Does anyone know about the reason for the delay of the chapter

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Realmente está demorando muito, já fazem muitos dias sem capítulo


It has been more than 4 days

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Whyyyyy mars doesnt give me new chapter

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I don’t know, but I want to know…

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pinche mars que no se apura :s
i need me dosis

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Mars have a family plus a new member was born into his not long ago. Besides that, it seems to me like he is already running out of idea and have changes of mind several times about 200+ chapters ago. These recent chapters looks like to me he just went ‘screw it, lets use this plot and worry later’. Now, he reached this point, again. So, maybe he is cooling his head off for a couple of days to refresh. So sad to see this once glorious ATG had been reduced into what it is now. Circumstances… sigh


His busy changing diaper. Why would he prioritized this novel over to his child? Have you all had a child? Then you already know the answer. So dont ask if there’s shortcoming. unless you paid for his patron the you can access the chapter in advance. He also had a life to support. He need to be wise…wiser than all of you that always complain without eve paying him… how dare you!!!


He usually makes a public statement on we chat. Is that what Mars really said? He’s busy changing diapers?


he said that delay was due to baby.


Ooh damn. Guess he’s gonna be changing diapers for a year. 1 year delay then? Lol


If you just said that he got a new family member and he’s busy, any literate person would’ve understood. But, the excess makes you look… not look but makes sure that you’re a retard. ‘‘How dare you!!’’… WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Your speech means nothing to me and your existence means nothing to me as well. It’s better you die. I read ATG in my spare time not caring about who wrote it and don’t give a damn about his life. Just because i read it doesn’t mean i’ve to worship it. Certainly not when there are bootlicking garbages with small dicks barking in his doorsteps. I tried to stay neutral and out of this but ignorant trashes like you makes me puke on mars


due to the lack of release of new chapters, the rating is lost, others have already gained more than this, and in fact there was a rating of 9.7 … a little more and will fall completely … sadness: (


interesting to read, the plot, as always, is not predictable … but the child is yes, even more than yes :slight_smile:


Well, if you all interested in killing some time while waiting ATG, you can try to read Ultimate Scheming System novel. This novel is isekai themed with mc having a cheat system but he need to show off in front of public or enemies to gainpoints to upgrade his strength and his cheating system. The mc is hysterically hilarious, clever, evil, arrogant, overpowered, lewd, boastful, scheming, and shameless, all depicted in funniest ways. The author even mixed everything from our real life(movies, anime, video games, superheroes, machines, food etc) into an ancient cultivation world through the mc and mc showing off with them in many stupid and funny ways. The cons are only the lack of details in backgrounds, characters and plots, the mc always have a smooth sail, and the novel is just nothing but trolling. But in terms of bringing a good laugh out of you, this novel is sure good at it.

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Goooood. please get me the link?



Ha estado en el hospital, lean su WeChat


Fuck shit dick head… Who even care about you also… I dont even know you… Who the fuck cares of you read this novel or not. Hang your self you pig. Your comment even trasher than the dog you shit. Who cares if i post what mars said here. I dont even care if you digest it or not. I can post here when ever i want. Got it shit face? Now go to your daddy screw your smily ass… Nyahahahahahaha fuck you bastard.