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Falta un capitulo 1 July 14, 2019
Mixed jumbled awuta-wutan 1 July 7, 2019
Wrong chapters 1 July 5, 2019
Is a harem? 2 July 4, 2019
Chapters is missing 1 June 29, 2019
Can they vote from the 1950 chapter to the 2148 chapter? 1 June 16, 2019
Can they vote to release chapters 1325 and up? 3 June 11, 2019
Why chapter 1003 in Chinese? 1 June 11, 2019
The more you look at this book, the more you can see that the author is very intelligent 2 May 27, 2019
How to release chapters 1251 onwards? 1 May 26, 2019
All the girls in there are so good that they make people feel bad 1 May 12, 2019
Depth, shallow, origin, and dispersion 1 May 12, 2019
The main character was too awesome! A strong sense of justice is a novel worth repeating 1 May 12, 2019
The protagonist have too many women with sexual relations In the novel and have a bit of a storyline 1 May 12, 2019
It was respectable to see Song Yan fighting for the Qi and luck by killing evil people and building his following popularity by teaching his disciples 1 May 12, 2019
In order to learn better martial arts, Song Yan endured the humiliation of being a guard in the City Lord's Mansion 1 May 12, 2019
The feeling behind the story be that the novel be take out and adapt 1 May 12, 2019
The plot of the story be tortuous and vivid, and the plot of the article be fascinating 1 May 12, 2019
I think it's too lousy for a man's woman and her underlings 1 May 12, 2019
This is a very good urban harem text 1 May 12, 2019
The protagonist would advance bravely in the ancient battlefield as his strength increased. He would use his wisdom to attack the city, giving off a domineering aura … 1 May 12, 2019
The popcorn in the novel. The protagonist likes the new but not the old 1 May 12, 2019
It has to be said that this work is quite good 1 May 12, 2019
It is clear from the look of the book that it is written by a virgin who have never been in love 1 May 12, 2019
The sudden return to the real world of "The Great Qin Nation" made people feel like the system was devoid of humanity 1 May 12, 2019
"The overall idea is not bad, but there are some places where the wrong word is used." 1 May 12, 2019
Wasn't the male lead the foster grandson of the head of the Zhao Family? 1 May 12, 2019
Hopefully the next time the protagonist transmigrated to the world of female inferiority 1 May 12, 2019
The first part was fine, but the writing was very good. His thoughts were clear, and he had filled in the hole that had been dug earlier … 1 May 12, 2019
All charapters are translated 3 May 2, 2019