CEO's Mistaken Wife - C715 Nationals and Who Is Important?


Big brother Lie is really adorable…


But he has his own reasons and he know qin leran very well …


Need daily more bricks otherwise …I m getting bored


Bricks bricks please …


She is clever to understand the president is lie


Qin leran is so smart she must know that he is president of A nation


Nice Ranran, she is really a smart girl to caught Big brother Lie


He does not want her to be hurt when she discovers that there is a fiancé as well next to the president of Country A because she will be devastated and give up on their love while he is trying to find a way of ditching the fiancé to be together with Leran. Leran might also doing things that she will regret after discovering that Lie is about to be married.


Woww very interesting at least now she knows that the real Big brother Lie is the president of country A…


Shes so clever to know


She loves her brother


I think she came to know wow


Qin yue knows big brother lei


Now she know his identity its gud to know


shortlived togetherness in bliss! qin leran will understand .,.


Very difficult to choose, love or duty?


Big brother lie is wise. And Qin leran is understanding so all will fall in place


Ran is recognizing that the Presindent is her Big Brother Lie


She finally figured out that the President is big brother Lie


Totally agreed, she shouldn’t treat her family like that