CEO's Contract Wife - C187 You like mama?


I am just tired of this story now


Misunderstanding is the root of all the problem


I agree he is also greedy


He betrayed haotian.


He betrayed his best friend. How could he do that? Hmmmp…


Crazy qiu had betrayed his friends. Even after he say Chengs state of mind so horrible after loosing Mu still hee continue


Ah Wanqing you courting death why are you playing with the man woman furthermore I thought that was your close friend


His intentions is not good toward mu xizi


Seriously, I wonder what will happen


That is asking for trouble Qui your judgement did not fit the hole your betrayal will caused you to much wrath.


I dont understand why no 2 free chapters anymore.


Qiu wanquing should not hide her…is was a misunderstanding


Poor Mr Cheng pity you


This guy is not a good friend at all… He is a traitor


This Qiu Wanqing, what right does he have to mendle on other people’s business?


Qui isn’t a bad person. He’s actually a conscientious man, yet seeing Muzixi being deliberately hurt and used by Haotian, of course his heart find sympathy. He knew exactly Haotian s character, and when he knew half the truth of what had happened. Of course his great sympathy is for Zixi.He invested so much of his EQ with her. So now his heart falls also for zixi.


Yes exactly you said true


Qui wanqing is an evil friend or shall we say a traitor friend


The man is playing his friend.he saw how he went through and repented yet he is hiding the lady for himself.


He hid her out of good intentions.