List of Currently Translated Novels in Order and Type


Does anyone even read these novels that are left? Theyre crap

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Hello, you can use translation tool on the navigation bar to translate it. Very fast. Enjoy. :wink:

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Otherworldly evil monarch please

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Not only do most of the novels suck, most of them have not been translated from the beginning…

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Can you guys translate emperor domination from chp 1900 up?


Please “Human translate” MGA. Its awesome LN

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can you translate the good for nothing seventh young lady please

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hey is there a way to read earlier chapter?
so i can catch up on some novels

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plss add sovereign of the three realms thank you!

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Hello @PhantomGoth please do u have 3589 - 3822 on MGA? This new site got things all messed up and a lot of chapters missing. I would appreciate if you can email me at THANK YOU

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Way of devil please…

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will you do nine star hegemonic body art?

It’s damn good. -RAWS


pls translate Unrivaled Tang Sect/Douluo Dalu 2


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Please translate previous chapters of Chaotic Sword God .Spirit Realm and, Dragon Marked War God

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Pls translate WAY OF THE DEVIL …it’s a good novel and UNIQUE pls add this too… It has horror and action and add some dark souls monsters


I do hope and wish for you to also translate STOLEN LOVE (author: Zhou Yu).

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Thank you very much for listing it for us

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Translate I’m Really a Superstar. Just ignore Qidian.


IRAS raw was banned in china! Even if you translate it ignoring qidian, which is unnecessary, you just don’t have enough contents to go about.

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Please start [Returning from the Immortal World] already! Qidian dropped it and others started translating it(Snails pace). I have seen quite a few requests of this novel. I wish you give us a reason as to why you are not doing it.