.
    Martian Gravity changes the script. It’s not good to change the script in the later stage

they will all become our Yun Che’s thighs in the end, but why were they all in love only with an evil god? It’s strange, all the most powerful women are in love with an evil god, would not be surprised if the icy phoenix too, it all reminds me of our MC


There is a saying , good girls like bad (evil) boys . And that’s evil god for ya


Deceiving girls? ~ Yun Wuxin


Actually I don’t think you’re close… while Mo E may have been in love with the HSDE, and that works, I actually think that Mo E was more terrified of death, and as he was not the master of the HPAS, he used life force to wield it. I think he feared death, so much, he came up with a plan. Eliminate all death energy from the universe, and death energy is Darkness energy. So he used the Ancestral Sword to break the Primordial wall pushing the 400 devils out of the universe. Remember the sword cost him about 20% of his life to use, but them being sucked out is not the same… the Evil God had given his wife the needle to escape but instead she created a pocket dimension outside the universe…

This is explained quite easily, the northern devil territory has been shrinking for a million years, but after the red spot appeared, it has grown for the first time ever. Chinese believe in balance for all things, devil born from orbs like YC have a pure essence, but if you read when he got the light power, it existed just fine with the darkness energy and all the other energies because they all use to be one…

When Mo E broke the Primordial wall I believe he also broke two other things, the balance and the sword. The sword spirit was either dead or dying. So they combined others to pieces of the sword, Hong’er, Shen Xi, maybe even the girl in darkness. And probably others… I think that Hong’er could be original vermillion bird created by Li Suo, as well as ice Phoenix and others. YC even asked the question once as to why devils are weak if leaving the north. I think that is because the universe has lost balance and use to be full of light and dark energy everywhere, because any place with life has death…