Azure Dragons daughter


Please dont be mad. I just wanna clear something.
Who Shen Xi really is? Is he the sealed daughter? Then why isnt she in a sword. And getting her out of the sword is just impossible, or Forbbiden Land of Samsara is the sword?


She’s not the sword to being with… and her master is Li Suo… And she’s likely from the sword clan and that’s why she knows Hong’er…


Hang on a sec… If she’s truly from the sword clan that Hong’er lived… Maybe your theory works… 'Cause you know they can change into Swords… But she’s a healer and I don’t think sword clan can heal someone…


Shen xi is of the dragon god clan and a pure one at that, she said it to her child (chapter 1400) and she had also said that her body was sealed and this is why she couldn’t give birth to her child(1401). she know hong’er original name meaning that she came from the ancient era, when the ice phoenix was thinking to herself after reading yun che memories, she said hpas has been thrown in the well of samsara where shen xi lived (994). based on all this shen xi is the dragon god daughter and her appearence in the land of samsara is just her soul that had taken form just like jasmine when she was tied to yun che. remember jasmine could allow other to see and touch her but she couldn’t stay far away from YC for a long time, the same goes for shen xi from the land of samsara.


as for the sword, this is what she is tied to and is still in the well of samsara who has been destroy. as for getting rid of the seal require her to … with YC


Eu falei minha teoria sobre como shen xi é a filha do deus dragão, mas riram de mim. Mas estou convicto que ela é sim sua filha.


She’s probably the Dragon God’s daughter