CEO's Mistaken Wife - C715 Nationals and Who Is Important?


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Ran ran should not be a disobedient child to her father because of love.


Big brother Lie should tell Qin Leran the truth!


He has a reason to that


I wonder how her reactions would after her guess is right


Our big brother lie is so cute


Same here too. Really wondering


Like jian ran when she knew win yue is president of shen Tian group… lol


History repeating itself


I need more bricks to open some chapter


I wonder why big brother Lie doesn’t tell Ran ran the truth🤔


My thoughts exactly!


He has reason to be hid his face from her


Lie should reveal him in front of leran


Qin Leran is getting closer to finding out who the big brother Lie is and very soon she’ll know it’s the president


Finally she got to know brother lie


Qin Leran is getting closer to knowing her Big Brother Lie better,she is such a clever baby.Now she knows her Big Brother Lie is the President of the A Nation


This girl is noughty!


Finally she knew that the president of A nation is her big brother lie


More free bricks pls to open next chapter.