Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire - C49 Part2


Yu Yi looked at Tang Mi before standing up from the chair. “Then I’ll be taking my leave. After the contract is drawn up, I’ll contact you.”

Lan Qianqing nodded, and Yu Yi looked at Tang Mi. Tang Mi smiled at him and said, “I’ll call you later.”

With a grunt of assent, Yu Yi walked out of the teahouse.

After Yu Yi left, Lan Qianqing took a sip of tea and asked Tang Mi, “Are you and Yu Yi really serious?”

“Of course we’re serious. Who would joke about something like this!”

Lan Qianqing laughed, “Unfortunately, quite a few people in this world would.” She paused for a moment, as if she was thinking about something, “However, the reputation of Yu Yi has always been good, and nothing has ever been said about him with a woman. I only heard that the Yu family and Bai Family wanted to get married, but recently, it’s been blown.”

Tang Mi quickly said, “Their parents secretly fooled them. Yu Yi and Bai Xiao didn’t agree!”

Lan Qianqing looked at her with a hint of laughter in her eyes. “You seem to be quite protective of him.”

“That’s true, Yu Yi is really good.” After saying this, Tang Mi looked at Lan Qianqing with dissatisfaction, “He joined my sweet shop because he was kind enough to help me. It’s really embarrassing that you still want him to sign a contract.”

Lan Qianqing said, “No matter if it’s a man or a businessman, you have to be careful when dealing with them. It’s not wrong for you to protect yourself.” If you feel really guilty about it, try to run the dessert shop successfully and give him a little bonus. "

Tang Mi tilted her head and thought for a moment before clapping her hands, “That’s right!”

When she left the teahouse with Lan Qianqing, she found out that Yu Yi had already ordered the accounts to be kept under his name when he left. Lan Qianqing smiled and said to Tang Mi, “As expected of Chief Yu, he’s really good at making a living in the business world. He really knows how to be a good person.”

Tang Mi beamed: “Then, do you also identify with him?”

Lan Qianqing said, “Let’s see how he performs in the future.”

Tang Mi blinked, her mother’s words meant that she agreed!

She took a cab home and sat in the passenger seat, sending WeChat to Yu Yi.

Sweetheart: You’ve already raised my Mama’s favorability level to 80%. Keep up the good work!

Goudan’er: Alright, the contract is OK. I’ll send it over to you myself later. :)

Sweetheart: Love you, kiss you.

Goudan’er: I love you too.

The four words that suddenly popped up on the screen made Tang Mi’s heart skip a beat. It was as if she heard the words with her own ears.

…. So shy, Tang Mi bashfully covered her face.

The driver squinted at her.

What Tang Mi didn’t know was that after working for so many years for the legal affairs of the Yu’s, this was the first time a contract had been drawn up that had lost its authority to its domination.

She felt that her career was being challenged.

When Tang Mi arrived home, Fu Xin was sitting in the living room with a notebook on the Internet. Upon seeing Tang Mi’s return, Fu Xin excitedly waved at her. “Quick, come take a look. This set of tableware is really cute. It completely meets your requirements.”

Tang Mi put on her slippers and hopped over. “Yes, it’s very cute. This teapot is simply too cute.”

“And this bone china’s three-tiered European plate is also very good.” Fu Xin’s finger slid on the mouse. “Oh right, I just saw a large oven being promoted at the limited time. It can bake four 8-inch cakes at a time.”

“Click on it and I’ll take a look.” Tang Mi squeezed Fu Xin aside and sat down with her. “Right, my mother said that she will take charge of all the decorations and accessories in the shop. We have more of our own money, so we can buy some better tableware and equipment.”

Fu Xin looked at her in surprise. "Really? That’s great, I was worried that we had too little working capital! By the way, have you decided on the name of the shop? "

“I’ve thought it through, it’s called ‘Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire’.” Tang Mi typed out these four words on her keyboard.

Fu Xin blinked his eyes. “Tang Mi, Yu Yi, who is this Xin character?”

"Ugh … The Xin is you! It’s just that your 'Xin’ isn’t suitable to be the name of a sweet shop, so I have changed it into 心, which means heart.”

“Oh, so it’s like that!” The kind-hearted Fu Xin was easily fooled. “Since the shop’s name has been decided, I can find someone to design the logo and work out the Weibo ID and online store along the way!”

“Okay!” Tang Mi let out a sigh of relief.

“But you’ll have to check the equipments and cutlery yourself.”

“No problem, you can look it up on the internet first. We can check it out at the stores next time I take a break.”


Before Tang Mi’s off day, Yu Yi invited her out for dinner. However, when she arrived, she not only saw Yu Yi, but also Bai Xiao.

Tang Mi froze for a moment before she looked at Yu Yi with her cheeks blowing.

Yu Yi’s lips curved up in a smile. He walked over to Tang Mi and led her to the dining table. “Bai Xiao is here today to discuss business with you.”

“Business?” Tang Mi looked at him in confusion. Could it be that she wanted to ask her how much money was needed to let her leave Yu Yi?

Bai Xiaoxiao smiled at her and said, “I heard from Yu Yi that your dessert shop is about to open. I wonder if you are willing to cooperate with the Bai Clan Manor to purchase our fruits?”

This time, Tang Mi was really stunned. “Buying your fruits?”

She had never thought that her store would be able to reunite with such a large company. She had originally intended to work a little harder and run to the market diligently.

Bai Xiao nodded her head. "Our company is in partnership with large catering companies, but you and Yu Yi are my friends. I love eating your cake, so I’m happy to cooperate with you. If you agree, I’ll be in charge of the fruits in your dessert shop. "

Tang Mi found it difficult to decide. It was good to cooperate with Bai Xiao, of course. She’d personally tasted their fruits. They tasted good, but the price was certainly not cheap, and her small sweet shop’s demand couldn’t compare to other restaurants.

Bai Xiao seemed to see the worries in her eyes. She took the initiative to speak to her. “I’ve already talked to Yu Yi about the price. How about he supply it to you at the same price as he did?”

Tang Mi was slightly startled. “Won’t you all lose money this way?” Although she didn’t know the exact price that the Bai Family had set for Yu Clan, even Lin Che said it was the cheapest and would definitely be very favourable. But Yu’s demand is high, and she was genuinely worried that her dessert shop would lose money at this price.

Bai Xiao laughed. “We’re not charities. We don’t do business at a loss. It’s just about earning more of less. You are my teacher, so I can be considered to respect you if I earn less money.”

Tang Mi was a little guilty. “If you’re willing to provide me with fruits for my dessert shop, of course I’d like it. Your fruits are very good.”

“It’s decided then. I will get someone to draw up a contract for you. If you are worried, you can let Yu Yi take a look first. If you are still worried after that, you can also let your mother take a look.” Bai Xiao blinked at her. She had obviously heard of the matter that Yu Yi had brought the contract to show Lan Qianqing.

Tang Mi said in embarrassment, “There’s no need. You’re even willing to do this kind of business without any profits. How can I not believe you?”

Yu Yi, who had been sitting at the side without saying anything, suddenly said, “Let me take a look first.”

Tang Mi: “…”

That’s too much!

Bai Xiao didn’t seem to mind. She laughed out loud. “Business is business. It’s good to be careful.”

Tang Mi nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Of course, this meal was paid by Yu Yi. After Bai Xiao finished her meal, she left. Yu Yi pulled Tang Mi and had the driver drive the car to the beach.

It had already darkened, and there weren’t many people by the sea. Yu Yi held Tang Mi’s hand, and they walked along the shore. A salty sea breeze blew in from the sea, and Yu Yi turned to Tang Mi and asked, “Are you cold?”

Tang Mi shook her head, staring at him without blinking.

Yu Yi’s brows twitched. “What’s wrong?”

“Hmm …” I just don’t think you’re the kind of person who would do such a romantic thing. She blinked. “Why do I think you’re nervous?”

Ye Yi glanced beside, “Am I?”

Tang Mi solemnly nodded her head.

Yu Yi remained silent for a while. Just as he was about to say something, the surface of the sea suddenly lit up. With a “peng” sound, a beautiful firework bloomed in the night sky.

“Someone set off fireworks?” Tang Mi looked around and saw fireworks blooming on top of her head, making the entire seaside seem like it was daytime.

When she looked back, Yu Yi was kneeling on one knee on the sand, looking at her with a sort of piety. “Will you marry me?”


Wow! Tang Mi gets her best friend for P.R.,discount fruit vendor, Mom and Yu Yi for contract analysis and a proposal of marriage all in the same day. What a great day.
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So romantic proposal… Lovely