CEO's Mistaken Wife - C596 Learn to be gentle


How can he not clarification


plz give more bricks for reading when it is interesting bricks are not there


I don’t like the other love story going parallel


Comment No it’s not no


novels come in a wide array of


Feeling sad for them separately,but time.will.come they will reconcile again


I’m so angry now on this fool woman


Briks are finished what can I do now.


Bricks bricks i need bricks


True it is so frustrating! Xxxx


Jian Ran, you deserve such nightmares!


Looking forward to the new chapters


Very creative in producing the twist and turns


Yeah she really deserve it


Shr can’t ignore him


When will I completely understand them


Zhan Nianbei who is not the main character is taking like 3 chapters. I don’t want to read about Quin zxiaobao when the main characters Quin and Jian Ran are missing in action. Please I don’t want to know of their love life I want Quin leave me out of the long narrative of Nianbei. Imagine 3 chapters aaash I am so disappointed.


I don’t like reading continuously about zhan Nianbei and Xiao Bao for two good chapters and I am left wondering about the real story of Jian Ran and Quin. If it is so important why couldn’t you put only one chapter? Really this is unfare.


The bricks is taking so long to get. It’s giving me anxiety. I have really waited and I am not getting any.


We really needs bricks to read chapters