CEO's Mistaken Wife - C641 ten thousand years in a single glance(1)


Reminiscing the past story on how they meet…


She might be able to wake up soon


First meeting was interesting


The first encounter…just wow!


Yes, their love history. But why did it take Qin Yue 3 years before getting together with Jian Ran.


So romantic lije a hero he came to save her


They ignore the adopted son to much


Who said that. She’s just in a comma


lucky you, Jian Ran! your hero rescued you from danger!


Yes seriously she should be awake


Really good of Qin yue that he protected Jian ran from those men


This might be love at first sight


Hello. Just asking, I’ve already open chapter 642 and 643 but when i was about to read it, it was close. How this happen to think that i waiting for 4 days opening those chapter to read then when i was about ti read it become close. This is unfair. Please hope this won’t happen again and again. And the previous chapter i finish reading was also close. Why???


Thank you so much. I really love the story.


Why it was happenning again. It is very unfair that waiting for 5 days to read atleast 10 chapter continiously then i will found out that you close the chapters that i already open. Its not fair… :cry::cry::cry:


Interesting to know how Jian n Qin met each other n know the personality of each other


Jian Ran wake up soon now u r at Qins embarce


So that’s how Mr qin taken a fancy on a woman


Interesting one to read


Love this novel too…