[ATG Continuation Team] Chapter 1476 Shadow was a servant -- write by fans


Evil God’s Continuation Team Chapter 1476 Shadow was a servant

“It’s best to be wary of that guy, Nan Wanxing.” Even if Xia Qingyue and Yun Che’s actions and speech were a little strange, Qianye Fantian still could not help but doubt this extremely dangerous person: "His poison arts are extremely frightening, and may really fuse together with the Evil Infant’s devil energy, causing changes. No matter what Moon Divine Emperor and Yun Che’s motive for this trip is, at least what Moon Divine Emperor said is correct. Brahma Monarch God Realm cannot lose me again. "

“…” Qianye Ying’er’s golden brows sank even more. No matter how hard she racked her brains, she couldn’t figure out Xia Qingyue and Yun Che’s motive.

Returning to the profound ark s in the Moon God Realm.

“Qingyue, do you think that this matter will succeed?” Yun Che placed both of his hands behind his head, appreciating Xia Qingyue’s beautiful and flawless back.

Xia Qingyue gazed forward, her voice was so calm that it sounded as if she was not the same person as before, "So what if it doesn’t succeed? You still have Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, and I only did that to be safe and to fulfil my goal. "

"Qianye Ying’er, that woman is here to plead for mercy … “Tsk tsk tsk tsk …” Yun Che shook his head, looking heartbroken: “To be honest, if I didn’t hear from you that Qianye Ying’er had such a flaw as Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor, I probably wouldn’t have seen her begging in my life.”

“But if she really begs for mercy, she will definitely come with a thunderous fury.” Xia Qingyue suddenly said, "Although I am not afraid of her, she still has Gu Zhu at her side. I have arranged for the Golden Moon God to be on the side, so she won’t be able to return to realm soon. Therefore, if she truly comes at us in anger, I will not be able to protect you. "

“…” Yun Che suddenly felt that Xia Qingyue had truly changed, and didn’t even tell him all the possible consequences at once: "Then what should I do? Looking for Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor? "

“No need.” Xia Qingyue slowly shook his head: "I have already told Lian Yue to invite Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor to my Moon God Realm as a guest and specifically told him that you are in my Moon God Realm.

“I got it!” Yun Che was enlightened: “You want to use the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor’s power to intimidate Qianye Ying’er and?”

“No,” Xia Qingyue rejected as before, "You and Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor are in the main hall while I am in the palace. If Qianye Ying’er comes here in a fit of anger, if she sensed that you and I are not in the same place, she would personally make a move to restrain me and have Gu Zhu come and capture you. But when you were purifying the demonic energy for the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor, he probably did not dare to act rashly. "

“Then why didn’t you let your three maids help?” Yun Che nodded his chin, and said: “Yaoyue’s strength is only inferior to you and the Golden Moon God, even if she can’t beat that Gu Zhu, she can still be restrained a bit, right?”

“This has nothing to do with power.” Today might be the day where Xia Qingyue will deny it the most than others, "Qianye Ying’er and Qianye Fantian definitely cannot let more people know about this matter, and I … It’s the same. "

“Why?” Yun Che did not understand.

"If he succeeds, Qianye Fantian would definitely not allow the news of him being poisoned to spread. To him, the less people who know, the better. This is also why I have to separate from you and Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor. It is because if Qianye Ying’er were to come and plead for leniency, he will inevitably reveal himself. At that time, even if he were to speak thousands of words, Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor will definitely be able to tell something. This is my response to Qianye Ying’er … No, rather, it would be better to say that it is a small compromise with the Brahma Monarch God Realm behind her. "

Yun Che nodded slightly… Xia Qingyue had said before that she wanted to bring despair, not death, to the Brahma God Realm.

If this matter were to be made known to even more people, then the situation that Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor was facing would be even more terrifying than death. Furthermore, the only person who could resolve this disaster was Qianye Ying’er, who would rather die than submit. If the source of this news was someone from the Moon God Realm, then before his death, the Nirvana God Realm would definitely bite back at him. And God Realm, who had forgotten to counterattack, was absolutely not someone Moon God Realm could contend with.

Therefore, the fewer people who knew about this, the better. Especially since they couldn’t let the people from the Moon God Realm know about it.

And if the Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor’s body recovered, then he would not need to be afraid for the time being. After all, Qianye Fantian was still Qianye Fantian, the current’s number one Divine Emperor.

But in this entire world, the only treasure that could dissolve all kinds of poison was the Sky Poison Pearl in Yun Che’s hands!

When the Demon Emperor passed away and Calamity Abyss summoned Yun Che’s Sky Poison Pearl, all the Divine Masters present saw it clearly. So if he wanted Yun Che to purify the acute poison for the Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor, even though Qianye Ying’er was furious at first, he would immediately calm down and negotiate during the second place.

"Speaking of which, why is Qianye Ying’er angry? Isn’t it supposed to be humble of her to come and plead? " Yun Che asked with interest.

Xia Qingyue cast a sidelong glance at him, and said slowly: “Do you think Qianye Ying’er is someone who can so easily let go of her pride?”

“…” Yun Che smacked his forehead: “I won’t.”

"The reason why she’s angered is because only you have come in contact with Qianye Fantian’s body, and you are the one who is most likely to poison him. After all, not only can Sky Poison Pearl purify all of the world’s deadly poisons, it can also dispel all of the poisons. "

"But didn’t you give them a psychological hint? And he even aimed his spear at Nan Wanxing … “” What the f * * k?! That’s the f * ck f * cking f * cking f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck f * ck!

“I’ve never come into contact with Qianye Fantian in my life.” Xia Qingyue suddenly interrupted Yun Che. “At least, not physically.”

“If Nan Wanxing had touched Qianye Fantian, then when I specifically mentioned that Nan Wanxing had come to the Nirvana God Realm recently and focused on him, Qianye Fantian would not have merely caused his eyes to stiffen for a moment. Instead, there would have been a deep look of fear in them.” At the end, Xia Qingyue added another sentence, “The poison of Nanhuo is truly frightening.”

“…” Yun Che suddenly had a headache… What the heck was going on!?

Seeing the worry on Yun Che’s face, Xia Qingyue faintly muttered: “You don’t have to be so nervous, even if Qianye Ying’er really wants to capture you with everything he has, behind you, don’t you still have a Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor?”

“But you also said that Senior Demon Emperor’s’ favor 'will disappear. This must make me feel jittery.” Yun Che said irritably.

“Then you can take it that I’m talking nonsense.”

"You’re my wife! If my wife doesn’t believe me, who else can I believe? " Yun Che suddenly raised his nose, “I, Yun Che, am a good man at home!”

Xia Qingyue: “…”

One day later.

Nirvana God Realm.

Right now, Qianye Fantian’s entire body was shrouded in devilish energy. His previously incomparably gentle and elegant face in front of others was now in a shocking state of distortion.

Qianye Ying’er was pacing nonstop not far from him with an expression filled with anxiety. Finally, she flung her golden sleeves and said, “I’ll capture Yun Che and bring him here to cleanse the Devil Poison s of Royal Father!”

“NO!” “Absolutely not!” Qianye Fantian finally spoke, but her voice was so twisted that it felt like it was being pierced by ten thousand needles. "You better go and negotiate with the Moon Divine Emperor first … He must still be at Moon God Realm’s place … He has a Sky Poison Pearl … You can do it for This King… Purification of the Devil Poison… “Quick …”

“…” Qianye Ying’er clenched her teeth tightly. Then, with a flash of golden light, a golden figure appeared in the sky above the Nirvana God Realm. Gu Zhu appeared behind her like a shadow following her. “Is Miss going to the Moon God Realm?”

"This trip to the Moon God Realm … “If the negotiation fails…” Qianye Ying’er’s dangerous golden eyes released the light of a Soul: “Capture Yun Che for me!”

Moon God Realm.

Today, an extremely important guest had come to Divine Moon City — — Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor!

Inside the palace, the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor, Xia Qingyue and the others were discussing about the Demon Emperor.

“So you’re saying, after this purification, this old one will no longer have the chance to obtain the personal kindness of God Children Yun?” Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor heard that Yun Che was about to give his all to persuade Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, and was unable to purify the devil energy for him in the near future.

Yun Che hurriedly said, “Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor is too serious. Junior is just a small fry in God Realm, for me to have such a chance to save the entire God Realm, I will definitely do my best, and I will even do my best to repay Senior’s kindness.”

Xia Qingyue smiled lightly and said, "Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor, your time must be precious and we can’t delay any longer. Yun Che, you can help him purify the Demonic Qi. This king has something that I need to leave for a moment, I hope that Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor can take care of Yun Che. "

“Hahahaha…” Your Moon God Realm has countless of experts, who would dare to challenge you? " Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor stroked his beard with a smile: “However, since Moon Divine Emperor has said so, Moon Divine Emperor does not need to worry, as long as this old one is around, Yun Che would not lose a single hair.”

“In that case, I shall thank the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor.” Xia Qingyue slightly nodded. “Yun Che, let’s begin.”

“Alright.” Yun Che stepped in front of Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor, his right hand flashed with a dense white light: “Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor, please calm down.”

“Yun, just use whatever you want.” Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor said, then he closed his eyes and concentrated.

Xia Qingyue saw that the two of them seemed to have entered a state, and quietly left the great hall, and went to the palace alone.

However, Xia Qingyue said in a faint voice. “This duke never thought that you, Qianye Ying’er, would actually be so anxious to the point of burning. Looks like the weight of a Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor is extremely heavy in your heart.”

The golden figure appeared, and Qianye Ying’er stood not far from it. A pair of golden eyes that seemed to be burning with fire stared straight at Xia Qingyue. Your goal is actually my Royal Father! "

“No,” Qianye Ying’er said as he glared at her. Xia Qingyue should have been angry as well, but he seemed to not care in the slightest. It’s you! Qianye Ying’er! "

“Me?” Qianye Ying’er was so angry that he started laughing, “Xia Qingyue, do you really think that you can do whatever you want once you become a Divine Emperor?”

“Indeed.” Even though Xia Qingyue’s face didn’t change, the violent rise and fall of her chest clearly indicated the anger in her heart, “But didn’t you still come?”

"… Enough! Xia Qingyue, you know who I am here for! " The golden light in Qianye Ying’er’s hands condensed, as long as Xia Qingyue made even the slightest movement, an earth-shattering battle would occur.

"Then do you know… And why did this duke leave Yun Che? " Xia Qingyue remained unmoved, as if he was forced to surrender.

“…?” For the first time, a doubtful expression appeared on Qianye Ying’er’s face in front of him.

At this time, a grey shadow suddenly appeared beside her. Gu Zhu whispered to her: “Miss, with Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor by her side, this old one cannot make a move.”


“Be patient.” Xia Qingyue’s purple eyes flashed a little, "This duke did not inform anyone else other than Yun Che about this matter, not even this duke’s personal maid. Yun Che was only purifying the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor’s devil aura, he had locked onto Yun Che’s body with his own energy. Otherwise, Gu Zhu would not be safe and sound. Do you think this duke is right? "

“…” Indeed, if Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor knew about this and was constantly looking around, then Gu Zhu would have already been discovered when he arrived.

"Xia Qingyue… What exactly do you want?! " Qianye Ying’er’s face was cold. She and Gu Zhu could suppress Xia Qingyue together, but she could not do so.

“A few years ago, at Absolute Beginning Divine Realm, you wanted to seize this king’s Nine Profound Exquisite Body. Now, it’s finally time for this king to take back some interest!” Xia Qingyue’s voice finally carried clear fury, "This king wants you to… For Yun Che’s eternal servant! "

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