Chi wuyao


Reading the latest chapter, chi wuyao said - { let’s see how you handle my witches my dear che’er } something on the lines like that… seems like she is quiet familiar wit yc… and on the previous chapter she said she knows a whole lot about yc than anyone else… so any guess or ideas on what this is all about​:clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:


Maybe he met her in a different timeline like with su ling’er.
There have been hints that Yun che has been in different timeline more than just the one when he was reborn in the azure cloud contentent, like with his dreams about a timeline where Xia Qingyue didn’t exist in the floating cloud city(or rather a timeline where Xia Qingyue mother didn’t meet Xia hongyi)

Or since we know that Xiao Lingxi call him che’er maybe Xiao Lingxi and chi wuyao share some sort of connection (like what ever possessed Xiao Lingxi that make her able to translate World-Defying Heaven Manual also chi wuyao have part of that which give them some sort of connection)

Other than those two option I don’t see how chi wuyao would know Yun che


How can she make Lingxi read the wdhm when only creation gods level only can?
I say that she has a connection with yc’s master. It’s mentioned somewhere before that she was kidnapped or something like that by chi wuyao and there was a mark left in her soul (something like that too).


Oh I forgot about mu xuanyin I don’t recall her ever calling him che’er but your theory make more since.
As for Lingxi being able to read wdhm if you recall the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor told YC even she can’t translate the wdhm and she is a creation God level but we know Lingxi is able to read it because YC can use The Law of Nothingness which is what written in the wdhm.


You are on the write path.
MX (Snow Song Emperor had dual personality) The one who was addressed as the Big Breasted Senior Sister was CW. A part of her soul was planted inside MX. This how she knows about all the God realms and about YC.