Chapter relations


hurryyyyyy the fuck up you teasing bitch do u know how u frustrating me like this with your moody change in updates after u got me used to something u changing up on me

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Ignore ATG and find some other new novel. I am now reading Let me game in Peace, it’s a total complete package. And author updates it almost everyday.


you see youuu sir need to be protected at all costs …we need a lot more people like you absolute OG yes OG I hope everything works out for you in the near future

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I am also very disappointed, but what else can I do … And also in China there was a festival not long ago


Other novels are mostly trash and cliches …


reading portal of the wonderland :blush: epic


There is a fcking normal curve here. Only around 2% web novels can be read while others are just a torment to our brain. Almost at the end of every novel the hero ends with a big Harem and that’s end, either it ends with their marriage or the first night. And they also become a supreme existence on top of that.


Thanks for your blessing brother. You are pretty much OG yourself!


Haha is very tickling, and once read a novel because I often jump while reading, there the MC did not even have sex until the end of the story even though theirs was married from the beginning of the story … Very funny

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Bro it’s been feeling like there been a festival in China for 6 months already :roll_eyes:


Similar to ATG , I think that Yun Che will fck XQ at the end of novel for another power up. Moreover, he will probably rape her.


Now, it’s not his fault. Mars will say that he got some cough and will run to hospital quarantine section for 2 weeks. Shameless author. And yes i am reading his creation for free, but is it free? I paid for my net, I logged in and paid via my private info, looked at ads, so actually I and you have paid enough to Mars directly or indirectly.

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Why did YC not use her in the past? because YC was rushed to be kicked out by the xiao clan … When YC met XQ again, she wanted to remarry and not long ago become a holy master and God Emperors … How would rape her?.. And dont forget she the golden girls of mars.

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That’s true man. XQ is the heroine which i loved to read about from the very start. Only YQ is more enjoyable to read in this whole novel, rest of them are very 2D.

Also, i just read on wiki, he got another daughter in 2019. Maybe the delay is related to her and recent shitstorm in China. And it is quite normal for him to write the words before publishing chapters, he must have already ended the story by now, it’s probably his editor who is delaying the release or he is trying to patch up the story.


Second coming of Gluttony, The beginning after the end, Dragon Marked War God, Soul Land series, Solo Leveling, Arifureta, Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts, Fate series etc


NSHBA is very good in the novel but it is irritating when MC can’t kill his enemy because of plot armor seriously and DMWG is very satisfying until that fucking saint monkey came… He is fucking More MC than MC and his cultivation speed combat power is same as MC i can’t tolerate that cheat on par with MC