Babel Novel not Updating the ATG!


I know that by the the time you have read this, ATG would have been updated. Or not. But the truth is that it had been already updated on 2.2.2020. Google ATG LMNTL.

Previously ATG was updated nearly together on both the sites but not now. I suspect that the Babel Novel is actually converting it into their scammy paid novel section after finding some loophole in the mars contract with Wuxiaworld.


Just know this, I’ll delete Novelbabel apps if there’s no more ATG , the reason I’m still here is solely because of ATG , without it there’s no meaning for me to keep this apps lol .


I just read it on LMNTL. It is genuine and readable. Go ahead and enjoy. Our bitchy Quingyue is back in action!!!

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And i didn’t even installed the app. When i came, babelnovel was a open platform. Not now, i recommend reading Qidan or Webnovel instead of this lousy shit.


Mars doesn’t have a contract with WW, but with Zongheng… WW contacted zongheng for permission to translate and post the translation of their books as long as WW pays royalties to zongheng.

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Well you’re right, Webnovel is much better than novelbabel since i also often read LN in there, but there’s no raw ATG in there so that’s how i cme to know of babel, cuz they have the raw atg i need.

There’s only few novel i read in babel such as ATG,/Heavenly Star/MGA/ Online game: Evil dragon/ The legend of shura, and all of them is also mars creation except for MGA.

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Thanks info , though it’s torturing to read ATG on LNMTL , I’ve no other choice since babel isn’t releasing them yet ,lol

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NĂŁo Ă© a primeira vez que atrasa assim. Creio que seja pela fusohorario.


They started the Super Bowl drinking early in the day :football::football::football::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Maybe babelnovel stopped checking daily… they’re like “no worries, we still got a week before the next release”…


Thanks for info, did not know that!


Stop complaining because if it weren’t for Babel, you would be breaking your brain reading in LNMTL, the chapter was released less than 1 day ago and now was just released on Babel, so what? They waited for weeks, another day will not make a difference, stop complaining like children who took their toy.
The same goes for you @muhdfaiz49

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LMNTL or Machine Novel Tranlation.
Both are not good as Babel novel in tranlation.
But If you are hurry to read, they are best choice because lated chapters of most novels was released early.
I often use translation app to read untranslated novel from chinese to english. But You need to be patient.

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That’s right babelnovel is the only site with readable machine translation… without it you either read jumbled words or wait for official translation…


these weeping shits, you can not wait a couple more hours to read something with a little more quality than in lmntl, etc.