Good news: a new translation tool has been launched


Thanks a lot. Yeah thats my novel. Renegade immortal.:sweat_smile::bowing_man::bowing_man: Really appreciate


Does anyone know where I can find the raws for very pure very ambiguous?


Does anybody know where to find martial world or spirit realm? Thanks


What is a babel brick?


hi how can i gain more brikes ?


Here we have raws for I’m really a superstar:,15700023,15700186,15700191,15700248&usg=ALkJrhjGVH_YZG7xlOJVEzZ27-ebYwjCeQ

And here for Returning From The Immortal World: this page starts with the chapter 751.

After translating REMEMBER TO MARK so other people can have the raws too.


how do you earn bricks?


did you manage to find the raws for spirit realm?


Spirit Realm

There’s all raws here:
That’s the link for the catalog starting with chapter 1:

You can check with this:

I personally don’t think it’s worth it to read machine translated tho, since it’s being actively and fast translated by another website. But if you’re anxious.


whose translating it?


Alyschu on anotherhumantranslationwebsite, check the name on novelupdates. I think they are on chapter 1200+ already and they release 1-2 per day.


Is there a way to pay for more bricks ???


why is my daily brick not refreshed?


So any improvement on the brick system so that we can buy bricks? and also any improvement of translator tool so that we would not be stuck in queue?


any site for Dragon Marked War God?


The translator keeps failing and the Bricks are being used with every failed attempt/retry!!??!!

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Hi,guy,you can try this site.


I’m so sorry for it,we’ll fix this bug and return the bricks to you.

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Thanks but the translator and the site doesn’t seem to be working normally att all! Please check!
keep getting this error:

  • Request for novel’s html timeout. Please try again later

Maybe have a try with some other chinese site?