Good news: you can gain more bricks by following Facebook homepage for Babel Novel


Hi guys, we have registered the Babel Novel homepage and the community of Xuanhuan novels on Facebook. Here sincerely invite you to follow our homepage and community page. You can leave your Bebel Novel ID on our Facebook homepage or community page. As a reward, we will give 30 bricks to each ID.
You can find us on
Xuanhuan community page:
Your Babel Novel team

How to earn bricks?
I love this (╹◡╹)♡
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Hi, I have a problem.
I have marked 30 chapters of a novel, but only 3 chapters cover the review
I saw if it marked the chapters well and everything was perfect.
Sorry my english.

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Hello. Both links are not working.

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so it’s a one time 30 brick right? What are you doing to fix the marking issue?? i have not gotten anything out of the chapters i marked since 4-5 days ago…

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The links is broken please fix it

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Both links had been fixed.

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Both links had been fixed.

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I still can not access the site …

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Sorry,Try it again,thank you for your advice


Hi, I’m new here. I’m just wondering how to get more babelbricks. Can someone explain to me how it works?


Hello. You can earn bricks by marking your translated chapters (5 babelbrick each chapter checked), sharing the site (Twitter, Facebok, Whatsapp …), commenting on the website page on Facebook (30 Babelbrick) and lastly if a person use its marked translation (5 babelbrick).


Okay. Thanks for explaining

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here is the details on babel brick : Good News: we will have five changes on March 1st

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So… How do you leave your Id at the website? Just write it down at the comment section? :thinking:

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I sent a private message to the group page and received 30 babelbrick :slight_smile:


so… where can I find my babel novel ID?

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I posted my ID on their page. Wait for them to reply and view your bricks to see if it’s successfully sent :slight_smile:


You can use your email as ID. That’s what I did lol


tumandao is your ID.

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