An absurd theory :D


Guys tbh Chi Wuyao could be Xia Qingyue :D, no one knows… maybe Xia Qingyue had reborn into Xia Qingyue and awakened her memories after she awaked her heart of snow glass.


Xia should be more higher than Chi-Wuyao


Well she has been described as the greatest beauty(in the entire story BY MARS)leaving the conclusion that there is a part of her missing. During the creation god era li sou (creation god that yun che inherited medicinal knowledge + learned the light element) she was known as the greatest beauty of that era.The creation god of elements (heretic god) during that time tried courting her for 1 billion years and failed leading him to marry the heavenly splinting emperor. There isn’t much said about li sou except that she was the emphasised as extremely kind and the greatest beauty. Could Xia Qingyue be her reincarnation? It was never mentioned how she died so perhaps her soul survived but got split. Although the ice phonix should have noticed it. The heaven splitting emperor stated that Xia Qingyue lives for others and never for herself also stating that her fate is worse then herself emphasising her kindness for self-sacrifice. In addition it seems like there are great secrets with the existence of Xia Qingyue as even the heavenly splitting emperor stated that she saw something she shouldn’t have seen.


Technically, according to a spoiler from Mars about the beauty, XQ is 101-???, does she surpass our beloved loli Hong’er who has a score of 200? Have to wait and see i guess.


I think Chi Wuyao is Xuanyin’s mother


Rsrsrsrsrs eita porra só teoria distante, nada a ver com a história rsrsrsrs


Well I’ve heard that mars has confirmed that chi wuyao will join the harem. That theory could be true as some sort of relationship has been confirmed linking chi wuyao , xuanyin and yun che. Her being xuanyin’s mother is more likely then unlikely. Or they could be completely unrelated and chi wuyao merely used her as a puppet from time to time (big breasted senior sister)


Hmmm,whether mx will come back to life or not, and what will the faces of 9 sucubus look like.