Can Yun Che see the future?


What I could understand is that seeing the future is something related to the soul.

1- the only thing different about Shui Meiyin and his Divine Soul Stainless
She could see in the future that the plan to seal the red slit was going wrong, preventing her father and siblings from going.

Xia Qingyue says she saw the future.
The moment he saw the future was when he was receiving the inheritance, and from what is explained in the story every time a cultivator rises, his body and soul also rise. At the time when Xia Qingyue was receiving the inheritance, it was the most sensitive moment of her soul, allowing her to see the future.

So why couldn’t Yun Che see the future?
Yin Che has - several divine souls in his body, he is a person who passed by Samsara (he used Samsara’s mirror), there were times when his cultivation level increased rapidly (when his soul must have been sensitive), he is in direct contact with a heavenly treasure that controls time (mirror of Samsara).

So why couldn’t he see the future once?

See the future?
It is easier for Xia Qingyue to have been deluded into a larger existence.

Xia Qingyue = no content.


1- I’m not sure if Xia Qingyue can see the future or not, maybe yes or maybe her action is due to her interaction with Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor which is kept secret from us…(she might have have legit reasons for doing so but I still think she’s a bitch though)
2- Shui Meiyin can’t see the future… Her Divine Stainless Soul can sharpen her instinct at best…sensing danger towards her and people closest to her, hence her action preventing her father and sister from going there…if she can see the future, she would surely go there without care for herself to prevent her beloved Yun Che falling into despair by saving Jasmine from thrown into the Crimson Crack…
3- Mirror of Samsara doesn’t control time, it changes karma/reality… It has been mentioned a few times before, the power to change karma was also depicted as being very strong hence the activation time of only every 20 years which explains the MoS’s 7th rank… Shen Xi went into the Well of Samsara might also be to change the karma of her child being killed by Dragon Monarch…
Yun Che’s first karma(reality) was ended when he was killed by poison right before his wedding with Xia Qingyue… MoS activated and transmigrated him into 2nd karma at Azure Cloud Continent as baby but the time is way back before he was born at 1st karma…he lived and studied under Yun Gu until 20+ years with MoS on his neck and fell into despair after his master and Su Ling’er died… at that time he didn’t even exist at Floating Cloud City… he died again and MoS activated second time but he swallowed Sky Poison Pearl and throw Sky Poison Sword towards the cliff… this might connect Sky Poison Pearl and Sky Poison Sword from 2nd Karma to 3rd Karma(main storyline)…when he transmigrated to Floating Cloud City, Sky Poison Pearl is in his left hand, and Sky Poison Sword is still embedded in the Cloud’s End Cliff at Azure Cloud Continent but in this reality, he’s not even supposed to exist there and Su Ling’Er at this time is still a young child(remember when he and Xia Qingyue was brought by remnant power of Devil God in Water Seed to Su Ling’Er’s clan and saved them?)… she knew her supposed previous karma only after she fell into the cliff and her armor/cloth given by YC of 3rd karma stuck to Sky Poison Sword of 2nd karma hence reconnect her to Yun Che’s memory of 2nd karma and realized that she died there…that’s how she understood why Yun Che cried like a bitch when he n XQ met her as a child…time is linear even parallel universes isn’t affected by each other(parallel, obviously) and MoS can bend that line, not watching that whole line, nor jumping from one point of time to another point…

So back to original question. No, Yun Che can’t see the future.