Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire - C61


C61 - The End

While Fu Xin was waiting for the turnover to soar, the news of Mo Zhen’s endorsement of the Holy Land for dessert was also announced. Naturally, it attracted a heated discussion from the fans.

Fu Xin’s mood soared every day when she browsed Weibo, but Tang Mi’s life was not so good.

Every morning, she had to start making cakes in the shop. With the recent popularity of the dessert shop, the customers beyong A city also placed their orders online one after another. Tang Mi’s workload immediately doubled.

As soon as she put the sliced pound cake back in the oven, Fu Xin shouted to her from outside, "TangTang, your call. From Goudan’er.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She set up for the oven and quickly ran out to pick up the phone. “Yu Yi?”

“Well, I’m going to Japan today, and I’m already at the airport.”

Tang Mi was stunned for a moment before she asked, “Is it related to the dessert shop?”

“Yes. You Yi said that he got a suitable person to be in charge of the Japanese dessert restaurant. He wants to introduce him to me.”

“Oh …”

Tang Mi embarrassedly nodded.

Yu Yi stayed silent for a while, then laughed and said, “I’ll be back tonight, don’t miss me too much, sweetheart.”

Tang Mi: “…”

How shameless!

After Tang Mi angrily hung up the phone, she sent a message to him on WeChat: “Take care.”

Goudan’er: Yes, sir.

She put the phone back in its place, and Fu Xin called out to her, “Are you still making pound cakes?”

“Well, there have been more orders these two days, and the pound cakes and cookies are selling well.”

Fu Xin thought for a moment and said, “I think we can temporarily limit the quotas of them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make out them all by yourself. Furthermore, the things you need to snatch will only make them taste better.”

Tang Mi nodded, “Ok. It’s a bit difficult to take into account both the dessert shop and the online shop.”

“Well then, how many orange pudding cakes did you make today?”

This cake was especially popular in the dessert shop and usually could not be available if one came late, so Fu Xin asked specifically.

Tang Mi said, “Two 8-inch ones. Once they’re sold out, there won’t be any left.”

“OK, I wrote it together on Weibo.”

Tang Mi continued to work diligently in the bakery. She only rested after lunch.

A lot of customers came to the shop in the afternoon. Since Tang Mi did not have to make cakes in the afternoon, she help Fu Xin pack up the package of online orders.

When the shop closed at night, Yu Yi’s Bentley stopped outside as expected.

Tang Mi didn’t expect him to come back in the middle of the night. She hopped up and knocked on his window.

He lowered the window and smiled at her. “Get in.”

Tang Mi nimbly got into the car. Fu Xin, who was planning to follow her, was stopped by Luo Hao.

“What are you doing?” Fu Xin asked unhappily.

Luo Hao smiled at her, "You won’t disturb the lovers’ world.”

Fu Xin: “…”

Well, she had said that boss Yu was doing PDA in the sweet shop every day.

Looking at her upset expression, Luo Hao couldn’t help but find it funny, “I’ll send you back.”

Fu Xin said, “I can give you a chance to send me back, but it’ll have to be counted in my debt.”

Luo Hao: “…”

How a shameless person.

In the car, Boss Yu was still enjoying the world of two people. “This is a cake specially brought back from Japan. It will be added to the dessert menu.”


Tang Mi happily opened the Japanese food box. There were rice balls and sushi inside, and they all looked very cute. “Wow, this Panda Rice Ball is so cute. Is this sushi a cheesy cat?”

“Hmm, although it’s cold, the taste should still be good.”

Tang Mi took a bite and happily narrowed her eyes. “This will definitely go popular. Have you done with the matter of person-in-charge?”

“What you’re eating right now is made by him.”

Tang Mi felt even happier. “Great, you try one too!”

Tang Mi picked up a cheese cat sushi and held it to Yu Yi’s mouth. Yu Yi leaned over and ate the rice ball she had just bitten. “I’d rather eat this."

Tang Mi’s face was starting to turn red again, so she quickly changed the topic. “Right, Xie Rong and Fang Chengran came to the dessert shop today. Fang Chenggran is planning to propose to her!”


Yu Yi seemed not interested, he thought for a moment and asked, “Are you free tomorrow?”

Tang Mi said, “I’ll have to make cakes in the morning. Fu Xin should be able to handle it by herself in the afternoon.”

“What’s the matter?”

Yu Yi pursed his lips and looked at her. “Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll try the wedding dress.”

When Fu Xin heard that Tang Mi was going to try her wedding dress, she insisted on going with her. But Tang Mi didn’t agree, because the shop had just opened not long ago. She forced Fu Xin to go to work.

It was the first time in her life that Tang Mi had entered a wedding dress shop and she was extremely excited.

Yu Yi had asked the designer to make her a wedding dress, but today he had only brought her to check if its size was right.

There was no price card on the wedding dress, and Tang Mi didn’t know how much it was.

But when she had a look at the other wedding dresses in the shop, that long string of zeros was enough for her to count for a while.

Besides, it was custom-made.

She dressed very carefully. When she came out, Yu Yi was obviously stunned for a moment.

He slowly opened his lips and stepped forward to give Tang Mi a light kiss on the corner of her mouth. “Sweatheart, I thought I saw an angel.”

Tang Mi: “…”

The assistants all turned their heads and snickered, wasn’t it said that Boss Yu was ‘High Ridge’s Flower’?! (Note: High Ridge’s Flower is a online joking saying, that indicates a man or a woman is prideful and cold.)

How could the High Ridge’s Flower say such words!

After examining her for a moment, he asked, “How’s it?”

Tang Mi nodded. “How do you know my size?”

Yu Yi blinked his beautiful black eyes. "By my eyes.”

Tang Mi: “…”

The dress didn’t need any alteration, and the wedding was approaching.

All the seats of all the Yu’s restaurants had been reserved for the day of the wedding half a month ago. Those who didn’t get their seats began to cry like dogs.

On the day of the wedding, Tang Lin held on to Tang Mi’s arm and they stepped onto the red carpet along with the “Wedding March”, feeling mixed emotions.

Looking at Tang Mi walking towards him step by step, Yu Yi couldn’t help but smile.

That was the girl who came into his heart and into his world.

He took her hand and listened to the priest’s question. “Mr. Yu Yi, will you take Miss Tang Mi as your wife?”

"Whether she is rich or poor, healthy or ill, are you willing to stay with her forever? "

Yu Yi glanced at Tang Mi and smiled. “Yes, I am.”

The priest asked, "Miss Tang Mi, will you marry Mr. Yu Yi?

Whether he is rich or poor, healthy or ill, are you willing to stay with him forever? "

Tang Mi took a deep breath, her eyes were covered by a thin layer of fog. “I am.”

"I now pronounce you husband and wife.“

"The bridegroom may kiss the bride now. "

When the priest said this, there was a sudden ruckus from the crowd.

Yu Yi leaned over and put his hands on Tang Mi’s shoulders, bent over to her, and placed a kiss on her lips.

Tang Mi closed her eyes and became even more excited when she heard the ruckus.

And then, in all this ruckus, the voice came clearly to her ears: “I will prove my oath for the rest of my life, sweetheart.”

I love you.


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