Chapters 34 - 35


Isn’t it 2 chapters today?


its good to dream my friend!


The chapter 1634 had been relized yesterday at this time, and it has been relized today too… and here is an question will we have to wait for chapter 1635 for week or it will be tomorrow??


Theres an editor that says that he will go back to 1-2-1 again. He’s been telling us about this potential schedule since last October or November though.


If he updates midnight before dawn (GMT +8), it is a sign the next chapter can take up to 3-7 days.

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Are you grading and marking comments u english teacher


seems like a week or can be faster than a week, just wait for the update.


Why don’t you just stfu for once? Can’t we help people get better? Yes? Gtfo then

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